Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Well, that's the ballgame folks!

Can you believe it! Christmas has come and gone. I hope you all had a great day and Santa was good to you! He was to me, as always, I'm totally spoiled! In a couple short hours I will be on the road to Tahoe, for a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH needed vacation! I've just got a coule of things here at work to clear up and I"m outta here~ I checked YAHOO Weather and Tahoe is expecting 4-6 inches of snow tonight! We will be there and ready for a little gambling, a couple of steak dinners and in general ....RELAXING!!! I've got a couple of trashy romance novels packed, we've got the DVD player packed with some of our favorite movies, Yatzee, Scrabble, snow gloves, pants and shoes, incase we want to make our snow angels! Doubt we'll do the skiing thing, I'd rather gamble than ski. Go figure... so my friends, I will close for now, so I can finish up my work and get the hell outa here. I wish you all a good day... and remember, to be safe out there! "see ya soon!"

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wishing all my Blogging friends a very Merry Christmas!!

As the day rapidly approaches. I wanted to wish my "faithfuls": Jen, Kim, Chuck, Mistress, Anthony, Pendullum,-Denise & Bre- A very Merry Christmas!
You guys are the best, and have made this whole blogging experience GREAT. I've enjoyed "meeting" and getting to know you all! Hope Santa is good to you!
Be safe out there, stay away from Denver, and have a Great Holiday! Anni

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I've had some really funky stuff written in comments lately... Seriously you don't like the blog...don't stop by... or how 'bout this... I'm sure your mom told you once or twice.."you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!" My dad would have said "SHUT THE HELL UP!" Be nice, Don't be a hater, Dude!

Hey Look, My Sidebar Is Back!!! it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

You've gotta love Winter in Central Cali!!!

So, I'm driving around yesterday, picking up parts for the shop, it's a beautiful and I do mean BEAUTIFUL day in the Central Valley! Crisp, Cool, Blue Skies, the sun feels good on your face...And then it happens, I'm suddenly inflicted with jealousy, and envy. This woman drives by in her brand new convertible BMW- top down of course...basking in the sunshine!!! I'm sure her heater was going "full speed ahead" as it was still only in about mid to high 30's!

So, with a heavy sigh, I jumped into the Shop Truck and drove back to the shop with the parts they needed... only to find the mechanics were taking an early lunch, all outside basking in the sunshine... they had the look of contentment on their faces. Just like a cat stretched out on couch that sits beside an open window with the sun shining in!

God I love California.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

BEARS WIN IN OT!!!! What a game!!! 12-2!!!

They did it! They did it!!! Man, I was totally at the edge of my seat when, in the 2nd half, Tampa Bay decides to "Bring It" Whatever man, They were playing "MY BEARS". REX did what REX does best!!!!( though I get just a tad nervous at a long pass, I'll get over it!) Tomorrow, Mike and Mike in the AM will be talking about Devon Hester's fumble, Tank Williams' um.. recent chain of unfortunate events, the missed field goal of Robbie Gould, the career records of Desmond Clark, and REX. But I am sure they will still cap on REX as not being consistant... Again, I say "Whatever!"

It was quite a game, mix in Grandkids, and Christmas baking, this bear fan is pooped, but not quite ready to hibernate!!! til next week...


Friday, December 15, 2006


Mistress of Darkness, First and foremost, I can't seem to leave a comment on your blog. Is it me? I think I'm having issues! ... So I will do the next best thing and leave them on my blog! You and Chuck are my faithfuls so I know you'll see this..(however, Hi Bre!)

Yeah! your cute little DJ knows! Congrats! Your not a "nutjob" and he should be flattered, I'm sure he didn't become a DJ just cuz of the music..If you know what I mean! ;-). Looks like someone was a good girl, & got her Xmas wish a little early!!!

Enjoy it! you never know ....:-)

Hey, if you got your Xmas wish early... does that mean I get my SEXY REX (grossman)? I know, I'm old enough to be his very young mom...but I've been very, very good !!! ) keep us posted!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Now on to my boys! Damn did they do well! REX threw, well, no turn overs, he was definately having a much better night! I know Brian Griese was throwing with the "starters" during practice, just in case, Rex decided to choke... But Rex did well, or at least better than he had done in recent weeks!

The game it seems was centered around Devon Hester... Did I mention yet he should have his name on the back of a jersey???? While having a conversation with Hubby, I didn't realize this was his rookie year! MY GOD, LOVIE DON'T LET HIM GO!!!! He is destined to do very great things.. he's already broken 3 records... did I mention Rookie year?? I hope his ego doesn't get out of hand, then it really doesn't matter how good you are, if people can't stand you because you're a jerk.. (T.O. or "ocho cinco")

I really enjoyed the game last night, though, I did seem to fall asleep somewhere in the 4th quarter.. "I"m such a party animal" I learned 2 new terms (remember, I have never been a big sports fan other than college basketball, so, really all this is semi new to me and surprises the hell out of my friends)..."take away"... dah, same as a turn over... and another one while can't remember the term, I told hubby , "we'd revisit this term tomorrow...yawn... I'm not fully awake to care..." well obviously, I was too tired to remember ?
What a loser! :-)

"Mike and Mike in the morning", this morning we're still bagging on REX, but not as bad a usual, though they still said that One good game for REX out of the last 4 (?) doesn't mean he's back to were he was at the beginning of the season, so don't get too excited, (whatever) But definately they were singing the praises of Devon. Well, at least they had positive things to say about the boys as a team. They did played like the team they are, AWESOME.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


Last night was our Company's annual Christmas Party!!! We enjoy going, and we always have a good time. It's the one time of the year I socialize with co-workers, I usually don't schmmoooz with, for what ever reason. For the most part, tho, I am not anti-social,but you get an office full of women together, it's generally bad news, Too many personalities, and someone always has to be the "alpha female". I do have a small circle of co-workers that I do consider my friends, and as I have stated before, it's not the quantity, it's the quality !!! My co-worker friends totally rock!!! They are all in various stages of life and we're all just very cool, no egos and love to stay away from the DRAMA.!!!

The party started out as always, we entered the once working ferry boat, that now caters to parties and receptions, we pick up an envelope with our name on it, inside is drink tickets, name tags and a raffle ticket. Then we pick our table and then hit the bar! The drink tickets are for beer and wine, Hard Liquor is $$$ and also soda. My usual, A shot of Jack Daniels and a Diet Pepsi, Hubbys Beer...

The night is always funfilled, great food, this year, and Italian Resturant catered and always the best raffle prizes, the Xmas "committee" always chooses the best gifts... usually electronics, gift cards and 40, 80, and 120 hours paid vacation.(which is generally cashed out) Not bad at all.
This year myself and about 4 others were recognized as 10 year employees. We get the framed certificate of appreciation and a $50.00 gift card!

Usually, there is some sort of entertainment, the last two years we have been serenaded by a coworker who, actually auditioned for "American Idol", She has a beautiful voice. This year we were entertained by "the Garbagettes and Bill" a cute little ditty written by two of our customer service reps, to the tune of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And while they have nothing on Aretha, they did a great job. Safety vests and all. Now... back to the raffle...

As I have said in previous posts my boss is the bomb! He's easy on the eyes, fairly easy to talk to, (I still get nervous, cuz he's my boss...) and has a sense of humor that wont quit!
He likes to "wheel and deal" when it comes to the raffle prizes, Co-worker Jen reminded me of one year, he "wheeled" one gal out of a gas bbq and into 2 dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts... This year's prizes included Xbox360, 4 or 5 ipods, kareokee machine, boom box, a couple of "wrapped prizes" which usually means..gag gift and the ever popular envelopes! Envelopes contain, $$$$ in some form. the Raffle begins and they are getting down to just the envelopes, there was this one evelope everyone kept passing up... and just when I had given up all hope, My number is up...'I WANT THAT ONE ENVELOPE, EVERYONE IS PASSING UP" My boss asks me do I really want that envelope. YES! I open it up and there is a $50.00 gift card. Cool, but then boss man said ...is there more??? and OMG!!! tucked inside the GC, there was a certificate for 120 hours of vacation.!!! that's 3 yes, 3 weeks vacation!!!! I'm cool!!!! Im awesome,!!!! and I want to thank the first guy, who passed up the envelope, and went on to win a nose trimmer!!! I figure, it's gonna be cashed out, unfortunately at the bonus rate.. which sucks but then , I have spending money for my vacation in a couple of weekS!!!!!

Then it's time to dance & drink! As the crowd starts thinning out, we're sitting b.s.ing with a few others...one co-worker brought her boyfriend and her brother( all about 20-24), me and hubby and then another couple-coworker bf and bro, are lit, having a good time telling us we were by far the funnest table... laugh , laugh, the bf looks at me and asked how old I was...HUMMM I suppose he never heard not to ask a woman her age, but... Me being me...told him... "44" his reply... "man, I can't imagine being that old..." OUCH! AND THANKS PAL!, YOU HAVE JUST LOST ALL BROWNIE POINTS, EARNED" :-)

The night was a success, The Garbagettes and Bill should take their show on the road...the "comittee" did well as usual and I scored big! We closed the placed down and this "old broad" slept like a baby!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Monday, December 04, 2006

CHRISTMAS SEASON IS ON!!! and other seasonal chaos in my life!!!

Today was my annual Christmas shopping day with my sister! Every year, we go on our annual "pilgrimage" to the holy land...ie MALLS and "get r done!" We hit 3 malls today, 2 in town and 1 in a neighboring town and much to my surprise I am almost done.!!! It was a successful trip!
With most of the shopping out of the way now, it's time for the baking portion of our season! I started last Saturday actually: I made Streuselkucken-(german) for Hubby's B-d. This is the cake his mom always baked for his birthday. However, since she is no longer with us, this task has been taken over by me, for all family functions, I'm actually getting good at the German dishes that his mom made. ( Which is pretty awesome since she was a fabulous cook, and also very hard since alot of her good recipes are in German... I suck a coverting metric measurements to Standard.) I also no longer get.. "well it's good, but not quite like my mom's" And my bro-in-law has also given me the sign of approval. Then that followed with lemon filled cookies my Zia makes. I'm hunting high and low for my dad's Pizzelle iron, and while my mom said I have it , I can't seem to find it. once I find it however, I need to perfect the recipe. It was always a tradition during the holidays, that my dad made about 12 dozen Pizzelle cookies, He'd have Monday night Football going while standing over a hot stove cooking each cookie one by one! Our neighbors, and teachers loved being on the receiving end of these cookies! and it was always cool explaining to a new teacher about these cookies! But the iron hasn't had much action since my dad passed away, and I've tried a couple of times ... but mostly I made a mess and wasted a lot of flour, sugar and eggs. I once called my Aunt to see if she had any pointers, but was not much help. And now at the age of almost 90, she has trouble remembering that I am even old enough to be married with Children. But I will seek this Iron and make these damn cookies...or die trying. Ok a little dramatic, but if that idea tanks,, then Biscotti it is and a couple of other cookies.
The house has also been on edge too, as Little S is taking Baby K's Daddy to court to try to some type of custody arrangement taken care of. He's a D*ck and we never really cared for him. Gritted our teeth while she dated him. and then...GUESS WHAT... He's trying to bully her into things and she is wearing her emotions on her sleeve, so he plays her like a finely tuned fiddle. He'll get tired of the "daddy thing" and totally flake eventuallly, but for now... she's al little edgy.. I will be glad when tomorrow is over.
We have this house around the corner from us, who every year put an elaborate "Grinch" display. They have "whoville" on the front lawn and the Grinch and Sleigh high atop the roof and a continual story of the Grinch, with Boris narrating it. It's really spactacular. We can't wait to take the babies to visit it. Even the Big girls still like to visit! I will try to snap a shot and post along with other visuals around town. One house has an elaborate Nativity Scene, when I say elaborate, I mean Mary and Joseph are beyond life size, I think, they are about 10 feet tall? It's beautiful.. I doubt I will be able to snap a pix as this man is rather wealthy and there are security people around. I'll see what I can do!
I'm rambling which pretty much means, I'm a "pooped little camper" It had been a couple of days since by last blog and you all needed to know I didn't fall off the face of the earth, but I'm just really busy...(throw an 11 hour days on top of all the other activity..) I will try to blog when I can.

Happy Christmas Season, Have a great Tuesday.. And be careful out there!

I'm Late but here it is!!! Go Bears!!!!

Hey Sports Fans! They fricking did it again! My boys won! How the hell they did, is beyond me. I love my Bears.. They Boo'd my Rex...this girls take on the whole thing?
Well, here it is...
Rex is a fairly young player technically, I don't believe he has played a full season, with the exception of this season, due to injury....Let's recap. REX is still a little green and they have put all their "eggs in his basket" I don't necessarily think that was the wisest thing, but I'm not calling the shots or making the millions like those who do. One thing you've got to admire, Rex is taking responsibility for his errors, And Yes, it must really suck being boo'd. That alone would have sent a lesser person crawling in a hole to die of humiliation. But Rex seems to "suck it up and" deal with it... Rex, you have my admiration!!!!
Now, Devon Hester! You da man! The more I watch you, the more I like. Why isn't your name on the back of a jersey yet? If it is, I don't see it in my NFL catalogue.
Brian U.!!!! I know your name is on the back of a jersey ( Cuz, baby K will be getting one for Christmas ). I just like the fact ....boom, your there and down goes the opponent.
Tank? You've got to love a guy who's name is TANK!!!!
And Yes, I know there are others on the team I have not mentioned, and for that I apologize. And there you have it my uneducated take on this game and my Bears... Til next week sports fans!!!!