Thursday, June 28, 2007

MY WiSH!!!

This is my wish for ... ME!!!!
A log cabin by the lake, it will have to "house" the following items;
1) A waterfall within an earshot of the cabin
2) An overstuffed king sized, 4 poster bed, with crisp clean linens
3) A fire place that takes up one wall of the cabin and of course the endless supply of wood
4) Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, cuz the bed can't see all the action!
5) A nice light wine ... Or bottle of Jack Daniels it doesn't matter, I still get "faced" either way.
6) Really good romantic music
7) A really large candle that will burn all night without me worrying about it
8) One very sweet and romantic Italian to make sure I don't worry about said candle.
9) Slipping off the radar for about ... hummm a really long time or until the 'spring thaw"
10) My dream to come true!

sweet dreams my friends!!! I think I just might!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I Love County Fairs!!!

I seriously love our county fair, each year they've brought in some really good bands! Where can you see an awesome band for a mere $8.00 a ticket? This year was no exception. Last year we took Granddaughter #1(little little G) to see STYX, she was as impressed as a 10 month old could be. This year we took Granddaughter #2 (baby K) to see REO Speedwagon.. the thing with K, she was a couple months older than Little Little G was and very much into Music! She's got the beat, my baby K. Of course it was the hottest stinking day so far of the summer but we survived!!!

Nonni and baby K anxiously awaiting for the concert to start!
REO Speedwagon rocked the place... however it was hotter than hell...112 degrees on stage... Kevin Cronan comes out wearing black leather pants Now I like a man in leather pants as much as the next girl..but damn, it was hot!

Baby K loved the concert and got to dance in the isle with a new friend, she had a blast!

So that was Opening day! There was the ususal Eddie Money, He's here every year. We also had weird Al , Starship with Mickey Thomas and this year, OMG Frankie Valli!!!!! I totally love Frankie Valli! Yes, you know How I feel about Italian men.. This man can still hit the high notes, I swear he surprised himself a couple of times!

Still as handsome as ever!!! just a little grey!

Back up singers were absolutely awesome!

No, really is this the last song? It was the best show I have seen in awhile!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey you guys! Thanks for caring! In recent days, weeks, it appears, I have sat down at my computer and found, I had nothing interesting to say, and what I did have to say, was not to positive nor anything that could be shared with complete strangers. This doesn't mean I'm calling my blogging buddies complete strangers, (God no, you guys are my Cyber family and I would tell you anything. and I am actually dying to tell you a couple of things, just not yet, however)it's the lookie loos who don't talk but, just read and go on... voyeurs I think is a good word for it. lets' see what can Ann share with her friends!

oh here's one! I learned to jet ski last weekend! And yes, I am totally hooked! I loved the speed, and the wind in my hair and just the rush. It reminds me of being on a motorcycle, before helmet laws came into effect. My little Kia is able to tow a jet ski, so that's not even an issue... right now, MONEY, and hummmm oh yeah Money is the issue. Just kind of a big investment, but I WILL have one by next summer for sure!
The fam went camping with a co-worker & family and some of their friends as well last weekend and got the best tan I have ever gotten! But my skin is so not very happy with me. Being the White girl I am, I'm not really one to tan very well, though one would think my Italian genes would kick in sometime, but, it's never been the case...So... I spf'd my face with Clinique's 40 and spf'd the rest of me with Cliniques 30. It seems extreme for this Cali-girl, however, I dread to think what my skin would've look like had I not taken these pre-cautions! (plus I want to look good when I'm 50!) I love camping but am always ready to go home by the last day, just to shower and sleep in my own bed!!!
I'm still in touch with my long lost love Rob! He's an amazing person. But that's all I'm gonna say. Plus you know I promised you, I would not mention him once I found him again. I'm so very glad I found him. Everyone should know someone like him! He is such a caring, compassionate person, I'm very lucky to have him back in my life! OK now, I'm done... I reserve the right to talk about him again, however! He makes me smile .... Alot!
I'm almost done with my H/R program I think I have 4 or 5 more weeks left! Thank God, there is this woman in the class that I would love to slap the living crap out of her every time she opens her mouth....Not too H/R-like is it? Yup, just a little bitter, oh my God I seriously think she annoys the hell out of everyone in the class. She's the kid in grammar school, who no doubt, asked for homework during Christmas Vacation!
I'm sorry, I've neglected you guys, for God, it looks like 3 weeks, I missed you guys alot. I'd come home from work and go back out and walk my 4 miles, yes, I'm up to 4 miles, and then I'd shower and fall into a dead sleep, then start the whole thing again...GADS, what a life for me...
Anyway... that's Ann's life. it's not a bad life, just busy! I'm glad I had a chance to breath tonite...but, by the look of the cyberclock, it's time for a shower and bed...or these days.... couch!!!
remember I love you guys! and again, Sorry for worrying you!!!!