Monday, October 01, 2007

What to do? what to do?

It's Monday nite and I'm sitting in my house all by myself!!!! Some would be sad, to be sitting in their house all by themselves, on a Monday Nite.
But not me! Tonight I am relishing in quiet solitude! After the last couple of weeks: the audit (which went very well by the way), my 21st anniversary, Little S's 20th Birthday, My mom's birthday, Little S, basically taking baby K and leaving for a week because she feels she's been wronged in some way(whatever). A very dear friend had a pretty intense surgery (And he's doing very well!) Stress eating, the Home computer is down, My laptop isn't compatible with my printer, I can't seem to get the current version drivers to down load from the website.. ah hell! The fun just never stops!!!! I had a (little S induced ) meltdown on Tuesday, called my friend and Cried my eyes out! Actually it felt pretty good. I felt bad since he had just had surgery the Friday before and going through his own crises. But, I thank God he just let me cry!! Told me I was doing the right thing. I wasn't a bad parent and agreed, that it was time she grew the heck up! (those are my words) Life's lessons are learned hard sometimes! So suffice it to say... GOOD BYE SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!
So here it is October 1st!!! I'm sitting in the living room, watching what ever I want, remote control in my possession. My laptop in MY LAP!!! It won't be a long quiet but it will be quiet for awhile!!! It's all Good!!!! Hope your Monday is going as good!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well as promised, I will let you know how the audit is going , at least in my own mind anyway!
As I suspected, I was up first for the Safety part... items to be covered, DOT files, OSHA Training, company required training and the required documentation.
I have poured over and over my DOT * Department of Transportation* files for the last 6 months. I knew they were in great order. If there was any documentation missing I actually had a document in it's place explaining why it was missing and I had actually attempted to find anything missing. He took 5 DOT files and went through them with a fine tooth comb. out of 75 items he was looking for, 1 item was missing.!!!! He said my files looked great! (Pays to be "anal" I suppose!)
My training files, he said are better than most he's seen! My head is swelling! He did ask for a couple of items I knew I had, however, I couldn't find. I put them in a Safe Place.*shaking my head as that "safePlace" is more like the black hole!* I really need to quit doing that, it will be my demise for sure! We spent about 3 hours on my training binders and it looks like I'll keep my job for another day.!!!!
My Certificates of insurance were organized and ready to be looked at however, my company seems to ask for very large sums of coverage, and most smaller businesses can't afford the premiums so there are some issues there which it almost sounds like it shouldn't be too much of a problem??? I guess we'll see.
Our Safety Auditor is something else...He's one of these very " safety on the mind" guys with a very bizzare sense of humor... however it's a bit too much when he is complaining about one of our Mechanic's coverall being...too dirty! GADS - I'm seriously shaking my head at that one! shop, garbage company you figure it out!
We'll be having a closing interview on Friday and hopefully all will be well and we'll have passed with flying colors.!!!!!
All the stress and long hours..(and I did work almost 49 hours last week to make sure all is in order, definitely paid off! ) I wasn't sure Friday whether I was going to make it through, with out killing someone!~ Thanks Rob for letting me vent!!
And how's your week going?

Friday, September 14, 2007

I can't believe I'm doing it again!!!!

In February WE (we meaning Management) received a memo from our Controller that there was going to be an audit in September. February, People!!!!! Well, guess what September is upon us and so is the audit and everyone is in a panic.! OMG!

I've been since April slowly going through my files, getting everything organized, because, after all this is the "year of the organize Ann!" I've been relatively calm, for my usual uptight self, and thinking "I'm good! I've got everything organized and I'm ready." Enter... the other players! My favorite 3 supervisors: Dave, who is on it! He's doing what he supposed to be doing when he is supposed to be doing and does it without incident. Don, Who is right behind Dave in the getting things done. He started the year with a serious health issue but is back to his old self with the exception, he's not at work 13 hours a day. But stuff got done, maybe not on the same time schedule as Dave but he's on it! I needn't worry. Then there's Jim! I love Jim the most! He' s my procrastinator... Last minute in everything... but yet the first to Stress out...I think Jim is seriously A.D.D.!!! He's always bouncing from one thing to the other, and always goes out of his way for his drivers! And seems to be the Butt of every one's jokes he takes it in stride most of the time!
Dave: Do you have my Safety meeting notes for the First 3 months of the year?
ME: Huh? Aren't they in your safety meeting binder I prepared for you? '
Dave: No I remember I gave them to you.
ME: HUH????!!!! (He probably did...I 've got a crappy memory and stress doesn't help.)

Me: Don, you don't seem as stressed as everyone else ... you're totally on top of it!
Don: NO, not really, just not verbalizing my stress...
Me thinking to myself...Don I want your valium!

Me: Jim do you have all your safety meetings up to date???
Jim: I will by the end of the week.
Me: How far behind....oh no don't tell me!
Jim: remember those driver MVR reports you gave me back in March..???
Me: YYYEEESSSS. (hating what I'm about to hear, yet knowing what is about to come out of his mouth)
Jim: I found them,
Me: I knew I gave them to you!
We both smile, I promised Jim I would turn in to a nag from now on if we pass this audit with semi flying colors, so I never have to deal with late paperwork again!

Oh what fun,!!! Oh what headaches I've been having. Oh what knots in my neck! I have to admit though it's not all work! Actually I love being at work and I love my 3 boys! There is something calm in the fact that I neither married them nor gave birth to them!!!

it's been a helluva week!

But I have turned myself back into a fricking workaholic again and It hasn't been too good for my mental or physical well being... 2 more weeks and It will be all over! I'm up first on Monday morning! Am I confident I'm in Compliance with DOT and OSHA!??? ABSOLUTELY MAYBE! ok about 98%
It's off to bed now as I've got to work tomorrow (Saturday) morning
Happy Friday people, I did have opportunity to go camping, I should have gone camping!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hey Guys!
I'm looking at my last post and see it's been almost a month since I last signed on! I signed on this morning (and yes, it 12:30am) and almost couldn't remember my password, what a spazzz! Alas,here I am! Yes, I should be asleep as I will be up in about 4.5 hours, but I needed to let you know, Ann is still among the living!
What's new, you ask?
Well, I could say, "not much", but I would be lying, I could go into detail, but, that would be boring. So suffice it to say, a lot has been going on!

Yes, my friends this would be Harry Wayne Casey or as you 70's kids would know him as K.C. of K.C. and the Sunshine Band!!!!! Oh my God!!! He played at the State Fair, in Sacramento at the end of August, my friend Liz and I went, we were like 11 rows from the stage! OMG!!!! I felt like I was 15 again!!!! It was awesome or I guess I should say Groovy? Cool? (though it was hardly cool that day! 108 degrees that day...0 so much for looking ! Not with sweat running down your back and other places! The first words out of his mouth was "damn it's hotter than hell, here!" The crowd went wild! That didn't seem to stop KC from giving us a most excellent show! He announced to the younger members of the audience..." for those too young to know who I am, I'm your mother's Justin Timberlake!" Again the crowd loved it.! His back up singers were fabulous and his dancers, well, I'm thinking they had been pole dancers in a previous life... But the show was incredible and he still has it for being 57! Still dances like a "white boy", but who cares! that night he was 30 years younger and so was I!!!!

Football season has snuck in again! GO BEARS!!!! That's me and baby K, Suited up and ready!!!! Not the best picture of Nonni, but oh well!!! It's game day!!!!! Well, it was not the best game, but the way I figure it is, they have one gratuitous bad game and then it's back to a 15-1 season! Go Bears!
How About Kevin Everette! Man, it seems that he's beaten some serious odds there! from "we're not sure hes going to make it to, He's never going to walk again to it's a miracle! It looks like while his career could be at an end, His life isn't! And that's really all that's important! Godspeed Kevin!
I was in my first football pool last week....I suck! I had some help with my picks. Rob,(my cute Italian) now knows I pick a team based on less than athletic ability and more like , hummmm I like jeff fisher, he's cute or .... I can't stand that quarter back he's a jerk, that coach is an arrogant prick (I'm hoping that's an endearing quality, since I know "Jack "about sports! Which is how I also pick my NASCAR driver, Elliot Sadler!Baby is adorable! plus he looks good in RED!)etc. and well, of course I picked my boys from Chicago, cuz, they're my Boyz! Come on Rexy, I'm in your corner!!! I though, have grown to love Payton Manning! He's a total crack up! I love his humor...he's on Bob and Tom in the Morning , oh my God he's hilarious!

Summer is done and School is in! little G is now in the 8th Grade, and will be doing the 8th grade trip to Washington DC next month! She's excited yet a bit nervous about the Plane. I tried to assure her she'll be fine! 1000's of planes fly everyday without any problems...She'll have a blast!

Anyway friends I just looked at the clock and it's really late I can just go to be to get up in a short 3 hours and spend another relaxing day at the job! We're preparing for a huge 2 week audit.... funny thing is we've known about this audit since February and everyone NOW is stressing about it as it will begin next Monday! Geez people get a grip!

And how are you guys doing? I've missed you and I will promise to stay in better contact!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can you frickin believe this????

Welp, I finally got my car back from the Kia Dealership last Saturday after they had it for the last 2 weeks! They have fixed my little vehicle! Yeah!!!!! I was very happy that I could pick it up last Friday... the final bill....$25.00!!! Kia took care of everything else! New Radiator, new fan blades, new head gasket, they worked on my cylinders and the 25 bucks was for the new spark plugs that were replaced! Cool!.. I get into my little car and wow what a difference from, the last time I drove it! Check engine light sensor...NOT ON!!! cool deal! I made sure that they knew if that little sensor light came on again they would see me very soon! They said no problem, we'll be here! Cool deal! I leave the dealership smiling like I was driving away a brand new car!!!!!! I was so happy to have my little Kia back... then it happened... I'm on the "5" on my way to Sacramento, on Sunday nite... yes, a day and a half later and look down at the dash... and guess what...Yep you got it.. the Check engine sensor is shining brightly at me!!!!! DAMN!!!! Thought they got it right this time! Apparently not... Needless to say... my little Kia will be visiting them again..... and again, until they get it right.! They've been great to say the least and I think they know I'm not the average "female car owner" I try to speak with them intelligently when I do speak with them, and not in some sort of "I'm a blonde" type of fashion! I'll keep you updated!
Have you ever heard of the word. TURBID? I'm doing this new thing ... I go to the Websters word of the day and learn a new word. One day last week the word was Turbid... you know...Muddy, unclear..... think about it, it sounds... like the perfect work for unclear.... Muddy, if you will. I have actually now used this word a couple of times in describing some people .... hum.... plus it just never hurts to learn something new.... correct???
I recently completed a 14 hour CAL/OSHA training course! It was very intense and very informative..... we as Californians, though have to take everything to the extreme! Human Resources in California is a hoot, to say the least!
Little S started her externship as a Medical Assistant last week. Needless to say she has been to 4 different places... the first two because they found out she was pregnant ( I guess these perticualr Dr. 's offices didn't allow this condition... however illegal it is) and then she went to another place and the Dr yelled at her the first day....hummmmmmm I tried to tell her that Dr.s think of themselves slightly higher than God...she left after the second day... then she started at another place and absolutley loves it! loves the Dr., staff and the patients...One guy today told her... "you're the pretty blonde, my son told me about." That did it..... She's hooked!
Little G is now officially in the 8th grade...Lord, have mercy on my soul.... she's becoming quite the teenager.... it's funny to watch... and it's funny because she's acting like little S... Little S just denies this fact and shakes her head! too funny!!!!!
Baby K started a new day care last week as well..... Did I tell you she got kicked out of the other one... for bitting? GADS! Oh well, she's got a stubborn this a bad thing?????

Friday, August 03, 2007

All Is Well In Ann's World!!! (I think!)

My home computer took a dump again.. Every time I pull the Laptop out of the case I have Little G looking over my shoulder asking to go on to her MYSPACE. Sorry not gonna happen on my computer...
"go to one of your friend's houses and use their computer..."
Her reply... "most of them don't have a computer, which is why they come over and use ours..."
My Reply... "That sucks, man"
(have I mentioned ever, I don't like Whiners?)
Me: " sorry Kiddo, I told you, not to do the whole MYSPACE thing which is probably the reason we have a virus,... yet again, and your not using the laptop"
G: " That sucks, when I get my laptop, I'm not letting you use it!"
Me: "Groovy, Marcia- but I will survive"
then I get the "look"
I think I'm over my depression, well, at least I'm functioning again, I don't cry when I walk down the coffee Isle at the grocery store.. How sad it that, anyway?
I think I have pulled my sh*t together and wont completely lose my mind and I am in control of my emotions. I think that was the hardest thing for me to admit to was I was not in control of my emotions. *what was that about anyway?* and I have told people in my life that I was not happy with their treatment of me. *smiling thinking about how good that felt*
Currently however, I am having an issue with my little Kia Car... it's broke, dead if you will.... the fan blades broke off and went through my radiator, well isn't that just flipping great! So, it's at the dealership, I dislike dealing with dealership maintenance managers... they seriously blow...*frowning at the thought of him...* The fan issue is a factory recall, but then "uber manager" came up with 2 of my 4 cylinder valves were bad... Great... now because of the warranty they want to see service records... Hello...???? Ann, "idiot extraordinaire" that I am, tossed them... and now I have to prove to them that I maintain my vehicle properly. OH BROTHER!!!!! The fan issue is actually covered at this point however, not the cylinder issue... Time for a new car??? GADS!
On top of everything else, now this...I'm smiling, I'm laughing, I'm not going to let this get to me... If I can still drive it for a couple more years, it will all be good! Andrea, I know you know about car issues... this really blows! My car is only 5 years old and I seriously don't abuse it...But just another little obstacle one must hurdle.
And how are you guys doing?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Truth in Latte!

What Your Latte Says About You

You are easygoing and pretty simple to please. You don't put up a fuss... ever.

You can be quite silly at times, but you know when to buckle down and be serious.

Intense and energetic, you aren't completely happy unless you are bouncing off the walls.

You're addicted to caffeine. There's no denying it.

You are responsible, mature, and truly an adult. You're occasionally playful, but you find it hard to be carefree.

You are complex and philosophical, but you are never arrogant.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why Does Loving Someone Have to Hurt So Much?

This would be the question of the day?

When do we grow the hell up an appreciate that there are people out who love you for just being you?

Why does there have to be some type of game played, or truthlessness invovled. I've never asked for much...other than be honest with me. But maybe it's time to start asking for MUCH!!!Don't I deserve world too???

My friends, any thoughts?????

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have this friend, Vic, who has been my friend since Kindergarten. So one could essentially say we have been friends for 40 years! I emailed him recently to find out how he is doing, He' s had to retire do to back and neck issues. Poor guy has had 3 different surgeries and they just couldn't get him back to where he needed to he gets to retire. Lucky little shit! He told me that he and his wife have sold the house and are taking a little cross country trip, in their 29 ft fifth wheel...they will be out and about traveling for the next year..!!! how cool is that...

Anyway, Vic's shoulders are broad, he listened to my "Poor me" story the other day. He, I'm sure, was shaking his head the whole time he was reading my email... wondering where did the "real Ann go" cuz the person who sent this email has clearly lost it! We went back and forth for a few emails... and he gave it to me straight to say the least.. "find yourself, first, that I needed to be able to stand on my own two feet not to rely on anyone or have anyone rely on me...He told me I needed to be pampered.....HUM Pampered...this is a novel, strange yet intriguing word, Pampered...He told me if the people in my life can't seem to do it then it was high time to find someone who would. WOW! Pampered, how does one act when pampered.???? I know, and those who know me know that I would probably reject this strange word... as I have always been so damn independent...I wanted to be the strong female and well, look where it has gotten me... so obviously there is a fine line and I have to find it along with someone who knows this " pampered " word. Vic, you held nothing back in giving me the information I knew all along, but you gotta help me find this Mr. Right person, who will pamper me...Me? wow? I might like that! Vic, here's to another 40 years! Happy trails my friend and be safe out there!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sounds of Summer Where Did They Go??

I was born and raised in the Big Valley. Lived in the same house my whole life, until I got married. I remember our house was somewhat the hub of the neighborhood, my dad made sure that there was an abundance of "playground" equipment at our disposal. I supposed so we were not "running the Neighborhood" There was a hopscotch painted on the driveway, not to mention teatherball and foursquare .. and 35 gallon garbage can filled with rubberballs, baseballs, footballs, jumpropes, baseball gloves *pretty cool and modern for a house with no boys- it was after all, the 70's!* and the ever popular tire pump to keep all bike tires and balls in fine working order, oh and I almost forgot the 18 foot long, 4 foot deep doughboy pool in our backyard.

We would play outside for hours, ride our bikes, then as it turned dusk, our parents would bring their lawn chairs and congregate on our front porch and talk... OH MY GOD they would talk for hours, no alcohol was ever involved, no loud music, just the quiet sounds of summer: kids playing "hide and seek", laughter, and the sound of crickets chirping as if they were making their own summer time memories....

Now lets fast forward, to the year 2007. We-my family- have lived in the same house now for 17 years. We have never formed the same bond with our neighbors that my parents did. My kids have only played "hide and seek" at family functions, with their cousins... I don't even hear the crickets anymore! I miss the damn crickets! I don't even like crickets! There is something however, very comforting in the sound that a cricket makes, it takes me back to a time when my life was simple, uncomplicated and I knew people loved me, not because they could get something from me, but because I was their daughter, sister, friend-unconditionally-they loved me- When did life become so damn complicated? And where are those damn crickets!!!???

Thursday, June 28, 2007

MY WiSH!!!

This is my wish for ... ME!!!!
A log cabin by the lake, it will have to "house" the following items;
1) A waterfall within an earshot of the cabin
2) An overstuffed king sized, 4 poster bed, with crisp clean linens
3) A fire place that takes up one wall of the cabin and of course the endless supply of wood
4) Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, cuz the bed can't see all the action!
5) A nice light wine ... Or bottle of Jack Daniels it doesn't matter, I still get "faced" either way.
6) Really good romantic music
7) A really large candle that will burn all night without me worrying about it
8) One very sweet and romantic Italian to make sure I don't worry about said candle.
9) Slipping off the radar for about ... hummm a really long time or until the 'spring thaw"
10) My dream to come true!

sweet dreams my friends!!! I think I just might!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I Love County Fairs!!!

I seriously love our county fair, each year they've brought in some really good bands! Where can you see an awesome band for a mere $8.00 a ticket? This year was no exception. Last year we took Granddaughter #1(little little G) to see STYX, she was as impressed as a 10 month old could be. This year we took Granddaughter #2 (baby K) to see REO Speedwagon.. the thing with K, she was a couple months older than Little Little G was and very much into Music! She's got the beat, my baby K. Of course it was the hottest stinking day so far of the summer but we survived!!!

Nonni and baby K anxiously awaiting for the concert to start!
REO Speedwagon rocked the place... however it was hotter than hell...112 degrees on stage... Kevin Cronan comes out wearing black leather pants Now I like a man in leather pants as much as the next girl..but damn, it was hot!

Baby K loved the concert and got to dance in the isle with a new friend, she had a blast!

So that was Opening day! There was the ususal Eddie Money, He's here every year. We also had weird Al , Starship with Mickey Thomas and this year, OMG Frankie Valli!!!!! I totally love Frankie Valli! Yes, you know How I feel about Italian men.. This man can still hit the high notes, I swear he surprised himself a couple of times!

Still as handsome as ever!!! just a little grey!

Back up singers were absolutely awesome!

No, really is this the last song? It was the best show I have seen in awhile!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey you guys! Thanks for caring! In recent days, weeks, it appears, I have sat down at my computer and found, I had nothing interesting to say, and what I did have to say, was not to positive nor anything that could be shared with complete strangers. This doesn't mean I'm calling my blogging buddies complete strangers, (God no, you guys are my Cyber family and I would tell you anything. and I am actually dying to tell you a couple of things, just not yet, however)it's the lookie loos who don't talk but, just read and go on... voyeurs I think is a good word for it. lets' see what can Ann share with her friends!

oh here's one! I learned to jet ski last weekend! And yes, I am totally hooked! I loved the speed, and the wind in my hair and just the rush. It reminds me of being on a motorcycle, before helmet laws came into effect. My little Kia is able to tow a jet ski, so that's not even an issue... right now, MONEY, and hummmm oh yeah Money is the issue. Just kind of a big investment, but I WILL have one by next summer for sure!
The fam went camping with a co-worker & family and some of their friends as well last weekend and got the best tan I have ever gotten! But my skin is so not very happy with me. Being the White girl I am, I'm not really one to tan very well, though one would think my Italian genes would kick in sometime, but, it's never been the case...So... I spf'd my face with Clinique's 40 and spf'd the rest of me with Cliniques 30. It seems extreme for this Cali-girl, however, I dread to think what my skin would've look like had I not taken these pre-cautions! (plus I want to look good when I'm 50!) I love camping but am always ready to go home by the last day, just to shower and sleep in my own bed!!!
I'm still in touch with my long lost love Rob! He's an amazing person. But that's all I'm gonna say. Plus you know I promised you, I would not mention him once I found him again. I'm so very glad I found him. Everyone should know someone like him! He is such a caring, compassionate person, I'm very lucky to have him back in my life! OK now, I'm done... I reserve the right to talk about him again, however! He makes me smile .... Alot!
I'm almost done with my H/R program I think I have 4 or 5 more weeks left! Thank God, there is this woman in the class that I would love to slap the living crap out of her every time she opens her mouth....Not too H/R-like is it? Yup, just a little bitter, oh my God I seriously think she annoys the hell out of everyone in the class. She's the kid in grammar school, who no doubt, asked for homework during Christmas Vacation!
I'm sorry, I've neglected you guys, for God, it looks like 3 weeks, I missed you guys alot. I'd come home from work and go back out and walk my 4 miles, yes, I'm up to 4 miles, and then I'd shower and fall into a dead sleep, then start the whole thing again...GADS, what a life for me...
Anyway... that's Ann's life. it's not a bad life, just busy! I'm glad I had a chance to breath tonite...but, by the look of the cyberclock, it's time for a shower and bed...or these days.... couch!!!
remember I love you guys! and again, Sorry for worrying you!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Baby K is Officially 1!

Well, here she is our birthday girl!

sitting here with her mom taking it all in!
and of course the gratuitous photo of nonni and baby K
As suspected, she like the wrapping and boxes better!
but man was she tired by the end of the day!

It was a beautiful day in the park! The weather was perfect! The Gods were looking down on us last Saturday, making sure everything was perfect for Baby k's first birthday! She had cake, friends, presents, bubbles and hot dogs! what more could a kid want! Too bad it totally didn't phase her... she had no clue what was going on around her, but we did get some great photos! I think between all digitals involved it was about 300 photos...Spoiled Rotten Baby!

Monday, May 14, 2007

So Concludes This Birthday Weekend! Gothman, this shot's for you!!!!

So, this is it folks! The birthday weekend is over, I have turned another year older(no wait, never older,I turned another year wiser!) and baby K has turned a year!
This has been an incredible weekend, though it started on Thursday, but man am I glad it's over!
Thursday was my birthday!!!! Yeah!!! I worked half a day, and then so stared the fun, I had lunch with an wonderful friend and then went to watch Little G bowl, then pizza and shots! One of Little G's bowling mates' father's was also celebrating his birthday as well, and so started the party! I kept up with him, a "seasoned" partyer, I suspect, 7 shots for 7 shots!!! JD straight! I probably should have stopped at shot number 4, put pushed on to #5, by #6, I was feeling no pain and well, by #7 I felt nothing, my face was numb! I woke up at 2am with a flipping head ache and stomach ache, thought I would die...MY OWN FAULT! Took some Excedrin, which worked for the headache, but the stomach was on it's own...I pushed on, took my mom to the dentist, went to work, took baby K to CHUCK E. CHEESE FOR HER BIRTHDAY ... ICK!!!!
Went shopping for baby K's birthday party the next day and made salads. etc....
Saturday, got up and walked my 3 miles, and got ready for the party and then was out in the park for 6 hours, finished up there, went to dinner, then hit the Ron White Comedy Show, which was hilarious! came home and went to sleep only to start my Mothers day, pretty much the the same way! Crap! There was a lot of activity going on... I'm glad it's Monday and I have to go to work! I can actually catch my breath!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This is it: Bananas (Ann) from A to Z…

Thanks Mistress…

A)Available or Single… isn’t this the same? No, I don’t think it is…hum… Yes, I suppose I’m available, but no I’m not single…** hummmm***
B)Best Friend…My sister, Debi. And Liz, we’ve been friends since the 3rd grade and I would consider Denise one of my best friends, we’ve been friends for the last 15 or so years… she knows things, like I don’t care for her husband. I can’t just have one… they are all my best friends for different reasons!
C)Cake or Pie…While both are just wrong for this Italian girl cuz, it will just go straight to my A**, I love Tiramisu and Italian Rum Cake. But alas, I must not indulge… too much cake makes for too much Ann!~
D)Drink of Choice…I love Ice water not a big fan of soda, though, it would be Diet Pepsi if I do drink soda., I hate diet coke.… oh and Jack Daniels Straight!!! Gothman…Prost! **as she slams back the shot, and she’ll be slamming back a few on the 10th Gothman, join us for pizza and shots!**
E)Essential Items…Hair straightener, Make up (Make up whore) my laptop, my cell, my contacts/glasses, CD’s, my CAR!!!
F)Favorite Color … Red is the only color for this gal! Black comes in a close second,
G)Gummi Bears or Worms…Bears…SOUR in all honesty, I’d rather have Jelly Bellys…
H)Hometown…Stockton, CA the Big Valley
I)Indulgence…oh… can’t let you guys know that!*thinking and smiling to herself*. oh alright, Hammock set up in the backyard, trashy novel and nice summer day and lots of quiet, come in at a close second!
J)January or February.. January, new year, fresh start and WINTER!!!
L)Life is incomplete without…LOVE, LAUGHTER, family and friends
M)Marriage Date…September 20, 1986
N)Number of Siblings…. 1 sister, she’s older
O)Orange or Apples… Apples… with Carmel yummy!!! Never baked however, ick…. Whose idea was it to bake fruit? That’s just wrong…
P)Phobias…Heights, though I love look out the window while in a plane. And this one is really weird… Not the fear of dying, I’m cool with that, but the fear no one would come to my funeral? I know stupid huh?
Q)Quote…”A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.” Oh and this is my new favorite one, too… “I’d like to check you for ticks…” Brad Paisley ***smiling to herself as she thinking about…***
R)Reasons to Smile… Hooking up with an old friend.**smiling like a giddy teenager..** Watching Baby K sleep…Knowing my girls are turning into some very interesting young adults… Little S is more insightful than she lets on…and this scares the hell out of me. She’s very smart.
S)Season…Winter!!! Fireplace, good book or a baileys and coffee (lots of whipped cream) and someone special to share it with.
T)Tag Three…Anthony you are off the hook, I wont do this to you..but I know your answers would be fun!!!….But I will hit up Jennifer, Barbara and anyone who wants to play!
U)Unknown fact about me…I am a horrible liar, I can’t lie, it’s just doesn’t happen, I stutter, choke and well, it’s not pretty, so suffice it to say.. what you get from me is the truth…My mom always knew when I would lie, besides why lie, your gonna get caught anyway.
V)Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals… I could easily become a vegetarian, however, I like a good Filet Mignon once in a while.
W)Worst Habit…I procrastinate more than I should, and while I read, I twirl my hair.
X)X-rays or Ultrasound…Ultrasound, I suppose, neither if possible. I’ve had both neither are unpleasant.
Y)Your Favorite Foods…Chicken ceasar salad, Pizza, anything with tons of Cheese…(Italian or Mexican)
Z)Zodiac…Taurus, BABY yeah!!! May 10th!!!!

OK there ya go you guys, 26 more boring facts about me…

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm finally up and running!!!!

I love my laptop! I'm feeling a tad stupid, however, because it is just abit different from my desktop. But I'm working out the kinks. Little G sits and looks at it, like a puppy sitting at his master's feet at the dinner table waiting for scraps of food to drop...She is upset that mom is being so mean by not letting her "play" on the computer. OH well life's a bitch and... so is mommy!
The day I got it I brought it home and tried to get it all set up to be in the wireless mode. OH ok like that was going to happen! I spent about an hour reading the directions, plugging, unplugging cables, cursing, then I called my friend who's husband dabbles in this type of crap... he's couldn't walk me through it. So he came over to the house on Saturday and HOOKED ME UP!!! IT'S OFFICIAL FOLKS, I'M WIRELESS!!!!
Gothman, I thank you for your offer to 'hook me up" I will keep this information, should I need further assistance!!! Your awesome to offer to help me out 1/2 way around the world!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm sooooo Happy!!!!

Hey you guys!!! I'm back and better than before! Yes, I did it I went 'BALLS TO THE WALL" so to speak! I got my laptop! I was sooo darn tired of fighting for the computer time that Last week I oredered a new laptop from Dell. I got it yesterday and I 'm having sooo much fun! I still haven't figured out the whole wireless thing and I will have to have my friend come and fix me up because that is way over my head. But I'm a happy camper!!!!! So I will be back to blogging form in no time!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Barbara, I owe you!!!!

My friend Barbara tagged me to do this game. Only it was weeks ago and with another tag... it invovled food.... but I never got around to the challenge... The was challenged and since she didn't tag me or anyone else... I tagged myself... though ANTHONY your in the clear... I wont tag you...;-)but I bet you have quite the reading material, at your place!!!

4 books that I read as a child :

I hated reading as a kid, but I do remember...
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Stone Soup
Amelia Bedelia
... sorry can't come up with a 4th

4 authors that I will read and re-read :

1. Janet Evanovich
2. Stephen King
3. Janet Chapman
4. Connie Mason

4 authors whose books I would not buy or borrow any more .

Sorry, I'm drawing a blank here.

4 books that I would take on a deserted island :
1. Janet Evanovich's HARD EIGHT...this is in the Stephanie Plum series, I believe this is the book where Stephanie and Ranger "get busy" for the first time... I love a man who wears all black and is overly confident.
2. Janet Chapman's CHARMING THE HIGHLANDER...OH MY GAWD this book is what got me hooked on the Higlander books! Stupid, I bought the book for the cover...log cabin in the woods and it was snowing..but OMG, they were getting busy in the first 2 chapters and continued all the way through....
3. Stephen Kings, THINNER... I couldn't put it down and when I was done, I re-read it.
4. Jane Blackwood's THE SEXIEST DEAD MAN ALIVE. while they didn't "get busy" in the first two chapters... they "got busy" just enough!!!

The first 4 books on my “ to read list “ :
ANYTHING REALLY!!! however, I have quite a stack I need to get through now.

The 4 last words of one of my favorite books :
"sport I could enjoy"

and since you have seen what I've been can pretty much guess what that sport is!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I know it's been too long... and No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth I went on a road trip!

Hello dear friends!
I trust all is well with my blogger familia!? The fam and I went on a little road trip this past week.! It was very nice... beach, beach, beach. Though I have come to find out (though I have always known) hubby doesn't listen to me... he'd ask me a question then dismiss me...ME? can you believe that.?? oh well, his loss I suppose! It was nice not being at home and having maid service and not having to worry about anything really.....We hit Aptos, Sausilito (sp?)Stinson Beach, Half Moon Bay and to the wine Country which in itself if fairly ironic since we had 1) little G and 2) neither of us drink wine...hummmmm. but all in all it was a fine time.. throwing you vacation photos... The toes, are mine, relaxing in the sand(no one thinks about taking my pix...I'm not too unfortunate looking, really.) so I have to take my own photo!!! :-) so what if its of my feet.! enjoy!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

You know I don't ususally like to post my kids pictures...but baby K was soo damn cute!!! she loved the Easter Bunny!!!!
Nonni just had to share!!! xxxooo to you all!!

Easter Images from

Easter wishes to you all, my blogging family!

You guys are the best! I never want a day to go by without you knowing how much you all mean to me!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

wow... am I really this unhappy???

I just went back to a few entries that I never posted... they all started the same way...stop this ride I want off!!!

That's not the way to start an entry... so, I've been kind of quiet lately. Laying low, perhaps? I started this blog to 1) meet new friends..Anthony, Pendullum, Andrea, My Goth man.. and 2) help blow some steam. But as of late, it all seems so negative. I'm not a negative person, I do believe however, I have let myself get sucked into the "abyss of negativity " I need to step back, re evaluate and throw them all out!!! Let's just say. I'm here. I'm alive, but I really am not a happy camper. I have some serious decisions to make in the next few weeks. Talking seems to fall on deaf ears and blame is always pointed away .... oh alright....I'll admit it....
MY FAMILY IS ALL SCREWED UP AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!! hee hee actually though that felt good!!!!! all is right with the world again!!! Now we can all go back to doing what we were doing before Mommy lost it!!!
Seriously though, this ostrich can't keep her head in the sand any longer.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change and the strength not to go "postal"on someones ass!

I bid you all sweet dreams! Nonni's pooped!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I F-ing did it?! for reals?

Well dear blogging friends! It's been hell these last few weeks. and I lost it completely today! I had such a fabulous day at work. Fairly productive for a Monday, even, I got most of what I needed to get done, done. then it happened, I left work to come home.

Why the hell did I come home? I come home to the same thing every day. Little S sitting on her little A.. baby K wanting to be held, and little G trying to make some sense of all this. hubby is in the kitchen doing the dishes slamming crap around because he is pissed off that his off-spring are not lifting a finger to help out around the house. given, I understand that, but All he does is mutter unnecessary comments under his breath.. and well, dear friends, I have had about all I can take. Little S needs Gas money... I asked her why she didn't get some from S 4 B since she had to go to Sacramento to pick up Baby K this weekend... well, then she and I got into it... "forget it then I don't want anything from you, I'm obviously a burden to you " ... blah blah blah... well, for the 3 time since she's been with Shit for Brains...I said Fine Get the Hell out! She got up and went into her room to start packing her clothes.. oh FUCK what did I just do... but then I tried to talk to her and she started in with you and dad think I am a bad mom, and this and that...... so after figuring out I had just given her the out she has wanted,.. I threw my hands up in the air.."I give the fuck up!, I am tired of walking around on egg shells and trying to be the fricking peace keeper around here- I'm out of here" grabbed my books for school and left.... did I grab any clothes?NO did I grab my make up? NO. What a dip shit!..Anyway, I have no idea where I'm going after school tonite. but I am surely not going home. Thank God mom is a few minutes away!

I needed to vent. It seems to fall on deaf ears around my house and everyone is always ready to blame the other person... This mom just wants off this crazy frickin ride... I bid you a good nite and a better Tuesday! Boy is my mom going to be surprised when I show up tonite... someone want to call her!?

Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've been tagged again folks! Thanks Mistress... 5 THINGS YOU'VE NEVER REVELED ON YOUR BLOG, THEN TAG 5 BLOGGING BUDDIES-(I don't have 5 blogging buddies) I thought I 've spilled all my guts, already.. you guys know everything about me! Don't you?

1)I'm not a fan of country music, however, I have bought 2 country CD's in the last week... Rascal Flatts! (practically the whole CD reminds me... oh you guys now know...) and Tim McGraw's Greatest hits. I'm scared, quick someone quick, grab me and bring back to the rock and roll side of life!

2)I don't like to speak before crowds, nor do I like crowds. I admire those who can "shoot from the hip" so to speak. My boss is one of those people, I love to watch him speak in public... he never falters, is confident,calm and gets his point across. His dad was the same way, as well.

3)I talk with my hands!!! OMG do I talk with my hands. While I was a Customer Service Rep (you know, I was on the phone all day, my hands would be flying all over the place. ie "a front loader is a truck that picks up the bin, by the forks in the front".. both hands demonstrating the forks of the truck picking up the bin. I do the same thing when I'm on the phone at home.. or on my cell, It seems to amuse those around me, I never noticed I did it, until they pointed it out. Heritage or habit? You decide!

4)I scored a 100% on my written (auto)driving test and 96 on my actual(auto)road test!!! I got my Driver's License 2 months after my 16th birthday and my first ticket 1 month later.... OOOPS! -It was speeding, of course!--

5)Life is too short and people don't appreciate each other enough!

Friday, March 30, 2007


So it's 6am and I'm singing my way to work- Going down the "5" -Rascal Flatts- dreaming about a nice big cup of coffee and hoping the drivers have A-left me some or B-started a new pot yeah, I know I'm a dreamer! But I suddenly find myself behind a delivery truck and next to a semi, they seem to be driving less than straight, hummmm, I haven't had my coffee, therefore there will be no accidents for me, so I pull around to pass both these clowns... Delivery truck guys seems to be semi-awake cool, and then I pass by the semi, I take a glance seriously shaking my head at this point This blond dread locked guy has his cab light on and is reading what appears to be a map or the newspaper!! Silently thanking God that mine, is the next exit! I was scared for all those commuters this morning. shuddering

then I made it to work!

I don't work in the nicest part of town, and we do get our share of strange and interesting souls that wonder in the yard. But today, I was left shaking my head. My office sits just off the shop, the rest of the offices are separated by the breezeway. So if there are any problems, my mechanics are with in yelling distance. Today, I'm trying to concentrate-which has been very difficult in itself lately- and this guy is yelling "HELLO,HELLO" to no one in particular, then he sticks his head in my window "Espanol?" Remember dear readers... Blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin? yeano..."Momento" (I can say that and a few more but that's es todos)So I grabbed one of my Mechanics and asked for his assistance. He took care of the guy, who was just trying to make a buck. But unfortunately we're "Corporate" so we wouldn't be able to use his services.

OH and how bout this... who are these stupid parents that give their (12 year old )kids cell phones?? Yes, I'm sure you know I am that Stupid parent. YOUR BILL IS READY TO BE VIEWED popped up in my e-mail...OMG!!!! MY BILL WAS 497.00 !!!!! smelling salts please!!!!! I didn't think I was going to recover from this, then I got mad!!! steam is coming out my ears again this week!!!
then I scrutinized the damn bill... Mine, the norm, hubby's, the norm, since he never has it, little S with 640 text messages and here's the killer... Little G with 1142 text messages, yes 1142!!!! $166.00 oh, hell no. She was not happy to see me when I walked in the door...looks like her savings account will be a little light for a while! Then she tried to give me any excuse she could as to why there where so many... Didn't matter it was your responsibility and your blew it pal! Now, you have some choices here, pal,and you wont like any of them... I can be mean when I need to be... I'm showing my teeth right now!!!GGGGRRRRR well there go my paycheck!

well, once again! it looks like it's going to be a stellar weekend so I guess it's time to get started!!! Hockey game tonite, mom and mass tomorrow and hopefully Sunday, the weather will hold and I can do some touch up painting on the house. I'm tired of looking at it!

I bid you all a great weekend and I'll be stopping by from time to time!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen Things that amused Ann this week!

Mistress, I'm following your lead & I'm late getting this going... go figure!

1…. I find it amusing that I started Classes on Monday, and the familia is all out of shape. When asked "Don't you want mom to better herself for work?" Little G replies.."NO,! I want you to stay home, I hate school." The amusing part here is that Little G was on her myspace when I left for school ... and when I came home from school... hum... looks like she really suffered without my presence

2. I find it amusing that the only dictionary in my house and at my computer is the Italian/American Dictionary... If I can't spell it in English how can I spell it in Italian?

3. I find it amusing that I can have a really good time with friends and no alcohol will be involved!!!

4. I find it amusing that after walking 15 miles last week. I miss it on my off nites! (Mondays and Thursdays!) and if my sister can't go, and I go by myself, it seems to bother some people... why? They don't want to walk!? Itching my head at this one...

5. I find it amusing that Otto Von Hase (the rabbit) Likes chocolate chip cookies! Spoiled Rotten bunny!!!

6. I find it amusing that my granddaughters are usually more happy to see their NONNI than their own mothers! HAA HAA grinning to myself...

7. I find it amusing that I have actually finally admitted to being A MAKE-UP WHORE! I love make-up and especially love bonus week... slightly vain!

8. I find it amusing that, when I went back and read some of my older entries, I seem to have alot to say. I think I'm usually fairly quiet at home. Kimmy,Jen, Bre am I quiet at work?

9. I find it amusing that my mom totally acts one way around my sister and another way around me. Not quite sure why, though I suspect. Shakes head, doesn't mom know sister and I talk?

10. I find it amusing that this blog has become a very useful tool in my life! Self prescribed therapy, perhaps? It's an outlet and I usually feel better when I'm done. Not that my life sucks or anything. But there's always a challenge around that corner.

11. I find it amusing that while the familia knows about my blog, they could care less to see what's in it, but it bothers them the minute I sit at the computer. They don't even know the name of my blog.

12. I find it amusing that in the month of May I will turn 45 years old!!! They say it's better to laugh than to cry!

13. I find it amusing that I went to a SEXUAL HARASSMENT SEMINAR today and during the break the instructor was playing music I swear was from a Jenna Jameson movie... Don't ask me how I would know this fact ;-)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Be careful What You Wish, It Just Might Come True!!!

It finally happened dear friends! You know I have been looking for my Long Lost Friend, Rob, for some time now. Well, I am happy, If not ecstatic to let you all know I have found my hunky Italian motorcyclist!!! After several years, a few hundred dollars and a Internet services, not to mention one awesome brother, Thanks Chris! We have reconnected after 20 years! ok, its really 22, but I was trying to shave a couple of years off my age... I won't be going into too much detail,( I don't need to) as I'm still flying high! Just talking to him was as if there hadn't been this 22 year gap!~jumping up and down like a teenage girl~ OMG!!! But it has been, and yes there have been many life experiences that were too be had, through this short 22 year period. Which I suppose, is why fate, ok my tenacious, stubborn, self, brought us back to each other. I didn't try for all this time, to come back into his life to screw with his head or try to ruin his relationship. I just really, really missed him.... and when I want something bad enough... ;-) and I really wanted to find him.

I will share this with you.. I was rendered speechless (yes! me, believe it or not,)I had such a rush of emotions running through me, was stunned even, for a few seconds! It was just the best feeling That he even got back to me, let alone was happy to hear from me! He seems very happy with a new career choice and location. I'm happy, he's got a really good thing going.

We've not pryed ( I'm not even sure that's the word I want to use, but you know what I mean)into each others relationships as it's not about them, it's about us. This incredible person with such a forgiving heart. I love you, Rob!!!

And for your dear blogging buddies, I will no longer mention my quest for Rob! Well, maybe anyway :-) Sweet dreams to you all.. I know I will!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Saturday Rant!!! KIMMY THIS RANT IS FOR YOU!!!

Tell me where is my office mate now that I need her! I have walked in to her old office 3 or 4 times to just throw something out... Like " I can't f-ing believe my daughter is a complete idiot" or "what the hell is she thinking?" or (and I am not a touchy feelie kind of gal) but even one of her hugs would make me feel better, as she knows the hell and heart ache I am feeling with actions of my child. CHILD , because she is just that!

I am so disappointed in my daughter, because I thought I had taught her better than to "settle" I never pushed her to go after the Rich guys or the jock guys or the Most handsome guys. Just a guy, was educated, well mannered and likable, who would treat her right, and not try to change her, not use her for sex, money, car, phone. But apparently she feels this is the right decision. Her older sister, and two of her best friends have told me.."trying to be supportive, don't want to piss her off, your not really going to let her marry this bozo are you? To her he is the "UBER GOD" to us and probably to you, he is the "UBER GOOBER"

Kimmy would tell me (the same thing I have told her regarding her eldest!)"you can only get them to a certain point before they start making decisions for themselves. You've taught them well. Any decisions they make now are on them." So why is it that when they start making their own decisions, they completely forget everything taught to them in their younger years! Her oldest is 25 and made some very bad choices...but these decisions didn't start happening until he was in his late teens...What is it about the late teens, that they feel they know everything? I know I was the same way, however, my decisions usually only involved me... Not a small child. And I did realize that I didn't know "shit" as did most of my contemporaries which we can admit now.

Kimmy moved away, her last post was March 13th.. I know your busy my friend, but where the hell are you!!!! I know, new job, new everything, and well I'm being patient however, I don't really have the same rapport with J-(my new office mate) than I have with Kimmy. Now don't get me wrong, I think J is the bomb! however, her baby is only 8! Lucky girl..If I could go back in time, would I have done things different? Kimmy would I have done things different? Her reply would be....somethings yes, somethings no. but you would have never let s for b live in your home for that short period of time... there was a reason his parents kicked him out.! Kimmy your right ... as always!! I have to play this bantering nonsense in my head as I know that's exactly what she would say. then ask me again. what the fuck were you thinking when you did that anyway? who knows Kimmy? She wouldn't stick my nose in it too often probably because she knew I regretted that from day one... Go ahead uber goober, sleep in your truck.!

So Kimmy, I ask a couple of things from you NOW!!! 1) did you find your USB cable? I need that picture of our hunky regional vp... (jeff gordon look a like) 2) I need to know how your job is going ?3) how are the kids? 4) school? 5) Dick and the baby? then some things for you... 1) I still haven't heard from "Robin S" - do you think the letter was ever received??? (one of the many things I will always ponder, I suppose.) 2) I can't email you from work because they always come back undeliverable.. (websense?) perhaps! definately "big Brother" 3) The air conditioner is already on in our office space....burrrrrr.. My heater is still going.. I'm so glad that's not my electric bill to pay!

I miss you like crazy, I can't sit in the fishbowl all day talking to bre and Jen(they're good sounding boards but really young!), the others will be upset. though who give a rats patootie anyway.... luv ya! :-)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meeting of the minds!

We met with Little S & S 4 b this afternoon. We told him our expectations and why we were less than enthused about their pending nuptials. We bought ourselves at the very minimum of 6 months. Well, it's a start. We told him that we wanted to see S continue school, she's been very focused up until now, he agreed. We want them to go through "couples counseling" especially after all the crap he has pulled and all the issues, mind games and bullshit, he agreed, "anything to prove to you I'm willing to do what it takes to make S happy" Whatever, This kid is good... I mean really good. He could make a Sinking man buy an anchor, hes' so good.

I did most of the talking . Hubby is dealing with the fact that his heart is breaking. (she asked him to walk her down the aisle, he said no he couldn't in good faith do this task.) This is not a good match, fit, situation. (hubby was 22 when he married for the first time... reliving a bit of history, yes, I suppose you could say that, and well... it's a life experience) I asked how his parents felt.. after a bit of himming and hawwwwing.. I believe they feel the same way as we do... they're not even 20 yet!!! Plus that S called his mom a "whore" a month ago, this is just not good.

This is not how I envisioned my daughter's life as an adult, starting out. I figured she finish school, then after she got herself established in her field, she find a wonderful person that would love her and her daughter. But NOOOOO . She so fricking stupid.. as we're talking this afternoon, she's rolling her eyes at some of the things I said.. OK rolling the eyes is not a sign of maturity little girl~~~~ sitting on my hands to keep from wringing her neck!~~~~ then they left. My take on the whole thing...They are too young, too immature, and too stupid about LIFE to be doing such a thing as getting married.

I do admire the fact he admitted he made poor choices...however, that's what I wanted to hear...and he knew it, like I said sinking man...anchor.

We told him though, seeing is believing. I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We're at the hump at least!

It’s a semi nice day out there today. Why do I have to be locked up in this small square, I like to call my home away from home? I’m seriously procrastinating today! I have to work on this God-awful report, I don’t want to do it. But it will be something that will be a daily mandatory thing… I’m trying to figure it out the steps for this thing. Yes, I have instructions, but, these instructions were written by “corporate people”, so they are basically “clear as mud” WTF?

I’d rather be doing this (dream scene)… Going to Target, I love target and shopping so anytime I can help the economy..., buying an Ipod, download a mess of songs and go to the park and walk off all this frustration I am feeling. (back to real life) Why am I feeling frustrated? Go Grab yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and lets talk! No, really, I know partly why I’m feeling this frustration as do you, dear readers. The other part is just plain Spring Fever, and I just don’t want to sit in my office today.

I want to go on a road trip and I want to be going by myself. Therefore the only person I would be responsible is…MYSELF…novel concept huh? Where would I go? Hummmm First, North, than East, or better yet, jump on a plane and go to Minnesota, Why Minnesota, you ask? Mall of America, over 400 stores? Hell yeah! I could shop my way out of this restlessness I’m feeling! HUMMM how about Atlantic City? I’ve always wanted to go! Coney Island perhaps? Oh yeah I’ve got it now!!! GREECE and sun myself with all of the beautiful people!!! Then I’d trip over to Italy to visit a Germaine de Capuccini salon and buy European Skin Care products and see is if somehow we’d be related. (could happen) I would have to go to Chicago and find myself a BEAR!!! I’ve got a couple in particular I’d like to find! I know it’s not BEAR season, but it is CUB season, almost.

Oh here’s an update. Little S just called to tell me she and S 4 B are getting married.. NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! Trying to keep my composure, I’m not mad really, I’m really disappointed that she feels this is the only option for her. She’s not a loser, she’s very smart,(expect where s 4 b is involved) and very, very pretty. I asked her why so soon especially after everything that has happened between the two of them. She said that since she knows we hate him, and we wont help with the wedding that they’ll just go to the court house and do it.. Hum.. I then told her that she would then be losing her car, her phone and my mom will no longer be paying for daycare for baby K… “you’re going to take my car away?” yup! Then came my motherly advice on marriage. (going in one ear and out the other) “Marriage is hard enough, then throw into the mix.. money issues, the fact neither on of you have a car, phone, or JOB! You had a plan, you were focused and now…it just seems as though you want to piss it all away.” I told her that I would like to see her hold off until after she finishes school, which will be in about 6 months, go to counseling, (they might listen to a counselor)”you’ll pay for counseling, mom?” YUP! And then you’ll have my blessing. If you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together, then what’s 6 more months?
A marriage made in hell to be sure!

and how was your day?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I just had to share!!!!

This is what the moon looked like tonite! Just slightly peering through the trees... It's going to be a beautiful sunrise in the morning!!!!
just someting pretty to look at!..We tend to take things like this for granted.. so I thought I'd share!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


When did Little S become such a complete flipping idiot? For the last oh...what 1o months, she's been doing o.k. without S for B's (shit for brains)... she's been as civil as she can be to this kid. who has used her to the fullest...All we ever wanted was for them to get along for the sake of baby K...What happened this weekend is just more than I can bare...or bear. hearing nonni's heart breaking a little bit... the seeing the steam coming out of her ears because she's pissed off!..
S 4 B apparently had, as he called a BREAK THROUGH. and needed to see little S right then and 4 in the morning..standard M.O. for s 4 B, how ever, I was not awake, didn't know, didn't hear, until, I heard little S's car start at 7 in the morning...Where the hell is she going? "I'm taking s 4 b (no, she doesn't know this term) home." Why? and Why was he here?...hearing the phone being handed over to someone else...oh hell no, I don't want to talk to him...Hello, Ann? I just want to apologize for everything that's happened. stunned, my reply, and they don't get anybetter than this, for me at 7am..."o.k." So, dear friends, you know where this shit is going ....Yup, there back together...shaking my head and thinking about the hundreds of dollars spent on a really good lawyer...I'll just add this to the long list of money ill spent on s 4 b's...Really the money has nothing to do with it much..only he comes to this relationship with...NADA! I've tried talking to S but it only seems to fall on deaf ears..after all what do I know about ASS HOLE ex-BOYFRIENDS...???? well, how about they're an EX for a reason! silently giving a high five to any one strong enough to walk away from a crappy relationship...when you know your heart is telling you something completely different from your head! I just shudder to think she has just signed up for the long haul on a completely fucked up relationship! I know, I know ... after my last couple of entries....I know..I've set the bar.. He's a taker.. and she deserves to be treated like a queen, She will be the one making the money, she'll be doing it all...but... live and learn.. I'm trying really hard no to pry, push or generally do anything that will push them further together... I wonder what his parents think, especially after little S called his mom a "fucking whore?"..hum... Oh I can see the holiday dinners now... LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! She's not coming clean with too much information.. but I know at this point I've pretty much lost her...Unfortunately she'll be learning the hard way!!! I can't say, I didn't warn her... and I just can't believe what an idiot she is being...

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It was soooo nice this weekend, I had to take the weekend off from blogging! I know, it should be the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before I go to me, I think of my blogging friends endlessly! So with that said...I will be back in rare (or boring) form Tomorrow...I just wanted you guys to know I didn't fall off the face of the earth , and I miss you bunches!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My thoughts for a Thursday....

I love it when I can come home and the t.v. is OFF, and all the adults, or children, for that matter are off doing their own thing leaving NONI (me)and Baby K to play! Well, as much as a 10 month old and a 44 year old can play. We've spent the last hour playing "isty bitsy spider" * which she is clearly getting the grasp of* and she can't tell me "Noni, you can't sing so good"(cuz Noni couldn't carry a a bucket) and then we just sat in "baby central" =Baby central used to be our dining room before the remodel=I had the video camera on her for about 40 minutes, she went from toy to drawer to toy to riding toy to bouncing toy to drawer -where she continues to pull out , oh lets see everything, yet again.- to toy vacuum cleaner to little drum set, just having a blast. She was (baby) talking to herself the whole time! Then she found it... the bead necklace she got at chuck E. Cheese. that what hilarious! Tried and tried as might, she just couldn't get that thing over her head and around her neck, a good thing I'm sure... but the Stubborn Italian Blood in her, wouldn't let her give up! Atta girl.. K!!! this will be the last little bit of time I get to spend with her before she goes to "S 4 B's " tomorrow. We have a lot of fun!

Do you ever wonder how life would be if there we're no phones? It's now 9:16pm... and the phone just rang, not the kids' cell phones but the house phone...excuse me, but didn't we have a no calls after 9 pm rule? I guess I missed the memo, recanting that rule!

Kimmy. I think my computer is going to take a powder again.!!! It's acting really funky... gee could it be someone's myspace mucking up my processor? I'm thinking LAP TOP, locked in my room with no access available by a 13 year old!!! your opinion please?

Apparently, my office is the "red headed" step-child of the company. My boss shot me an Email the other day asking about a corporate wide procedure, you know the email... "are you on board with this?" Unfortunately, my only response was... "on board with what?" Apparently I didn't get the memo about this new procedure. Too many people at the top, directing the show. I'm on board now!!! HEll, I'm so on board, the equipment isn't even at my location yet and I've got all the data, ready to roll! My boss loves me ... I hope! worried brow is forming!

I am so not a country music person, by any means, but I just bought the Rascal Flatts CD.. OMG!!!! Really, Really, Good! Track 3 is about what would happen if you played a country song backwards.. you get your dog back, you get your best friend jack, back. it's really a catchy little ditty, you have to hear it to appreciate... I bought it for track 2, in case anyone cared! it reminds me of someone.

DUKE lost! Sorry Coach K. you can't win every year, apparently this was the first UPSET of the day... Normally, I've taken the Portable tv to work with me to listen to the games.. but since Pacific' s not in it this year, the tv will continue to collect dust in the corner until Pacific's back in the saddle-or on the court. Next year will work for me!

Fundraisers, Fundraisers, Fundraisers! It seems as soon as one is over another one starts! little G is working on a "school wide " fundraiser, and next fund raiser will be for her Washington DC trip next October! I don't even get a break, between My Children and Grandchildren, as soon as little G is out of the fundraiser age... Little Little G (the other granddaughter almost 2) will just be about starting's a vicious cycle, but Noni loves her kids... so, what the hell, it's only money and I can't take it with me.

did you hear about the Pizza Parlor in NY that makes a $1,000.00 pizza? Good Lord. I heard about it on Bob and Tom this morning! Comments about it can not be repeated, Then I heard about it on another Radio Station... cavier, lobster tail, Yuck!!! on Pizza. That's just wrong! Any time your out in my area...,I've got a Pizza place for you! Too die for and considerably less than $125.00 a slice! But with a 125.00 we could have one helluva time!

And speaking of one helluva a good you'll just have to wait until next time....

Hey, if your in a variable rate mortgage, it' best to jump ship on that loan now.!!!! Rate are rising everyday and people are losing their homes... because some moron at the mortgage broker's office told them they could afford 2500.00 a month on a house payment... hum,,, that at the 1% interest for the first 2 years... what does one do when that 1% jumps to 8 or 9%? shuddering just thinking about it, yet relieved, it's not me. we just refi'd but the payment is no where near 2500.00/month...

my computer is just pissing me off now, so rather than continue to be annoyed, I will bid you all, my friends, a restful night and rocking friday!!!! Scads of emotions to all of you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I love a good Walk!!!

I gave up 10 pounds for lent(someone else can have those 10 ten pounds, I'm tired of them!)... I've got 6 more to go! I walked 3 miles today! I walked with my sister, who walks slightly slower than a run. My right calf is tightening up and I'm sure I will wake up with a charlie horse in the wee hours of the morn. I feel the burn and it's feels great!!!

This is a much happier post that my last one!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Friday, March 09, 2007

I finally did it!!!! I totally amaze myself sometime!!!

Yes, I am technology challenged, but I am tenacious soul to say the least. And it is this stuborn streak that has finally allowed me to download stupid music to my stupid mp3 player!!!! yippee fricking skippee!!!

Yes, I have downloaded music that could only be found on my cassette tapes (no, I didn't say 8 track) that are sitting somewhere in my house. The list is comprised of ... My Moody Blues, Peter, Paul, and Mary,(not that I am THAT old) Kenny Loggins, Lonestar, Elton John, Genesis, and a wide aray of artists that they just happened at a good time in my life, Songs that remind me of Rob, Songs that remind me of when I met my husband. stirring memories of even the stupid things of years ago...No, Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, have not made the list...just yet, anyway. That's for a whole other mood!

But I am excited and glad I am not a complete idiot! If there is a book MP3 Players for Dummies... Well, you know the author had me in mind at the time! Now it's time to move up in the world a get an MP3 Player that has a humongus amount of memory...Oh I'm sure the technical term would include bytes either mega or giga...(i know one is more than the other as for spelling...whatever!!!) Not bad for this "cool Nonni"


It seems to happen every year. Open enrollment (Insurance benefits) comes and goes and low and behold there is always 1 knucklehead who comes into my office and wants to know 1)when open enrollment is and 2) why weren't they notified? Today was no exception.
Our open enrollment is the last week in January and first week in February. I get "OPEN ENROLLMENT" posters and post them in the most obvious location...TIME CLOCK...There is newsletters that go out starting in early December and just about every other week until the end of open enrollment, another clue? How about the big white envelope that states in BOLD BLUE letters.. open enrollment materials enclosed... but I digress...
Still shaking my head...
Now with that all out, I'm sitting in my office this morning trying to down my first in what could be 3 or 4 cups of coffee...~smiling at the thought of coffee~ and in walks one of my drivers, who wanted to know when open enrollment was..
Open enrollment was 2 weeks ago...
So I have two more weeks to enroll?
No, it ended two weeks ago.
Oh, how come no one told me?
There was a sign by the time clock...
oh, I didn't see it...
taking a really deep breath as it's 6 am and I'm not in the mood to deal with stupidity, it's Friday after all.
It's been posted over the time clock for a month. it's not just on a piece of 8x10 paper.
yes, but i wanted to make changes, because they are charging me too much for my insurance, I wanted to pay the same amount that everyone else is paying, why can't I change...
Because open enrollment is over with, what will happen is, everything will roll over into the same plan you had.Do you know what plan you have?
Do you have your insurance card with you?
But it's too much money, I don't want to pay that much money...
I'm thinking to myself this man has a lucrative business on the side and he's not dumb, but right now he's the I don't speak English so well and I don't understand so well and I'm getting angry because he's playing that "conveniently stupid" card. which annoys the bejesuses out of me. Tell me you f-ed up, I'll respect that.But don't play stupid. head is spinning around.....
this went on for about 10 minutes as to why he is stuck with the plan he had bottom line, he didn't take care of his own business. I finally conceded that I would contact the powers that be and see what he is paying.
So I went to his supervisor's office and told him the conversation.. SUPERVISOR ROLLS HIS EYES
sO as it ended, he'll need to contact the3rd party administrator to try to plead his case... Good luck dude!
And how was your day!!!????