Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've been tagged again folks! Thanks Mistress... 5 THINGS YOU'VE NEVER REVELED ON YOUR BLOG, THEN TAG 5 BLOGGING BUDDIES-(I don't have 5 blogging buddies) I thought I 've spilled all my guts, already.. you guys know everything about me! Don't you?

1)I'm not a fan of country music, however, I have bought 2 country CD's in the last week... Rascal Flatts! (practically the whole CD reminds me... oh you guys now know...) and Tim McGraw's Greatest hits. I'm scared, quick someone quick, grab me and bring back to the rock and roll side of life!

2)I don't like to speak before crowds, nor do I like crowds. I admire those who can "shoot from the hip" so to speak. My boss is one of those people, I love to watch him speak in public... he never falters, is confident,calm and gets his point across. His dad was the same way, as well.

3)I talk with my hands!!! OMG do I talk with my hands. While I was a Customer Service Rep (you know, I was on the phone all day, my hands would be flying all over the place. ie "a front loader is a truck that picks up the bin, by the forks in the front".. both hands demonstrating the forks of the truck picking up the bin. I do the same thing when I'm on the phone at home.. or on my cell, It seems to amuse those around me, I never noticed I did it, until they pointed it out. Heritage or habit? You decide!

4)I scored a 100% on my written (auto)driving test and 96 on my actual(auto)road test!!! I got my Driver's License 2 months after my 16th birthday and my first ticket 1 month later.... OOOPS! -It was speeding, of course!--

5)Life is too short and people don't appreciate each other enough!

Friday, March 30, 2007


So it's 6am and I'm singing my way to work- Going down the "5" -Rascal Flatts- dreaming about a nice big cup of coffee and hoping the drivers have A-left me some or B-started a new pot yeah, I know I'm a dreamer! But I suddenly find myself behind a delivery truck and next to a semi, they seem to be driving less than straight, hummmm, I haven't had my coffee, therefore there will be no accidents for me, so I pull around to pass both these clowns... Delivery truck guys seems to be semi-awake cool, and then I pass by the semi, I take a glance seriously shaking my head at this point This blond dread locked guy has his cab light on and is reading what appears to be a map or the newspaper!! Silently thanking God that mine, is the next exit! I was scared for all those commuters this morning. shuddering

then I made it to work!

I don't work in the nicest part of town, and we do get our share of strange and interesting souls that wonder in the yard. But today, I was left shaking my head. My office sits just off the shop, the rest of the offices are separated by the breezeway. So if there are any problems, my mechanics are with in yelling distance. Today, I'm trying to concentrate-which has been very difficult in itself lately- and this guy is yelling "HELLO,HELLO" to no one in particular, then he sticks his head in my window "Espanol?" Remember dear readers... Blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin? yeano..."Momento" (I can say that and a few more but that's es todos)So I grabbed one of my Mechanics and asked for his assistance. He took care of the guy, who was just trying to make a buck. But unfortunately we're "Corporate" so we wouldn't be able to use his services.

OH and how bout this... who are these stupid parents that give their (12 year old )kids cell phones?? Yes, I'm sure you know I am that Stupid parent. YOUR BILL IS READY TO BE VIEWED popped up in my e-mail...OMG!!!! MY BILL WAS 497.00 !!!!! smelling salts please!!!!! I didn't think I was going to recover from this, then I got mad!!! steam is coming out my ears again this week!!!
then I scrutinized the damn bill... Mine, the norm, hubby's, the norm, since he never has it, little S with 640 text messages and here's the killer... Little G with 1142 text messages, yes 1142!!!! $166.00 oh, hell no. She was not happy to see me when I walked in the door...looks like her savings account will be a little light for a while! Then she tried to give me any excuse she could as to why there where so many... Didn't matter it was your responsibility and your blew it pal! Now, you have some choices here, pal,and you wont like any of them... I can be mean when I need to be... I'm showing my teeth right now!!!GGGGRRRRR well there go my paycheck!

well, once again! it looks like it's going to be a stellar weekend so I guess it's time to get started!!! Hockey game tonite, mom and mass tomorrow and hopefully Sunday, the weather will hold and I can do some touch up painting on the house. I'm tired of looking at it!

I bid you all a great weekend and I'll be stopping by from time to time!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen Things that amused Ann this week!

Mistress, I'm following your lead & I'm late getting this going... go figure!

1…. I find it amusing that I started Classes on Monday, and the familia is all out of shape. When asked "Don't you want mom to better herself for work?" Little G replies.."NO,! I want you to stay home, I hate school." The amusing part here is that Little G was on her myspace when I left for school ... and when I came home from school... hum... looks like she really suffered without my presence

2. I find it amusing that the only dictionary in my house and at my computer is the Italian/American Dictionary... If I can't spell it in English how can I spell it in Italian?

3. I find it amusing that I can have a really good time with friends and no alcohol will be involved!!!

4. I find it amusing that after walking 15 miles last week. I miss it on my off nites! (Mondays and Thursdays!) and if my sister can't go, and I go by myself, it seems to bother some people... why? They don't want to walk!? Itching my head at this one...

5. I find it amusing that Otto Von Hase (the rabbit) Likes chocolate chip cookies! Spoiled Rotten bunny!!!

6. I find it amusing that my granddaughters are usually more happy to see their NONNI than their own mothers! HAA HAA grinning to myself...

7. I find it amusing that I have actually finally admitted to being A MAKE-UP WHORE! I love make-up and especially love bonus week... slightly vain!

8. I find it amusing that, when I went back and read some of my older entries, I seem to have alot to say. I think I'm usually fairly quiet at home. Kimmy,Jen, Bre am I quiet at work?

9. I find it amusing that my mom totally acts one way around my sister and another way around me. Not quite sure why, though I suspect. Shakes head, doesn't mom know sister and I talk?

10. I find it amusing that this blog has become a very useful tool in my life! Self prescribed therapy, perhaps? It's an outlet and I usually feel better when I'm done. Not that my life sucks or anything. But there's always a challenge around that corner.

11. I find it amusing that while the familia knows about my blog, they could care less to see what's in it, but it bothers them the minute I sit at the computer. They don't even know the name of my blog.

12. I find it amusing that in the month of May I will turn 45 years old!!! They say it's better to laugh than to cry!

13. I find it amusing that I went to a SEXUAL HARASSMENT SEMINAR today and during the break the instructor was playing music I swear was from a Jenna Jameson movie... Don't ask me how I would know this fact ;-)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Be careful What You Wish, It Just Might Come True!!!

It finally happened dear friends! You know I have been looking for my Long Lost Friend, Rob, for some time now. Well, I am happy, If not ecstatic to let you all know I have found my hunky Italian motorcyclist!!! After several years, a few hundred dollars and a Internet services, not to mention one awesome brother, Thanks Chris! We have reconnected after 20 years! ok, its really 22, but I was trying to shave a couple of years off my age... I won't be going into too much detail,( I don't need to) as I'm still flying high! Just talking to him was as if there hadn't been this 22 year gap!~jumping up and down like a teenage girl~ OMG!!! But it has been, and yes there have been many life experiences that were too be had, through this short 22 year period. Which I suppose, is why fate, ok my tenacious, stubborn, self, brought us back to each other. I didn't try for all this time, to come back into his life to screw with his head or try to ruin his relationship. I just really, really missed him.... and when I want something bad enough... ;-) and I really wanted to find him.

I will share this with you.. I was rendered speechless (yes! me, believe it or not,)I had such a rush of emotions running through me, was stunned even, for a few seconds! It was just the best feeling That he even got back to me, let alone was happy to hear from me! He seems very happy with a new career choice and location. I'm happy, he's got a really good thing going.

We've not pryed ( I'm not even sure that's the word I want to use, but you know what I mean)into each others relationships as it's not about them, it's about us. This incredible person with such a forgiving heart. I love you, Rob!!!

And for your dear blogging buddies, I will no longer mention my quest for Rob! Well, maybe anyway :-) Sweet dreams to you all.. I know I will!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Saturday Rant!!! KIMMY THIS RANT IS FOR YOU!!!

Tell me where is my office mate now that I need her! I have walked in to her old office 3 or 4 times to just throw something out... Like " I can't f-ing believe my daughter is a complete idiot" or "what the hell is she thinking?" or (and I am not a touchy feelie kind of gal) but even one of her hugs would make me feel better, as she knows the hell and heart ache I am feeling with actions of my child. CHILD , because she is just that!

I am so disappointed in my daughter, because I thought I had taught her better than to "settle" I never pushed her to go after the Rich guys or the jock guys or the Most handsome guys. Just a guy, was educated, well mannered and likable, who would treat her right, and not try to change her, not use her for sex, money, car, phone. But apparently she feels this is the right decision. Her older sister, and two of her best friends have told me.."trying to be supportive, don't want to piss her off, your not really going to let her marry this bozo are you? To her he is the "UBER GOD" to us and probably to you, he is the "UBER GOOBER"

Kimmy would tell me (the same thing I have told her regarding her eldest!)"you can only get them to a certain point before they start making decisions for themselves. You've taught them well. Any decisions they make now are on them." So why is it that when they start making their own decisions, they completely forget everything taught to them in their younger years! Her oldest is 25 and made some very bad choices...but these decisions didn't start happening until he was in his late teens...What is it about the late teens, that they feel they know everything? I know I was the same way, however, my decisions usually only involved me... Not a small child. And I did realize that I didn't know "shit" as did most of my contemporaries which we can admit now.

Kimmy moved away, her last post was March 13th.. I know your busy my friend, but where the hell are you!!!! I know, new job, new everything, and well I'm being patient however, I don't really have the same rapport with J-(my new office mate) than I have with Kimmy. Now don't get me wrong, I think J is the bomb! however, her baby is only 8! Lucky girl..If I could go back in time, would I have done things different? Kimmy would I have done things different? Her reply would be....somethings yes, somethings no. but you would have never let s for b live in your home for that short period of time... there was a reason his parents kicked him out.! Kimmy your right ... as always!! I have to play this bantering nonsense in my head as I know that's exactly what she would say. then ask me again. what the fuck were you thinking when you did that anyway? who knows Kimmy? She wouldn't stick my nose in it too often probably because she knew I regretted that from day one... Go ahead uber goober, sleep in your truck.!

So Kimmy, I ask a couple of things from you NOW!!! 1) did you find your USB cable? I need that picture of our hunky regional vp... (jeff gordon look a like) 2) I need to know how your job is going ?3) how are the kids? 4) school? 5) Dick and the baby? then some things for you... 1) I still haven't heard from "Robin S" - do you think the letter was ever received??? (one of the many things I will always ponder, I suppose.) 2) I can't email you from work because they always come back undeliverable.. (websense?) perhaps! definately "big Brother" 3) The air conditioner is already on in our office space....burrrrrr.. My heater is still going.. I'm so glad that's not my electric bill to pay!

I miss you like crazy, I can't sit in the fishbowl all day talking to bre and Jen(they're good sounding boards but really young!), the others will be upset. though who give a rats patootie anyway.... luv ya! :-)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meeting of the minds!

We met with Little S & S 4 b this afternoon. We told him our expectations and why we were less than enthused about their pending nuptials. We bought ourselves at the very minimum of 6 months. Well, it's a start. We told him that we wanted to see S continue school, she's been very focused up until now, he agreed. We want them to go through "couples counseling" especially after all the crap he has pulled and all the issues, mind games and bullshit, he agreed, "anything to prove to you I'm willing to do what it takes to make S happy" Whatever, This kid is good... I mean really good. He could make a Sinking man buy an anchor, hes' so good.

I did most of the talking . Hubby is dealing with the fact that his heart is breaking. (she asked him to walk her down the aisle, he said no he couldn't in good faith do this task.) This is not a good match, fit, situation. (hubby was 22 when he married for the first time... reliving a bit of history, yes, I suppose you could say that, and well... it's a life experience) I asked how his parents felt.. after a bit of himming and hawwwwing.. I believe they feel the same way as we do... they're not even 20 yet!!! Plus that S called his mom a "whore" a month ago, this is just not good.

This is not how I envisioned my daughter's life as an adult, starting out. I figured she finish school, then after she got herself established in her field, she find a wonderful person that would love her and her daughter. But NOOOOO . She so fricking stupid.. as we're talking this afternoon, she's rolling her eyes at some of the things I said.. OK rolling the eyes is not a sign of maturity little girl~~~~ sitting on my hands to keep from wringing her neck!~~~~ then they left. My take on the whole thing...They are too young, too immature, and too stupid about LIFE to be doing such a thing as getting married.

I do admire the fact he admitted he made poor choices...however, that's what I wanted to hear...and he knew it, like I said sinking man...anchor.

We told him though, seeing is believing. I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We're at the hump at least!

It’s a semi nice day out there today. Why do I have to be locked up in this small square, I like to call my home away from home? I’m seriously procrastinating today! I have to work on this God-awful report, I don’t want to do it. But it will be something that will be a daily mandatory thing… I’m trying to figure it out the steps for this thing. Yes, I have instructions, but, these instructions were written by “corporate people”, so they are basically “clear as mud” WTF?

I’d rather be doing this (dream scene)… Going to Target, I love target and shopping so anytime I can help the economy..., buying an Ipod, download a mess of songs and go to the park and walk off all this frustration I am feeling. (back to real life) Why am I feeling frustrated? Go Grab yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and lets talk! No, really, I know partly why I’m feeling this frustration as do you, dear readers. The other part is just plain Spring Fever, and I just don’t want to sit in my office today.

I want to go on a road trip and I want to be going by myself. Therefore the only person I would be responsible is…MYSELF…novel concept huh? Where would I go? Hummmm First, North, than East, or better yet, jump on a plane and go to Minnesota, Why Minnesota, you ask? Mall of America, over 400 stores? Hell yeah! I could shop my way out of this restlessness I’m feeling! HUMMM how about Atlantic City? I’ve always wanted to go! Coney Island perhaps? Oh yeah I’ve got it now!!! GREECE and sun myself with all of the beautiful people!!! Then I’d trip over to Italy to visit a Germaine de Capuccini salon and buy European Skin Care products and see is if somehow we’d be related. (could happen) I would have to go to Chicago and find myself a BEAR!!! I’ve got a couple in particular I’d like to find! I know it’s not BEAR season, but it is CUB season, almost.

Oh here’s an update. Little S just called to tell me she and S 4 B are getting married.. NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! Trying to keep my composure, I’m not mad really, I’m really disappointed that she feels this is the only option for her. She’s not a loser, she’s very smart,(expect where s 4 b is involved) and very, very pretty. I asked her why so soon especially after everything that has happened between the two of them. She said that since she knows we hate him, and we wont help with the wedding that they’ll just go to the court house and do it.. Hum.. I then told her that she would then be losing her car, her phone and my mom will no longer be paying for daycare for baby K… “you’re going to take my car away?” yup! Then came my motherly advice on marriage. (going in one ear and out the other) “Marriage is hard enough, then throw into the mix.. money issues, the fact neither on of you have a car, phone, or JOB! You had a plan, you were focused and now…it just seems as though you want to piss it all away.” I told her that I would like to see her hold off until after she finishes school, which will be in about 6 months, go to counseling, (they might listen to a counselor)”you’ll pay for counseling, mom?” YUP! And then you’ll have my blessing. If you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together, then what’s 6 more months?
A marriage made in hell to be sure!

and how was your day?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I just had to share!!!!

This is what the moon looked like tonite! Just slightly peering through the trees... It's going to be a beautiful sunrise in the morning!!!!
just someting pretty to look at!..We tend to take things like this for granted.. so I thought I'd share!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


When did Little S become such a complete flipping idiot? For the last oh...what 1o months, she's been doing o.k. without S for B's (shit for brains)... she's been as civil as she can be to this kid. who has used her to the fullest...All we ever wanted was for them to get along for the sake of baby K...What happened this weekend is just more than I can bare...or bear. hearing nonni's heart breaking a little bit... the seeing the steam coming out of her ears because she's pissed off!..
S 4 B apparently had, as he called a BREAK THROUGH. and needed to see little S right then and 4 in the morning..standard M.O. for s 4 B, how ever, I was not awake, didn't know, didn't hear, until, I heard little S's car start at 7 in the morning...Where the hell is she going? "I'm taking s 4 b (no, she doesn't know this term) home." Why? and Why was he here?...hearing the phone being handed over to someone else...oh hell no, I don't want to talk to him...Hello, Ann? I just want to apologize for everything that's happened. stunned, my reply, and they don't get anybetter than this, for me at 7am..."o.k." So, dear friends, you know where this shit is going ....Yup, there back together...shaking my head and thinking about the hundreds of dollars spent on a really good lawyer...I'll just add this to the long list of money ill spent on s 4 b's...Really the money has nothing to do with it much..only he comes to this relationship with...NADA! I've tried talking to S but it only seems to fall on deaf ears..after all what do I know about ASS HOLE ex-BOYFRIENDS...???? well, how about they're an EX for a reason! silently giving a high five to any one strong enough to walk away from a crappy relationship...when you know your heart is telling you something completely different from your head! I just shudder to think she has just signed up for the long haul on a completely fucked up relationship! I know, I know ... after my last couple of entries....I know..I've set the bar.. He's a taker.. and she deserves to be treated like a queen, She will be the one making the money, she'll be doing it all...but... live and learn.. I'm trying really hard no to pry, push or generally do anything that will push them further together... I wonder what his parents think, especially after little S called his mom a "fucking whore?"..hum... Oh I can see the holiday dinners now... LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! She's not coming clean with too much information.. but I know at this point I've pretty much lost her...Unfortunately she'll be learning the hard way!!! I can't say, I didn't warn her... and I just can't believe what an idiot she is being...

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It was soooo nice this weekend, I had to take the weekend off from blogging! I know, it should be the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before I go to me, I think of my blogging friends endlessly! So with that said...I will be back in rare (or boring) form Tomorrow...I just wanted you guys to know I didn't fall off the face of the earth , and I miss you bunches!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My thoughts for a Thursday....

I love it when I can come home and the t.v. is OFF, and all the adults, or children, for that matter are off doing their own thing leaving NONI (me)and Baby K to play! Well, as much as a 10 month old and a 44 year old can play. We've spent the last hour playing "isty bitsy spider" * which she is clearly getting the grasp of* and she can't tell me "Noni, you can't sing so good"(cuz Noni couldn't carry a a bucket) and then we just sat in "baby central" =Baby central used to be our dining room before the remodel=I had the video camera on her for about 40 minutes, she went from toy to drawer to toy to riding toy to bouncing toy to drawer -where she continues to pull out , oh lets see everything, yet again.- to toy vacuum cleaner to little drum set, just having a blast. She was (baby) talking to herself the whole time! Then she found it... the bead necklace she got at chuck E. Cheese. that what hilarious! Tried and tried as might, she just couldn't get that thing over her head and around her neck, a good thing I'm sure... but the Stubborn Italian Blood in her, wouldn't let her give up! Atta girl.. K!!! this will be the last little bit of time I get to spend with her before she goes to "S 4 B's " tomorrow. We have a lot of fun!

Do you ever wonder how life would be if there we're no phones? It's now 9:16pm... and the phone just rang, not the kids' cell phones but the house phone...excuse me, but didn't we have a no calls after 9 pm rule? I guess I missed the memo, recanting that rule!

Kimmy. I think my computer is going to take a powder again.!!! It's acting really funky... gee could it be someone's myspace mucking up my processor? I'm thinking LAP TOP, locked in my room with no access available by a 13 year old!!! your opinion please?

Apparently, my office is the "red headed" step-child of the company. My boss shot me an Email the other day asking about a corporate wide procedure, you know the email... "are you on board with this?" Unfortunately, my only response was... "on board with what?" Apparently I didn't get the memo about this new procedure. Too many people at the top, directing the show. I'm on board now!!! HEll, I'm so on board, the equipment isn't even at my location yet and I've got all the data, ready to roll! My boss loves me ... I hope! worried brow is forming!

I am so not a country music person, by any means, but I just bought the Rascal Flatts CD.. OMG!!!! Really, Really, Good! Track 3 is about what would happen if you played a country song backwards.. you get your dog back, you get your best friend jack, back. it's really a catchy little ditty, you have to hear it to appreciate... I bought it for track 2, in case anyone cared! it reminds me of someone.

DUKE lost! Sorry Coach K. you can't win every year, apparently this was the first UPSET of the day... Normally, I've taken the Portable tv to work with me to listen to the games.. but since Pacific' s not in it this year, the tv will continue to collect dust in the corner until Pacific's back in the saddle-or on the court. Next year will work for me!

Fundraisers, Fundraisers, Fundraisers! It seems as soon as one is over another one starts! little G is working on a "school wide " fundraiser, and next fund raiser will be for her Washington DC trip next October! I don't even get a break, between My Children and Grandchildren, as soon as little G is out of the fundraiser age... Little Little G (the other granddaughter almost 2) will just be about starting's a vicious cycle, but Noni loves her kids... so, what the hell, it's only money and I can't take it with me.

did you hear about the Pizza Parlor in NY that makes a $1,000.00 pizza? Good Lord. I heard about it on Bob and Tom this morning! Comments about it can not be repeated, Then I heard about it on another Radio Station... cavier, lobster tail, Yuck!!! on Pizza. That's just wrong! Any time your out in my area...,I've got a Pizza place for you! Too die for and considerably less than $125.00 a slice! But with a 125.00 we could have one helluva time!

And speaking of one helluva a good you'll just have to wait until next time....

Hey, if your in a variable rate mortgage, it' best to jump ship on that loan now.!!!! Rate are rising everyday and people are losing their homes... because some moron at the mortgage broker's office told them they could afford 2500.00 a month on a house payment... hum,,, that at the 1% interest for the first 2 years... what does one do when that 1% jumps to 8 or 9%? shuddering just thinking about it, yet relieved, it's not me. we just refi'd but the payment is no where near 2500.00/month...

my computer is just pissing me off now, so rather than continue to be annoyed, I will bid you all, my friends, a restful night and rocking friday!!!! Scads of emotions to all of you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I love a good Walk!!!

I gave up 10 pounds for lent(someone else can have those 10 ten pounds, I'm tired of them!)... I've got 6 more to go! I walked 3 miles today! I walked with my sister, who walks slightly slower than a run. My right calf is tightening up and I'm sure I will wake up with a charlie horse in the wee hours of the morn. I feel the burn and it's feels great!!!

This is a much happier post that my last one!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Friday, March 09, 2007

I finally did it!!!! I totally amaze myself sometime!!!

Yes, I am technology challenged, but I am tenacious soul to say the least. And it is this stuborn streak that has finally allowed me to download stupid music to my stupid mp3 player!!!! yippee fricking skippee!!!

Yes, I have downloaded music that could only be found on my cassette tapes (no, I didn't say 8 track) that are sitting somewhere in my house. The list is comprised of ... My Moody Blues, Peter, Paul, and Mary,(not that I am THAT old) Kenny Loggins, Lonestar, Elton John, Genesis, and a wide aray of artists that they just happened at a good time in my life, Songs that remind me of Rob, Songs that remind me of when I met my husband. stirring memories of even the stupid things of years ago...No, Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, have not made the list...just yet, anyway. That's for a whole other mood!

But I am excited and glad I am not a complete idiot! If there is a book MP3 Players for Dummies... Well, you know the author had me in mind at the time! Now it's time to move up in the world a get an MP3 Player that has a humongus amount of memory...Oh I'm sure the technical term would include bytes either mega or giga...(i know one is more than the other as for spelling...whatever!!!) Not bad for this "cool Nonni"


It seems to happen every year. Open enrollment (Insurance benefits) comes and goes and low and behold there is always 1 knucklehead who comes into my office and wants to know 1)when open enrollment is and 2) why weren't they notified? Today was no exception.
Our open enrollment is the last week in January and first week in February. I get "OPEN ENROLLMENT" posters and post them in the most obvious location...TIME CLOCK...There is newsletters that go out starting in early December and just about every other week until the end of open enrollment, another clue? How about the big white envelope that states in BOLD BLUE letters.. open enrollment materials enclosed... but I digress...
Still shaking my head...
Now with that all out, I'm sitting in my office this morning trying to down my first in what could be 3 or 4 cups of coffee...~smiling at the thought of coffee~ and in walks one of my drivers, who wanted to know when open enrollment was..
Open enrollment was 2 weeks ago...
So I have two more weeks to enroll?
No, it ended two weeks ago.
Oh, how come no one told me?
There was a sign by the time clock...
oh, I didn't see it...
taking a really deep breath as it's 6 am and I'm not in the mood to deal with stupidity, it's Friday after all.
It's been posted over the time clock for a month. it's not just on a piece of 8x10 paper.
yes, but i wanted to make changes, because they are charging me too much for my insurance, I wanted to pay the same amount that everyone else is paying, why can't I change...
Because open enrollment is over with, what will happen is, everything will roll over into the same plan you had.Do you know what plan you have?
Do you have your insurance card with you?
But it's too much money, I don't want to pay that much money...
I'm thinking to myself this man has a lucrative business on the side and he's not dumb, but right now he's the I don't speak English so well and I don't understand so well and I'm getting angry because he's playing that "conveniently stupid" card. which annoys the bejesuses out of me. Tell me you f-ed up, I'll respect that.But don't play stupid. head is spinning around.....
this went on for about 10 minutes as to why he is stuck with the plan he had bottom line, he didn't take care of his own business. I finally conceded that I would contact the powers that be and see what he is paying.
So I went to his supervisor's office and told him the conversation.. SUPERVISOR ROLLS HIS EYES
sO as it ended, he'll need to contact the3rd party administrator to try to plead his case... Good luck dude!
And how was your day!!!????

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 3 and baby K is still sick....

It's day 3 of the flu for baby K and now Little S has awoken with the creeping crap! Great...Too big BABIES, sick... unfortunately for Little S. She is learning the hard way that once you become the mommy... you don't get to get sick and have loved ones wait on you. So little S went to her classes this morning and I put baby K to bed...She's sooo exhausted, she 's sleeping with her eyes semi opened. Which is a bit... creepy. I went in to check on her, and saw the one eye opened and panicked then rested my hand on her back to make sure she was still breathing.. morbid, I know but...She's so very sick.

Since baby K was sleeping I thought I would give it another whirl, and try to figure out this stupid F-ing MP3 player I have. OK, at this point, I'm thoroughly convinced at this point I am too fucking old to have one. Can't figure it out.. No, I can get the 2 songs loaded on there to play,( I just don't know how I loaded them in the first place, dumb luck I suppose) and I can hook it up with the computer, so I guess I'm not a complete idiot, however, the whole downloading of music is beyond my comprehension apparently. I must be part of the UNCOOL sector.. oh well. OH hell, Can I have another Malibu and pineapple juice please? May be that will help! But I did find this great Streaming radio station(don't ask me how, cuz I don't have a clue) and they're playing all kinds of 70's music! Groovy Marcia!"

I heard from Kimmy yesterday! She is sooo loving the decisions she has made of late. She said that the truck was so full, going on some of the terrain, it appeared as though the poor truck was going to take a topple. But, they made it safe and sound. She met her bosses on Tuesday, and well, she's found that he is alot like her old boss... same birthday even! He's from Maui too, which is where she is from. so there is alot in common. She has this incredible home that sits on the side of a hill....
Life is good. She'll officially start her new job on Thursday and the kids will start school on Monday. I'm not sure if hubby will be starting his job soon, or just play house husband and work on the "home business" they have. At any rate, She's good and we miss her bunches.

work isn't the same without her... I can't go to her office and say something like..."If I'm human resources, how come, I'm always the last fricking person to know what is going on?" or " he said, I'm not telling you to sugar coat things, for her ...... my thought is "yes you f-king are, you moron, you like her in her skin tight pants... " and then we would talk smack on these two idiots and well, I'd feel better and my language would f-king be more appropriate. Well, I could actually go into her office but I don't hink her replacement would appreciate my thoughts. And I suppose it's better to just blog as much as I can. I'm sure theres alot of you out there that work with idiots!??
Can I get an AMEN?

Oh I didnt tell you ... the other day a co-worker sent out an e-mail... titled, CAN I GET ARRESTED, I wasn't sure what to expect, though I was pretty sure, it was going to be something on the suggestive side...OH BABY!!! BEEFCAKE CALENDER of cops..OMG!!! Given my position at work , 1) I should have known better than to have opened it at work, 2)I should have just forwarded it to my home email 3) once I did open it I should have made sure I wasn't drooling incase someone walked in... Oh well, as luck would have it, in walks one of my mechanics just to pop in and say good morning! GADS, I was so embarressed and then I couldn't even look at him the rest of the day without turning beet red. Even now when he brings it up, and he does, just to get my reaction...I'm blushing like fricking crazy. But it did make my day! And I think February is now my favorite month!!!! ;-)

I know my blog for the day is a bit boring... but I feel incredibly better, Thanks!

Monday, March 05, 2007


I seriously love when I have productive days! Then when I sit on my tushie and dig into a really good book ,I don't feel so .... guilty. Though, I shouldn't anyway, I work very hard and we all deserve a little "down" time!

The follow up to baby K, in case you were wondering, S for B took her to the DR and apparently she now has strep throat. Which he proceded to tell Little S, Baby K got it at daycare. She's now, back on Amoxocilin...I have mixed feelings about Kaiser and this whole situation. Baby K is feeling well and that's the important thing. But again I have to say. He's taken her to the Dr everytime he's had her, he's fishing for something, what, who knows. He has an agenda.

So with Baby K "illin" Little S had to go to school, so I stayed home with her for until Little S got out of school (12 noon)... It was a georgeous day today, warm and sunny, I wasn't sure as it was almost too warm this morning ... you know the kind of warmth that is followed by rain?.. When S came home, it was really hard to go to work and sit in my office looking out at the sun, and not be able to "play".. but I was productive and got stuff done, and departed my splended work home, until tomorrow.

So feeling Inspired by Mistress of the Darkness and her new fitness regien, I had to not let the opportunity go by to enjoy what was left of this beautiful day. There is a park near by my house that is exactly a mile around from start to finish. I bundled up baby K and little G as Little S had to study.... and we went for a walk!!! It felt good to get the blood going. However, I like to walk at a pace that is not quite running, and G likes to go the pace of a turtle! She goes even slower with the stroller and a whiney baby. I'll whip 'em in shape!

We walked the park in less than 15 minutes, I was up for another round but... there were ducks to be looked at. NOTE TO SELF, NEXT TIME BRING BREAD CRUMBS FOR DUCKS.
We were home within 45 minutes, then I cleaned the patio... I MEAN CLEANED!!!!! re-potted the plant that I think is half dead, from the frost, cleaned out the ice chest from november, I found 3 diet pepsi's and 3 bottles of water and 1 capri sun! moved the wood from one place on the patio to the wood pile, cuz I'm not thinking it's not going to be raining anytime soon, swept the patio, threw away crap that needed to be thrown away, I was a mover and shaker... I love winter, it's my favorite season, however, I've got spring fever something bad!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Rants and Ponderings for a Saturday!

Do you ever wonder why we remember certain dreams and others we don't? I've read that supposedly we dream every nite. I don't buy it. Either I'm a too Sound of a Sleeper or too light a sleeper ??? who knows.. But I had a dream on Thursday nite about the grocery store I used to work at some... 20 years ago.. (fading into the dream mode)I was still there, it was in "now" time, and I was still working with some of the same new faces...except one... the one that I told off.. I had gone upstairs to carry down the #86 bags.. (the large paper bags) and this guy told me no, I couldn't take them down... Why? we need them down on the floor... he told me no again.... well this went on for some time.... finally I told him...excuse me but apparently you don't know who I am, do you? (where did that come from?) Ok So my sister, who is STILL there and she's going on close to 30 years now... was my boss in the dream and in real life at the store too? but few knew we were sisters, as we don't resemble each other at all, but I would never have thrown a, you don't know who your messing with type of stuff out, it's just not me...or maybe it is...

I spoke with Kimmy Yesterday morning!!! They had a few setbacks on their first day of a new life...1 the Uhaul was tooooooo small, 2) Landlady of the house they were leaving wanted to charge them $300.00 to clean the carpets. 3) the Flu 4)emotions, scads and scads of emotions...well thanks to her ex-brother in law, he hauled away 5 truck loads of "stuff" I'm not sure where it went, but I know it broke Kim's heart to have to get rid of so much more stuff. 2) Kim's an cantankerous gal and she went back and forth with said landlady, til said landlady and Kim agreed to split the cost down the middle for a professional cleaning-though she had already spend $200. to used the steam cleaner herself. 3) She's feeling better though I doubt too much, if she's got the flu everyone's got. 4)she's a emotional gal too... so I just wont go there. Luv ya kim!! They should be pulling into their destination tonite as she starts her new job on Monday!

Baby daddy, or S for B (shit 4 brains) has baby K this weekend. He just called Little S and told her that Baby K is throwing up and he's rushing her to the doctor, It's saturday nite guy, jeez....he wanted to know if she'd been sick or throwing up, spitting up, etc, anything like that recently. HUMMM NO, maybe that should tell him something? (I am a evil old broad) But let's recap... He's had her for 4 overnights in the last 8 weeks and guess what... he's taken her to the DR each time?! Baby K is going to have the fear of DRs in her if he doesn't stop this crap off! They were supposed to go to the beach today... that's a two hour drive... perhaps baby get's car sick? you let the formula go bad? could be anything really, but do you really need to rush her to the DR? Good Grief no wonder our insurance rates are so high.

I know most of my Blogging friends are Democrats, and that's o.k. you think your way and I chose to think the my way, really that's what makes the world go around...But Little G was sharing with me what her teachers (liberals) we're saying, I'm just hoping she was taking things out of context... I was blown away with the Hatred a teacher was showing our president. Yes, he's less than steller and I believe he's made some seriously bad decisions, but, shouldn't that be for every individual to decide for themselves? I can't remember any of my teachers coming out and talking about Nixon that way. I think it bothers me so much because she really thinks the world of this teacher and I don't feel it's her place to talk Politics like that.

The FRIENDS OF BOB AND TOM are coming to town again! Tickets went on sale at 10am yesterday.... I was on line at 10 am and have 3rd row seat! I got the tickets in the mail today! What service! This is Mother's day and my Birthday present from my sister!! NOW I gotta Wait!

It was a beautiful day I took full advantage of it too! My car is sparkling inside and out... it was a 2hour car wash! Tires and wheels also had my full attention! I guess in the grand scheme of things Today was a great day! And how was your Saturday?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hey! Did You Hear The One About...

The Baseball player?????
Listening to Mike & Mike in The Morning = ESPNII, they told the story of a NON ROSTERED player, I believe somewhere within the Dodger Organization,(I was still in semi sleepy mode.) bought a home in Massachusetts, as a second home, investment.. They, (contractors?) were digging around the grounds and found that this home was sitting on Shale -a fissile rock that is formed by the consolidation of clay, mud, or silt, has a finely stratified or laminated structure, and is composed of minerals essentially unaltered since deposition ... apparently lots and lots.. they said the worth of the Shale is to be about 2 billion, yes, BILLIONDOLLARS! Not bad for a guy who's not even on the roster! I heard it on Mike and Mike ... so it's gotta be true!