Sunday, April 22, 2007

Barbara, I owe you!!!!

My friend Barbara tagged me to do this game. Only it was weeks ago and with another tag... it invovled food.... but I never got around to the challenge... The was challenged and since she didn't tag me or anyone else... I tagged myself... though ANTHONY your in the clear... I wont tag you...;-)but I bet you have quite the reading material, at your place!!!

4 books that I read as a child :

I hated reading as a kid, but I do remember...
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Stone Soup
Amelia Bedelia
... sorry can't come up with a 4th

4 authors that I will read and re-read :

1. Janet Evanovich
2. Stephen King
3. Janet Chapman
4. Connie Mason

4 authors whose books I would not buy or borrow any more .

Sorry, I'm drawing a blank here.

4 books that I would take on a deserted island :
1. Janet Evanovich's HARD EIGHT...this is in the Stephanie Plum series, I believe this is the book where Stephanie and Ranger "get busy" for the first time... I love a man who wears all black and is overly confident.
2. Janet Chapman's CHARMING THE HIGHLANDER...OH MY GAWD this book is what got me hooked on the Higlander books! Stupid, I bought the book for the cover...log cabin in the woods and it was snowing..but OMG, they were getting busy in the first 2 chapters and continued all the way through....
3. Stephen Kings, THINNER... I couldn't put it down and when I was done, I re-read it.
4. Jane Blackwood's THE SEXIEST DEAD MAN ALIVE. while they didn't "get busy" in the first two chapters... they "got busy" just enough!!!

The first 4 books on my “ to read list “ :
ANYTHING REALLY!!! however, I have quite a stack I need to get through now.

The 4 last words of one of my favorite books :
"sport I could enjoy"

and since you have seen what I've been can pretty much guess what that sport is!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I know it's been too long... and No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth I went on a road trip!

Hello dear friends!
I trust all is well with my blogger familia!? The fam and I went on a little road trip this past week.! It was very nice... beach, beach, beach. Though I have come to find out (though I have always known) hubby doesn't listen to me... he'd ask me a question then dismiss me...ME? can you believe that.?? oh well, his loss I suppose! It was nice not being at home and having maid service and not having to worry about anything really.....We hit Aptos, Sausilito (sp?)Stinson Beach, Half Moon Bay and to the wine Country which in itself if fairly ironic since we had 1) little G and 2) neither of us drink wine...hummmmm. but all in all it was a fine time.. throwing you vacation photos... The toes, are mine, relaxing in the sand(no one thinks about taking my pix...I'm not too unfortunate looking, really.) so I have to take my own photo!!! :-) so what if its of my feet.! enjoy!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

You know I don't ususally like to post my kids pictures...but baby K was soo damn cute!!! she loved the Easter Bunny!!!!
Nonni just had to share!!! xxxooo to you all!!

Easter Images from

Easter wishes to you all, my blogging family!

You guys are the best! I never want a day to go by without you knowing how much you all mean to me!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

wow... am I really this unhappy???

I just went back to a few entries that I never posted... they all started the same way...stop this ride I want off!!!

That's not the way to start an entry... so, I've been kind of quiet lately. Laying low, perhaps? I started this blog to 1) meet new friends..Anthony, Pendullum, Andrea, My Goth man.. and 2) help blow some steam. But as of late, it all seems so negative. I'm not a negative person, I do believe however, I have let myself get sucked into the "abyss of negativity " I need to step back, re evaluate and throw them all out!!! Let's just say. I'm here. I'm alive, but I really am not a happy camper. I have some serious decisions to make in the next few weeks. Talking seems to fall on deaf ears and blame is always pointed away .... oh alright....I'll admit it....
MY FAMILY IS ALL SCREWED UP AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!! hee hee actually though that felt good!!!!! all is right with the world again!!! Now we can all go back to doing what we were doing before Mommy lost it!!!
Seriously though, this ostrich can't keep her head in the sand any longer.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change and the strength not to go "postal"on someones ass!

I bid you all sweet dreams! Nonni's pooped!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I F-ing did it?! for reals?

Well dear blogging friends! It's been hell these last few weeks. and I lost it completely today! I had such a fabulous day at work. Fairly productive for a Monday, even, I got most of what I needed to get done, done. then it happened, I left work to come home.

Why the hell did I come home? I come home to the same thing every day. Little S sitting on her little A.. baby K wanting to be held, and little G trying to make some sense of all this. hubby is in the kitchen doing the dishes slamming crap around because he is pissed off that his off-spring are not lifting a finger to help out around the house. given, I understand that, but All he does is mutter unnecessary comments under his breath.. and well, dear friends, I have had about all I can take. Little S needs Gas money... I asked her why she didn't get some from S 4 B since she had to go to Sacramento to pick up Baby K this weekend... well, then she and I got into it... "forget it then I don't want anything from you, I'm obviously a burden to you " ... blah blah blah... well, for the 3 time since she's been with Shit for Brains...I said Fine Get the Hell out! She got up and went into her room to start packing her clothes.. oh FUCK what did I just do... but then I tried to talk to her and she started in with you and dad think I am a bad mom, and this and that...... so after figuring out I had just given her the out she has wanted,.. I threw my hands up in the air.."I give the fuck up!, I am tired of walking around on egg shells and trying to be the fricking peace keeper around here- I'm out of here" grabbed my books for school and left.... did I grab any clothes?NO did I grab my make up? NO. What a dip shit!..Anyway, I have no idea where I'm going after school tonite. but I am surely not going home. Thank God mom is a few minutes away!

I needed to vent. It seems to fall on deaf ears around my house and everyone is always ready to blame the other person... This mom just wants off this crazy frickin ride... I bid you a good nite and a better Tuesday! Boy is my mom going to be surprised when I show up tonite... someone want to call her!?