Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Need Your Help!

How do I change my template to something less.... UGLY!??
Advice please!

Dishing on Barbie! Ok I want to be Barbie that Bitch has everything!!

OK, I've told you about my daily experience at the gym, I love the gym! My Co-worker, Vick, and I go every morning Monday-Friday, from 5am to roughly 6am. We look like every other woman in there at that time of the morning. One eye open, no make up, and just generally happy to be functioning in the vertical position. (I usually am totally awake 5 minutes into the elliptical)
Our after workout conversations are usually kudos on a good workout and relief that some skinny, skanky "Barbie" isn't there to annoy us just by being.
Oh were we so very wrong! Along about day 3 it happened. In she walked, Barbie, Bitch, she's about 5ft 8 & has not an ounce of fat on her, Barbie make up was perfect, Barbie Hair ,only to complement the perfect Barbie work out clothes! Oh and should I mention she drives a brand new Barbie Jeep, Bitch!
Normally, I try, to find 1 positive thing, rather than all negative things about people. Nope not gonna happen with this Barbie! She walks in the gym with her perfect little pointed Barbie nose in the air, almost with an air of arrogance. Whatever, I'm having trouble finding something positive about her. Jealous you say??? No, I don't think so, Why you Ask...Give me another 6 months at the gym, 4 More inches of height, and I too, can be Barbie! Now,Where's Ken????

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow, Me? A Sports Injury?

Since last year, if not longer, I have been on this new regiment of diet and exercise. I was tired of getting clothes in the "tent department" * well, not really that bad *But I did think it was time that I pull my head out of the "I can't lose weight syndrome" and really get serious about it. Funny thing is... IT FREAKIN' WORKS! Diet and Exercise, who knew!
I am now down about 40 pounds and can jog 3 miles,(where before I couldn't even jog for 3 minutes) and go to "spinning" class at the gym and not fall too far behind the rest on that dreaded stationary bike. So far this has come with little or no incidence, until NOW!
I woke up in the middle of the nite, last week with what appeared to be a "Charlie Horse" I'm cool with that, I got up and stretched my right calf, cuz it's always my right calf, and went back to sleep. I didn't think it too strange to wake up with the memory of what I experienced during the night but it was normal and I could forge on. I continued my morning routine at the gym, my calf would become less tight as I moved and stretched it, and tighten up a little after a long day. Still, I thought the worst was over...notice I said THOUGHT?
I was rushing to my car yesterday after work and just as my right foot hit the pavement I felt it... POP! I practically fell to the ground in extreme pain, but I tuffed it in my car and got home as quick as I begin the Ice and Heat treatment..I'm not a fan of the ice treatment... burr but i do love the heating pad! Did it help? a little, did I go to the gym this am ? Absofrickinglutely! Did I do my normal Gym type stuff? Oh HELLL no and I hated every part of it...
I am resting my calf and not running and holding the walking even to a minimum...Damn, I'm perplexed as to what I did wrong to warrent such a situation, I'm not a jock nor do I pretend to be one... but wow! a sports more thing on my "been there done that list!"

And how was your day?

Monday, May 19, 2008

OK I'll Try This One More Time!!! BITCH,BITCH, BITCH!

Hey All!
I have one question, can anyone answer this for me? WHY THE BLOODY HELL DOES THE WORLD DECIDE WHEN MOM SITS DOWN AT THE DAMN COMPUTER; THAT'S THE TIME TO TALK, ASK QUESTIONS AND IN GENERAL BUG THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF MOM? You know the only reason mom sat down in the first place was because everyone was doing their own thing and in general leaving mom alone!!! GADS!!!
If you notice the dates on my last entry versus the date on my newest entry you will see that approximately 3 months have past!!! 3 MONTHS!!!!
OMG!!! I have no clue who's doing what in my blogging families' lives! I miss my blogging buddies, you've kept me sane believe it or not!
The minute I sit down at the computer : it's like a magnet, BAM! "Hi mom, whatcha doing?"" can you watch the babies for a minute, while I have a life?" "Hon, how was your day?" jeez, which would be great 'cept these conversation start the minute the laptop is opened! Close down the laptop, and it's "oh I guess you were trying to blog,' or "Oh, I guess, I wont bother you, cuz your blogging" "What's good on the email front" 30 minutes people that's all I ask!!!! 30 minutes.!!
All is good right now... one kid is going to sleep, the spouse has just come out of the room one more time...looking annoyed at me.. I'm pretty much used to that; and little S is trying to get the baby to sleep.!!!! Sleep! AW SLEEP!!! Baby K has been out for the last 3 hours!!!! Which is Good!
Something I must do as 430am comes pretty darn quick especially since it's 10:30!!! Any way folks, I'm back and I will try to be a better blogger!!! I do however, need some cooperation!!!!!
Yeah, I know, good luck with that!!!!