Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OK, I Know I'm not a idiot, but Damn, I can't seem to figure this stuff out

I have been now trying for several weeks to make my blog more, well, eye appealing. To date, as you can see, I have failed miserably! Time and energy just don't seem to be on my side these days. Don't give up as I may actually do it and you will be most impressed!!!

But while I'm trying to figure that out... let me ask you a question;
If you could get a glimpse into your future, would that change the way you live your present? Now you kind of know what's been going through my head lately. Do I have an answer? I have absolutely no answer for that question. I do know that we control our own destiny; but why are there so many people out there blaming someone else for life not turning out quite the way they had planned...? And while I certainly used to fall into that pattern, I've decided to pull my head out of my a**, get a grip and make some changes in my life. Can I divulge these intimate details? Of course not, but the road to recovery is a long one and over time, perhaps you'll see the changes in me!

I'm hoping for a miracle and I will make it happen!!!