Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can you frickin believe this????

Welp, I finally got my car back from the Kia Dealership last Saturday after they had it for the last 2 weeks! They have fixed my little vehicle! Yeah!!!!! I was very happy that I could pick it up last Friday... the final bill....$25.00!!! Kia took care of everything else! New Radiator, new fan blades, new head gasket, they worked on my cylinders and the 25 bucks was for the new spark plugs that were replaced! Cool!.. I get into my little car and wow what a difference from, the last time I drove it! Check engine light sensor...NOT ON!!! cool deal! I made sure that they knew if that little sensor light came on again they would see me very soon! They said no problem, we'll be here! Cool deal! I leave the dealership smiling like I was driving away a brand new car!!!!!! I was so happy to have my little Kia back... then it happened... I'm on the "5" on my way to Sacramento, on Sunday nite... yes, a day and a half later and look down at the dash... and guess what...Yep you got it.. the Check engine sensor is shining brightly at me!!!!! DAMN!!!! Thought they got it right this time! Apparently not... Needless to say... my little Kia will be visiting them again..... and again, until they get it right.! They've been great to say the least and I think they know I'm not the average "female car owner" I try to speak with them intelligently when I do speak with them, and not in some sort of "I'm a blonde" type of fashion! I'll keep you updated!
Have you ever heard of the word. TURBID? I'm doing this new thing ... I go to the Websters word of the day and learn a new word. One day last week the word was Turbid... you know...Muddy, unclear..... think about it, it sounds... like the perfect work for unclear.... Muddy, if you will. I have actually now used this word a couple of times in describing some people .... hum.... plus it just never hurts to learn something new.... correct???
I recently completed a 14 hour CAL/OSHA training course! It was very intense and very informative..... we as Californians, though have to take everything to the extreme! Human Resources in California is a hoot, to say the least!
Little S started her externship as a Medical Assistant last week. Needless to say she has been to 4 different places... the first two because they found out she was pregnant ( I guess these perticualr Dr. 's offices didn't allow this condition... however illegal it is) and then she went to another place and the Dr yelled at her the first day....hummmmmmm I tried to tell her that Dr.s think of themselves slightly higher than God...she left after the second day... then she started at another place and absolutley loves it! loves the Dr., staff and the patients...One guy today told her... "you're the pretty blonde, my son told me about." That did it..... She's hooked!
Little G is now officially in the 8th grade...Lord, have mercy on my soul.... she's becoming quite the teenager.... it's funny to watch... and it's funny because she's acting like little S... Little S just denies this fact and shakes her head! too funny!!!!!
Baby K started a new day care last week as well..... Did I tell you she got kicked out of the other one... for bitting? GADS! Oh well, she's got a stubborn this a bad thing?????

Friday, August 03, 2007

All Is Well In Ann's World!!! (I think!)

My home computer took a dump again.. Every time I pull the Laptop out of the case I have Little G looking over my shoulder asking to go on to her MYSPACE. Sorry not gonna happen on my computer...
"go to one of your friend's houses and use their computer..."
Her reply... "most of them don't have a computer, which is why they come over and use ours..."
My Reply... "That sucks, man"
(have I mentioned ever, I don't like Whiners?)
Me: " sorry Kiddo, I told you, not to do the whole MYSPACE thing which is probably the reason we have a virus,... yet again, and your not using the laptop"
G: " That sucks, when I get my laptop, I'm not letting you use it!"
Me: "Groovy, Marcia- but I will survive"
then I get the "look"
I think I'm over my depression, well, at least I'm functioning again, I don't cry when I walk down the coffee Isle at the grocery store.. How sad it that, anyway?
I think I have pulled my sh*t together and wont completely lose my mind and I am in control of my emotions. I think that was the hardest thing for me to admit to was I was not in control of my emotions. *what was that about anyway?* and I have told people in my life that I was not happy with their treatment of me. *smiling thinking about how good that felt*
Currently however, I am having an issue with my little Kia Car... it's broke, dead if you will.... the fan blades broke off and went through my radiator, well isn't that just flipping great! So, it's at the dealership, I dislike dealing with dealership maintenance managers... they seriously blow...*frowning at the thought of him...* The fan issue is a factory recall, but then "uber manager" came up with 2 of my 4 cylinder valves were bad... Great... now because of the warranty they want to see service records... Hello...???? Ann, "idiot extraordinaire" that I am, tossed them... and now I have to prove to them that I maintain my vehicle properly. OH BROTHER!!!!! The fan issue is actually covered at this point however, not the cylinder issue... Time for a new car??? GADS!
On top of everything else, now this...I'm smiling, I'm laughing, I'm not going to let this get to me... If I can still drive it for a couple more years, it will all be good! Andrea, I know you know about car issues... this really blows! My car is only 5 years old and I seriously don't abuse it...But just another little obstacle one must hurdle.
And how are you guys doing?