Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 3 without Kimmy!!!! I think I'm gonna go postal!

O.K. Kim, you left and I have no one to bitch too! cuz today, man, I could have bitched big!!!!! Worse part, I can't even blog at work!!! And now, that I'm home, I can't blog about about work, cuz I'm not sure who else at work knows about my site, beside the normal people. So Kim... you've got one hell of an e-mail coming!!! but man, she is bugging the hell out of me and If she calls me one more time.....I may not be held accountable! I'm breathing deeply....1 breath in .... 2 breath out....I thought she knew how to do that job

The big plan for Kim... she, hubby, she lovingly refers to as Dick, 4 kids, 1 rabbit, possibly the rat, 1 Expedition, I'm sure jammed to the roof, and an too small, I'm sure, u-haul were to pull out of town for the final time... When I called her at 4:pm, she said yeah, like that's gonna happen.... the stress must have gotten to her at last. For they fell behind schedule, and she has the flu. Most of the Kids are with their dad in a neighboring town ( o.k. an hour & 1/2 away) and that leaves, her, Dick, 15 year old son and 2 year old "baby terror" to do all the finalized "stuff" before they left.!!! Well, they'll be leaving first thing in the morning now!

Miss Kim you leave behind some people who missed you like crazy and wish to hell we had the "balls" to do what your doing!!! and then, too, you leave behind some people, people, we wish we could leave behind!

You better call me when you get there!!!! And we're all waiting for pictures!!! OH yeah where's my picture of MR "you know who?"

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kimmy has left the building, next stop UTOPIA!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pack up all your kids, things, pets, hubby, quit your job and head for the unknown? That's exactly what my friend, Kimmy did! well, is doing anyway.
We met about 4 years ago when she came to work for me. I was still green in the supervisory roll and totally unsure about everything I was doing. She had a really strong personality, but she was, what you saw, she held nothing back, If she felt she was being wronged she'd let you know. Personally, there were afew others working with the same type of personality but they were only out for themselves, not for the betterment of the department, or co-workers. Kim had no hidden agenda.
Time went on and we became good friends. We had some parallel in our lives but not many. We both had babies born within a month of each other, twice actually, we dealt with teenagers, liked cheesy romance novels, and really just wanted to make it through another day at work and come out sane!
Time moves forward, and it's 4 years later, she was my office mate for the last year. But now, she's leaving, she's leaving deadbeat relatives, her son, who, by the grace of God will grow up and realize how much lucky he really was. And I think worse of all her 7 year old grandson, who will be staying with his mother's side of the family, where they will cater to him like there is no tomorrow. He's going to be living with a childless Aunt and Uncle, who so desperately wanted to have children.
Friday was kimmy's last day at work. We hit the local bar where we proceded to drink, eat, and laugh like there was no tomorrow. Sunday the plan was to scoot all those not moving .. there were 3 of them, out of the house, so they could pack, clean, and leave for a new life!!! She's already got a job waiting for her when she gets there, a house to live in and family about 30 miles to the west and 30 miles to the east of where she'll be living. Yes, this is her Utopia!
Kim, I wish you well!!! have a safe trip!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

OK now I'm just pissed!

Jennfactor...I've spent the last hour trying to get mybloglog on my site... Yes, I am a cyber-deficient HELP!!!! A

WTF? To Set the Record Straight...

I was just checking my profile, and I don't know how it got there but it said I was 250 years old and was born in the year of the Rat!

Folks, just so you know... I am not 250 years old, nor am I close. and I was born in the Year of the Tiger! growl.... or purrrrrr ;-)

Can you believe it???

Someone very famous hits our town! No one ever comes here.. Although there was big controversy when they brought Neil Diamond here for a concert, and Dubya was here, that was something all these FBI/secret service guys on top of City Hall with their Riot Gear on, but for the most part famous people just don't come to the BIG VALLEY.

But today was different, you see there is this Bicycle Tour of California with 144 world class cyclists making a 650 mile trek through California, it's a race, they've been to the wine country, passed by the Golden Gate bridge and today they it My town, as they head their way to San jose and they will eventually end up in long beach! My legs are tired already!

Lance Armstrong was here today as one of the promoters of this amazing Race! No, Really, Lance Armstrong. Normally, I wounldn't give a "rats pa tootie" that this was going on, But My Boss, and 3 of my supervisors and a couple of employees are big into the cycling thing, they went to the event to check it out there was Lance as plan as day, Big as Life! They came back to the yard, like a bunch of little boys who had just seen their football hero up close and personal and they had to share with us the autographs they got! It was pretty cool. During the race apparently they went through the less than beautiful part of town, but I'm hoping they wont think us too "hicky".

Yep! That was cool, I'm anxious to see the pictures in the paper tomorrow morning. This stuff just doesn't happen in "my little town."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'M IT!!! Yeah!

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

10 Weird Things About Me

1. I have been searching for a long lost friend for the last 15 years (on and off) and now, I'm totally obsessed with finding him.!!!! I google his name at least 2x's everyday... in hopes maybe something will come up! OCD? YEP!

2. I love to "put things together" be it furniture, ie cribs, toys, I love to make it all work and look Pretty!!!

3. I learned to drive when I about 7 or 8, It just started out learning to shift. then when we went to work with my dad, there was a isolated stretch (approx 500 ft) of road leading to his office, so when it was time to drive, I was totally comfortable behind the wheel, and can drive almost next want is to drive one of the garbage trucks... I need a class A for that.

4. I want a Ducati or Moto Guzzi Motorcycle, and of course Leathers! And hope to have one in the near future...

5. I love to flirt!

6. I think I'm in the middle of a mid life crisis! And I'm not sure what to do, so I think I'll embrace it!

7. I love Make up!!! it's Clinique bonus week at Gottschalks and Lancome at Macy's! So today, I went to both places and bought make up! I LOVE BONUS WEEK!

8. I can't sing,(can't carry a tune) and when I do, it's in my car with the CD player up really, really loud!!!!

9. I want to go to Italy, France, Greece ... sooner than later...

10. My Rabbits name is OTTO VON HASE.. he likes to cuddle, but is shedding like crazy right now.

Now I have to pick 6 people... I know CRSE will pick Jen, but I will too, cuz, I really don't know too many bloggers out there..... So....BARB, JENFACTOR, KIMMY, PEN, I don't know Anthony...are you up for the Challenge???


Monday, February 19, 2007


You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.

And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.

Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.

And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!


Your Boss Is Not Psycho

Even though you might hate your boss at times, your boss is pretty fair and upstanding.

If you're having trouble with your boss, you may just be having trouble with authority in general.

Another productive Monday & Happy President's Day!

I'm fortunate enough to be able to 1)pretty much choose the hours I work and 2) If it's a holiday I can actually choose to come in or not! Today happened to be one of those such holidays. In the garbage industry, If it's not Christmas or New Years Day. You work! After being in the Customer Service Side for soooo many Damn Long Years, I have been fortunate enough to not have to work on a Paid Holiday such as Presidents day. Most of the time I don't work If everyone's out of School and work: but today, I decided what the hell, might as well. I not only get paid 8 hours straight time but I also get paid for the time I work!... cool Deal.. I worked from 6-11:30. During the course of the day, I did the deposit, and spent the rest of my time putting together the Company required Training binders for my shop, and haulers. and then my "master" binder as well. I should have had this done by January, but I really hate doing this project.

Then I checked my account: HUMMM there seems to be some money in there! (income tax returns) So since the kids, big and small where out of school at 12 or all together I thought it would be fun to take them the Chuckee Cheese for a couple hours! They just built a new one and we haven't been, since little S was just a baby. I thought it would be fun to check out. My first impression was ... here's two hours of my life I'll never get back... but well, "smart ass" was wrong... WE had a fabulous time! Baby K was mesmerized by the animatronic Chuckee, We assumed she'd be scared...NOT HARDLY! She wanted to get up there and dance with him! She loved all the "riding things," and attempted to "skeet bowl" ok so she really tried to eat the balls instead. Little S and Little G ( who hardly ever get along-sad to say) Laughed and had a blast too!

My sister called me as we were leaving the parking lot, seems she craving "a girls night out" Dinner and a movie...just the two of us! Cool We saw "lyric and Music" with Drew And Hugh! OMG it was such a chick flick!!! I totally loved it! I love Hugh Grant and like My friend Mistress has said... HE's good eye candy!! And anything with Drew Barrymore in it is always good!

Then it was off to Mexican food and Barnes and Noble... You know I take for granted there are Mexican Restaurants all over the place, However when I went to Maryland, Not the case, My cousin said "there's not so many Mexican Restaurants around" How strange! I can't imagine such a thing..but then again...Maryland is a long way from Mexico!!

Anyway.... that's One More Monday under the belt! I wish all my Mondays were this good!!! time to pay some bills and go to bed!!!

Sleep tight friends!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

DID I EVER TELL YOU??? rambling thoughts about church!

We, the kids and I, go to Saturday nite mass. I like Saturday nite mass because it's the same folks every week. you know it's our "gig" ( little G was an Alter Server for a couple of years at this mass.)

Did I ever mention that there is a guy who goes to mass that looks exactly like this porn star? Yes, I do doubt they are one in the same but I still can't help but stare at the guy and wonder...and don't ask me how I would know about such things...

My vet also goes to this particular mass, I've actually only taken my rabbit to him once or twice. Guy is a little on the odd side...the first time I went, he seriously needed to be handed a hankie...and while God didn't bless me with a "rack".. he kept staring..."hey doc, eyes... up here..." Now if he was 6 foot gorgeous..Yes, I guess he could stare at " the girls", but he strikes me as a bit off but very nice.. just wondering eyes.. better eyes, than hands huh?

There is a little old lady, who must be at least in her mid to late 80's, she comes with her daughter I think, She's a very sweet lady, but since I believe her hearing is bad, she doesn't know she's talking too loud. He daughter tells her to sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh

Every week you know who will walk in 10 minutes late... I'm sorry but 5:30 mass starts at ...5:30... I don't understand it...

When, please tell me when, is it o.k. to BEAT your kid in church?! Little G was about on my last nerve tonite., She wants to play the games on her cell phone, I told her nope, not an option. HEAVY SIGH, "I'm bored"... My reply is tough.. there's only a half an hour left. Every week she drinks the wine at communion, and every week she complains about the wine ... don't drink the wine... but I like it.....good Freaking lord!

I know I don't sound very "loving man kind" for just getting out of church! other than wanting to beat my OWN KID. I don't think there was anything too negative.

Back in my single days. My friend and I used to go to Sunday nite mass and then hit El Torito afterwards for Tecate and chips and salsa.. Dear lord baby Jesus...I could go for a beer right now!

Friday, February 16, 2007


I think that am becoming to hate everyother weekend. Once again this is the weekend shit for brains has the baby. He's is such a hateful individual, who is and has been the "it's not my fault, it's everybody else fault" type of person. I'm finding it difficult to find the strength to be supportive, and adult, not when this poor baby's parents are acting like Children. LORD, BABY JESUS (RICKY BOBBY) GIVE ME THE STRENGTH I NEED NOT TO KNOCK THEIR HEADS TOGETHER!!! They don't realize that one day, (if s for b is still around) this kid is going to figure out how to work them both.. and rather than fight with each other, they need to fricking grow up before she's out of control. Granted she's only 9 months old but... they learn this crap quick. I know I'm a step mom too.

I have a pounding migraine, my stomache is roiling, I seriously want to hurl. I can't help but think that he is up to something... yes, I am a tad suspicious.

I'm totally fixated on Mistresses blog these days, she has been having "dialogue" with a certain Fish and I think I am living vicariously through her blog! I love to hear what, little she'll give up, I remember my single days...I hated them and loved them all at the same time! There are days I would love to have some handsome hunky Italian, drag me away. any takers,, no, I suppose not... too much baggage at this point! I feel there are days I just can't seem to cope with my drama... I like Mistresses drama!!! I'd take the "cabin fever" grandma, mom and dad, (which by the way mistress, you are lucky, My dad died when I was 16... hug your dad extra lots!)I know they make you nuts, but as a parent... well, I guess we think were doing the right thing... but then again...your not 19!!!! ..oh yeah can I have Fish too? oh alright you can keep him!

My Friend, Anthony.. he been showing some interesting things on this blog too!!! No, I don't think he's having "dialogue" with a fish, but he's got a lot of political veiws that are well... deep, I will read and go on. but laughed at his "dicks" essay! Keep "uP" the good work! Your political veiws are well.... WOW!They make me think... your one of my favorite Democrats!!! ouwwww did I just say that???, Yeah, I wont comment on politics at all... but I will read.

My 12 year old thinks we should let her friend come and live with us... Gosh soo very sorry, been there done that! How do you think we came to know S for B so well.. Little G has a friend who has been living with her Grandparents. Dad's in jail, is a loser... she has now come out and told G and teachers, that her Grandparents beat her, her mom continually tells her that she never wanted her and Little G being the compassionate soul she is wants her to move in with us...You know I can't do this... BUt what the hell, we take in stray cats, why not stray kids.!!! I'm sure there is more to the story than meets the eye...her friend is 12 looks about 15 and has a boyfriend "as much as a 12 year old can be a boyfriend... you all can figure out why the grandparents are so "mean".....though I have met them and don't see "child beater" Thay have both of their grandchildren living with them... As a parent, sometimes I have to wonder, where did I go wrong? and other times I know it wasn't anything I did or said...

My friend and next door office mate Kimmy is leaving next week. BITCH!!! she's taking her "ball and going home" actually, she is moving her family to Port Angelos WA... I've seen pictures and think... Yeah, I could live there! Oh do I have to bring drama too? can I just go by myself and my motorcycle driving Italian!?

You may think I am a heartless I want to leave and drive off into the sunset with my motorcycle maniac( and I'm having a bit of difficulty locating my Italian) ... No. I'm just feed up. this is not how I envisioned my life to be after 20 years. I expected to be with someone who wanted to actually spend time with me and the kids, or just me!... sorry I don't look like ESPN and a can of budwiser...whoa...biter! Your right Kimmy, If we had the gift of foresight...and it's barely 8:30 on a friday night and I'm sitting here blogging my life story... which hopefully I haven't put anyone to sleep just yet... HEY YOU, OUT THERE STOP YAWNING!!!! I don't crave for much but sober conversation would be nice...

did I mention this fricking migraine?

Did you guys happen to stop by Dorkbloggers? Jennfactor and crse have done an amazing job! Jen your my Hero! When she first came to work for me, I hired her... not realizing she couldn't type.. but maybe 10 wpm! but she dazzled me with her tenacious personality, and she had all the right answers to my interview questions..."what do you mean, you can't type".. ah shit... but she came through and can keep up with the best of them. If you ever wanted a good customer service person, she's your gal...BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE HER.... Bre her "fishbowl" mate would go "belly up" on us... She's another one! that department rocks because of them!

My friend Chuck, who doesn't talk anymore ..( but I stop by his blog just to see what's happening in the land of the BEARS!) He's got some good info on the Chicago music scene and well... sorry, we didn't win this year...maybe next!

I have a new friend, Barbara, she's in France! Bon Jour, mon ami! (good day, my friend) She's an american who happend to marry Dieter..isn't that German??? and they live in France! She's got a good blog and You might pick up some french along the way... I like to read her blog, she 's got alot to say... and I love the pictures. Little S would love to go to France one day!

My friend Pen needs your prayers! She has a dear friend who is very, very ill. My heart goes out to her. If you've never been to her blog...go! OMG She's got some stories that will make you laugh, cry and generally make you feel good! She knows some very interesting "birds" as well!

My quest for this weekend is to find two more bloggers, I see on my little map, I've got some more red dots!!! I was very excited! TALK PEOPLE!!!! I'm not a total downer... I can try to be funny, I can try to hold your interest... Mostly however, I will ramble about Looking for and hopefully finding my long lost friend, Rob, work- ick, which when kimmy leaves it totally gonna suck! (Jenn, you better come out and chat once in a while!) The trials and tribulations of being a mom of a 12 year old...( I often think of my sanity in having my kids 7 years apart!) If I had had little G 2 or 3 years after S,... nope not even gonna complete that thought.... the wierd thing was, I was never going to have kids or get married... beating my forehead again!!! My sister was going to be the mom with all the kids... I was going to be the Cool, RICH, single auntie!.. yeah o.k.

ok so I think I have babbled enough for one nite, Migraine , still happening, I've dropped all the names I could, and S for B is a SHITHEAD.. yEAH I FEEL MUCH BETTER!!!

Sending my east coast homies alittle west coast sunshine!!!
I won't tell how warm it was today... xoxox A

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I can't believe it, It was so obvious!

When I was about 9 years old, I discovered how cool the music was on the radio, I wanted to be cool, Like my friend, Donna, who always listened to the cool radio stations. ok so at the time it was AM I don't know, was there an FM in 1971? I think so, My uncle, listened to the stations that were constantly full of static? But then again, crappy equipment might also have been the culprit, AM would suffice-o.k. what did I really know, I was only 9!

There was this song I totally thought was the coolest.. and for years I could only remember the chorus..."... Keep playing that rock and roll..... " didn't know who sang it, didn't know any of the other words... but I totally loved this song, it was cool, I was cool,as I listened to the radio.. My sunday mornings were filled with Kasey Casem and the American top 40! "keep your feet planted firmly in the ground and keep reaching for the sky"...

I've been having some difficulty with my radio in my office these last few days. I'm having the same sort of problem My friend Mistress is having with her favorite station ... another station is "trumping" her KPKL (are those the right call letters, Mistress?)Anyway, I finally had had enough, I totally left the classic rock station and when to light rock of the 70's, 80's and 90's.. their slogan... "light rock, less talk" cool....but I was curious about the station etc so I pulled them up on the "net" ( I love the internet! such a wealth of info, although I'm still looking for someone...) on their site was a link to and I typed in the chorus to the song...DAH I am a DORK, apparently that was the name of the song too, by Edgar Winter. Not being an EDGAR Winter fan ( I think his look scared me) I wanted to make sure this was the same song I had remembered so long ago... you know age, mind, memory... not always working hand in hand these days....
Sure as shit!!! It was the same song! I was so happy!

though... Slamming heel of hand to my forehead... so stinking obvious!

And how was your day!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thirteen Things I Can't Live Without in My Office

1…. First and foremost my RADIO!!!! I need my BOB and Tom in the morning!!! And music the rest of the day!!! I wish there was a station like the pickel (KPKL ?) in PA or at least I could have a "e mail" friendship with one of the hunky DJ's, but Noooooo I've seen our DJ's at concerts, etc and they're kind of snobby.. "oh I'm a big DJ at a Rock n Roll station.. " whatever dude....get a personality!
2. My Peja Stoyacovich nesting dolls! I love Peja, even though he no longer plays for the Kings, but ... and where is he now???
3. My Moody Blues Picture. It's not even a good one, but it was from the "out and about" section of the paper when they were here in town last. They're close by right now.. however.. $75.00/ticket in the nose bled section? wont happen for me this year.
4.My dried flower collection! with 1 long stemmed Rose from Anniversary #20 last September.
5. My Jenni Rivera Autograph. One of my co=workers won lunch with her and her posse. I had never heard of her until then, but she is Hispanic doing the Cross over thing and they compare her to Selena, pretty Cool eh?
6. Just left to the Moodys picture is the picture of My friend Rob STabile, at a Motorcycle thing... I didn't include he picture in this blog, but you knew it was there somewhere.
7. My Picture Wall... "here let me tell you about my grandkids!" there is also a picture Little S did in her digital photo editing class in high school. It's our favorite.. I was 18 years younger and had very 80's hair and little S was just a year old. She refered to me as SEXY GODDESS!
8. As I have said before, this is the year of the organized Ann... so let's start with the Calendar.. I actually have 3 of them.. they all service a different perpose.
9. My Julian McMahon picture Key chain! HE is a must have on my bulletin board!! He such a it getting warm in here? I digress...
10. My memorials... Since I have been in this position (H/R) I have had 4 employees die in the last 2 years and an employees wife... too weird. Never experience such a thing...2 of the guys were just barely in their 20's with small children, 1 guys little boy was only 5 months was a tragic accident that took their lives.
11. My favorite Chicago Bears...#45 Gary Fencik and #8 REx Grossman... I'm sorry I love REX I don't care what they are saying about him. Which is really unnecessary at this point.... I can't wait until next season when they pick on someother "newbie" Poor Tony Romo is still getting razzed about his little snafu.. but... let's just crucify REX.... I quit watching Mike and Mike in the Morning cuz they wouldn't stop...
12. the blue book on top of my computer screen...yes, I don't have a flat panel yet, is NONNI'S BRAG BOOK. You know much like the "wall", however very portable so when I have lunch with my friends... We can share...
13.Last but not least is my UOP TIGERS schedule. They've made it to the play offs, the last two years... I dont' think they'll Threepeat, but I love to watch college basketball, actually much more than NBA anymore...The funny thing is ...I totally hate to watch sports.... oh well...I can't figure it out either..
Well that 's the tour of my office friends, well, yeah, there is a computer and file cabinets and a paper schredder...oh and my new fax/copier/scanner...(pretty hi tech for this gal!.. ) But that's REALLY BORING!!!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wishing all my blogging friends a Happy Valentine's Day!!! You guys are always a big part of my day and you rock!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I love a productive Monday... don't you?

OK, so I can't blog at work... but I certainly can read them, it's probably a good thing or I'd never get work done.. but today I felt it was a most productive Monday! What a great way to start the week!!!
Why was it such a good Monday???? Well....
1)My "skinny" jeans still fit after the food frenzy I had this weekend. I don't do this often, but once in a great while... Yes, I bought the dreaded Dove Chocolates.. for Valentines day...Yes, I will have to buy some more... I had a craving for McDonald French Fries... only 1 small order but..the guilt was huge!
2) It was a great Hair day! My mood can sometimes be told by the look of my hair. Last week it was "allllll bouncy and sexy"... Is that what you called it BRE and JEN? (I promised them I would blog about my hair...but never quite got around to it) Today it was sleek and straight. and I achieved the look I wanted. Plus my eye make=up didn't end up under my eyes as normal.
3) My quarterly report I do for the county is almost approved, and just a day way from being delivered. (it's always a big time consuming deal, but I do have it down to a science, of course I've been doing it now for 8 years, I should!)
4) I finally unloaded to my boss... I love him...about baby daddy and all the crap we're dealing with so when I do need time off for lawyers, court appointments he doesn't think I'm screwing around... I have a combined 4 1/2 weeks of sick and vacation time so I'm sure its all good.
5) "screwing around"... oh hell, I'll just leave that one alone til another time!
6) Open enrollment is over! and Yes, those fellow employees who waiting until the last minute to enroll, we're a bit miffed I wasn't there to help them dial, the damn phone for them.
7) I finally got my training on entering my union guys 401K information on-line... and don't think I tweaked it up too bad.
8) oh yeah, let's go back to open enrollment... the signs have been up for 2 weeks and just the day before the end, an employee told me they hadn't received their packet... JEEEZZZ.. I bought this individual a reprieve.. this person better have called in the information...or it on this employee...
9) Had a nice long talk with one of the Shop Stewards about the union guys... told him, and he agreed, my job wasn't to do their paperwork...My job was to give them the information they needed in order to do their own paperwork... One of my shop stewards is the best...which leaves the other one... well, you can figure it out.
10) My friend, Ana got engaged this weekend...She's sporting some "bling" and seems happy. Although a man with 3 kids already, would scare the hell out of me...
11) My friend Mistress had a comment on her blog from a certain FISH... I couldn't wipe this stupid grin off my face!!! Mistress, I'm jumping up and down!!!!!!! It sounds as though you also communicate "off the blog" as well!
12) I have a friend who will soon be single and I think, In all honesty she's going to be much happier.!!! I'm here for ya, friend

Saturday, February 10, 2007

HAPPY SATURDAY!! and other things to ponder!

We took baby K to the Dr yesterday for the normal 9 month stuff/shots etc...We told him our concerns about baby Daddy's claims.. his reply 1) "if testing all the white children, I see, for CF, would be like me testing all the black children I see for cyckle cell..." 2) CF is not detected by an x ray, but with a blood test 3)another contributing factor of CF... INBREEDING... WELL I KNOW IT'S NOT ON THIS SIDE OF THE FAMILY... 4) putting a child through unessecary testing is also a form of abuse! DO YOU THINK IT'S TIME TO TEST THIS BOYS MENTAL CAPACITY AS WELL AS HIS MOM'S?????

Last time I speak of Anna Nicole.... Now there is a 3rd guy claiming to be the dad!!! It's amazing how when a celebraty passes... all kinds of nuts seem to come out of the woodwork... That's practically all CNN ran yesterday....

Speaking of yesterday... I GOT MY CARPETS CLEANED!!! All but a few things are out of the rooms....and I don't want to put them back in... I could live without a coffee table, end table, crap, clutter and stuff!!! oh well... my kitchen wants me to put these things back in their appropriate rooms... I'm hoping if baby has any type of allergy to dust that perhaps this will help... living by the delta, it's always dusty.

It's saturday, time to go take care of mom, do her shopping, clean. then Mass and I plan on sitting my happy butt by the fire tonite with a good book! Have you noticed that TV sucks on Saturday??

It's finally raining here... I saw on the new yesterday that it was 19 in Chicago...burrrrrrrrr. and our poor friends in New York...They can't even find a place to put the snow when they plow.!!! I glanced at an article this morning they want to seed the clouds over the Sierras since we're so dry here...I think I am going to dread summer!

Mistress of the darkness is going on a road trip!!! She's in PA and has cabin fever! Hope she has a blast! My sister is at Disneyland, It's time for me to have another road trip.... I have 2 more friends that want to go with us next time... GUYS! I'm ready!!!!

Have a great Saturday!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


It saddens me there is a baby out there who will grow up with out her mom... All she will have are photos and old news footage of a less than educated woman, who people will trash with their talk. A POOR little RICH girl who will be forever in the middle of a custody battle... It makes one wonder if Anna really will REST IN PEACE?

just a thought to ponder... many will say you reep what you sow...she deserved anything she got... who are we to judge?

After last nights post which took about an hour to write .. I had to take it easy tonite.. but you know the drama will continue......

have a good nite friends I will see you in the AM!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thirteen Things that surprised me this week!!!

1…. My friend lost $5,000.00 on the superbowl: I told him... that's what you get for winning $11,000.00 on the world cup!!! must be nice ....

2. Little S picked up a magazine last night and read it... and related what the article was about!!! Little S hates to read, but since she's been back at school...

3. She studies everynite!!! She loves School, possibly seeking a nursing education.

4. Little G seems to take all the drama in the house lately with stride... She's a sponge...sucking up everything she hears... and she hears alot.. but looking as though she could give a crap about it... as she is designing her Myspace page!

5. I didn't overdraw my checking account ... like normal...

6. SBC says I owe them 900.00 by the 8th or they are cutting my service...OUCH!!! Can I get a payment plan please.... Girls need to cut out the texting...

7. Little G is going to Washington DC with her 8th grade class next fall!!! She's very excited to go and I can use some of her college fund to pay for the trip, as it is a "higher learning" experience. She can get high school credit for going!!! HELL yeah!!!

8. Lawyer lady charges $250.00 per hour.. yikes!!!!

9. I wont even say anything about my BOYS losing on Sunday...I am boycotting sports!!!(like I really watch them anyways!)

10. I looked at my VISITORS MAP and see I have acquired a couple more "friends" in a couple countries! YEAH!!! HELLO FRIENDS!!! stop back for a chat... though my previous post is kind of a downer.... you might have read me on a bad day!

11. Baby k's two top teeth popped in together on Monday... BOOM! there they are!

12. I have come to the realization, I can't run away from home!!!!! I really want to have some gorgeous, hunky, motorcycle riding Italian, in leathers swoop me off my feet....( hubby can hold down the fort)

13. and speaking of gorgeous, hunky, motorcycle riding Italians...Still looking for you Robin Stabile. I'll wear the leather!!!! but really, still no hidden agenda!

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I've have mentioned a few times that "S for B" is a complete dick! But today, he and his mommy have over stepped their limitations and I'm afraid WAR has been started.
I also have mentioned that neither him nor his mommy wanted Little S to have this baby. " have an abortion", "put it up for adoption, you'll get a lot of money for it" "oh, I wish I would have known sooner, so we could have taken "care" of it" EXCUSE ME!!! But who the hell are you to A) tell or take my daughter for any medical procedure ? B) Tell her what to do with her baby or body... for that matter.. I have always told my girls, no matter what, while I hope they don't ever find themselves in "that" situation, I would never tell them what they HAD to do... "It was their decision and I hope they made the correct one" They have known my stand on abortion and well...doesn't matter how many days of gestation, it's still a baby! OK so i"m not running for president...

S for B was sleeping around on "S" the whole time she was pregnant and basically, would get drunk call S and threaten her "I'm gonna get custody of that baby, your an unfit mother, your dad is an alcoholic and he ...smokes......." CIGARETTES, YOU FRICKIN MORON.. ok so this was 3 months(nov) into the pregnancy. We went to a Lawyer who basically stated... "can't take away what ya don't have"..... true that, lawyer lady!!! We left feeling rather confident that he is a dick and baby is safe and we don't have to worry about a thing... April comes around since we haven't heard from S for B for this long and he and S "get back together" well whatever you want to call it, his mother needed a baby sitter for his 3 little sisters, so free baby sitting... cool... that lasted for 3 days, during the course of those 3 days, S found out that 1) his parents are disappointed in him, 2) he has stolen from them 3) he has broken into their home 4) he is a compulsive liar AND "out of the mouth of babes" his little sisters didn't know that S for B was the baby daddy, cuz his girlfriends name is ..."NOT S" "little S "saw red about that time and basically said " f you to you and your family........" But S for B made sure that his Mommy got an invite to the baby shower..WHAT F-ING NERVE... we were pretty sure she would not show her face, and she promised to buy a crib for baby... when she and her son and daughters showed their faces at the shower... everyones mouths pretty much hung open. the balls some people have. And Bitch didn't buy her a crib, said the one she had picked out was to $$$$$ (so buy something less $$$) cheap ass bitch! We don't hear from them for the next week or so and then Little S started having problems with baby and there was an issue...S for B was all concerned, they would be in the same room and not speak, it was completely unbearable... then comes the day she is born. Baby K was a very sick baby and spent her first week in Neo Natal ICU. But we knew she would come through with flying colors and she did! We told Sfor B that HE COULD NOT STAY OVERNITE, EVERYNITE, (lets just say, been there, done that! that's a whole other story)
and someone had to sleep on the couch, they still weren't even talking at this point... but moving forward, HE'S STILL WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND "NOT S"...
Father's day is the last day we saw him!!!! He got mad at her for a text message he read on HER PHONE!! I REPEAT HER PHONE.. he took her phone and threw it against the wall, said 'thanks for ruining my father's day" .. we didn't see him for the next almost 4 months... right before S's birthday. he would call say he wanted to see the baby and she would say fine... he wouldn't show up for days... really unstable .... then the threats started again.. usually after he had been partying all nite or someone made a comment about S going out... some of their friends run in the same party circle....Finally S couldn't take it any longer and filed for custody just to ensure he couldn't take her legally. He gets the court papers and he blows and total ass gasket... how the hell could you do this to me...??? blah blah blah, She told him he left her no choice since he was continually threatening her.
Court date comes and well, I blogggged big about that ...
Now he finally gets 2 weekends a month with baby.... S was told at a family mediation meeting that she was not responsible for delivering the baby with diaper bag and all the trimmings the receiving parent should also have their own supplies.... so with that being said the first weekend baby went to dad's: dad, NOT S and sister are at TARGET buying supplies.. YOU MORON AGAIN, YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD IS COMING TO STAY WITH YOU FOR 3 DAYS AND YOU HAVE NOTHING!!! DO YOU NOT PREPARE ???? FRICKING IDIOT!!! see he was also supposed to go to the mediation meeting prior to the custody hearing so he would have known what to expect....apparently this did not happen... hummmmm.
So, unfortunately, S for B's mommy is in the medical profession... he always told S that she was a Dermatologist, unfortunately... she's got really bad skin...not like a Dermatologist would have... and she isn't a dermatologist she's not even a nurse or she wouldn't be going to night school taking chemistry and some other ...stuff... she's probably studying to be a nurse or she just needs to be aways for her family.... who knows? who cares! Again.. this last weekend he drops off baby at the police station (cuz that's where the exchange needs to take place, cuz they can't play nice with each other) he tells her 1) he couldn't get her shots because... He didn't have her shot record, 2) she couldn't use her insurance anymore cause there is a court order for him to he gets KAISER god forbid 3) he wants a chest x-ray to make sure her chronic cough is not Cystic Fibrosis...(he hates my husband and he happens to smoke... you can see an issue here too?) S just kind of takes the baby and .. puts her and then calls me all upset... I told her there was nothing she could do right now since it was Sunday.. but on monday she needed to contact.... insurance people, Dr and Lawyer lady again.
lets address, 1) he's an idiot... what DR in their right mind would give a baby shots without a shot record... 2)called S;s insurance carrier and was told she could be covered under both insurances...3)HE wants the x-ray to rule out CF... hummm when I looked up CF, it said that it was a hereditary conditon.. our side doesn't have it.. does his??? hummmm piece of shit! and well, s totally called him on everything today when he called and accused her of not taking care of his daughter when she refused to give into his whim that she needed a chest x ray... S for B calls his mommy, which he always does when he doesn't get his own way... MOMMY calls me at work... I told her they needed to work things out WE needed to stay out of it... well, i guess that wasn't going to happen... cuz she just went off... I told her that some one was lying cuz, Baby has had all of her shot,,,she said "well, S told S for B that she was behind on them." I told her that was BS cuz I had been with Baby and S at every appointment... she is up todate ans current... "oh" F.U. you old bat.!!! I told her the x-ray wasn't necessary unless she had CF in the family.. cuz I've read it was hereditary, she insisted is wasnt.. oh yeah and did I ever tell you that she told S that Impetigo was Herpes???? yep, Baby was really sick the weekend before Christmas and was diagnosed with Impetigo.... Nothing I read, said anything about HERPES!!! While I m' convinced CF isn't in the family...I do believe mental health issues are!!!! She said she was concerned about the chronic cough baby has had for 8 months....I said...hummmm how would you know about chronic cough since you and your son didn't even see her for at least 4 of those 8 months... ( I hate confrontation, but god, did this feel really, really good to call her on all this ) then she started in on S not living at home... I said this is really funny you should mention this as this is the second time I have heard this and both times it's been from you guys??? So who ever she's getting her information from is wrong! and it's "none ya".... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.. I was shaking so bad by the time I got off the phone with this silly woman, I got on the phone and
tried to tell S what was said ` she got ticked off, hung up on me called MOMMY DEAREST back and told her that if she had a problem with her to take it up with her not me.. and she thought it was funny her being so concerned for baby's health when she wanted her to get rid of it in the first place.... at that mommy kind of shut up... then S called her a fat fucking whore.. (I'm not proud of that one however, very disrespectful regardless) So Mommy called back and left a voice mail... saying that she didn't deserve the comment, and just bought herself a trip the court..(Now MIND YOU everytime s for b gets pissed off he threatens you'll hear from my lawyer... hummm Mommy told me they were going to have to get one now...):...Soooooo S called Lawyer lady's office... and explained what happened! I love these people.. the assistant said...oh no.... come in next week and sign the restraining order against the mom....So meanwhile, I'm having a nervous breakdown at work...( Thank god for Kimmy ,,,, I AM SOOOOO GONNA MISS YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE FOR UTOPIA... I'M THINKING ABOUT RUNNING AWAY with you.....)my stomach is starting to roil, I'm shaking, my hearts beating like crazy Stress is a weird thing ya know? so I finally leave and by the time I get home... I just missed the police (who absolutely hate domestic crap) who came to the house cuz S for B called stating S was refusing medical attention for the baby.... he just needed to see the baby... she said come on in this is the baby..doesn't look sick? doesn't look like I beat her and she went on to explain that there was no reason for her to take the baby to the DR and that she did have an appointment on Friday... did he want to see the baby's shot record??? it's current.? She said he kind of rolled his eyes like what a waste of time.... and the baby was fine...he said he would call it in to dispatch....
OH MY GOD!!!!! this boy needs to roll up and blow away.... any takers?????

Monday, February 05, 2007

oh alright, I'll comment....

I suppose you're waiting for my comments on the game... :-( My boys lost, a black head coach won,Payton got his ring, Prince looked stupid with his dewrag bow head gear, and Billy Joel still looks quite handsome. I didn't win any money, I didn't have a hangover, but I did get indegestion! There ya go...My take on the game...

OK Now really my take on the game! I'm glad that if my boys had to loose, it was to the Colts. (I think Archie Manning is such a cool DAD!) He actually called Rex Grossman's dad and told him not to let the reports and reporters get to him! Is that cool? I've heard interviews with him and he's a very humble man. I think Tony And Lovie are two very classy men! I am glad for Tony D and yes, it was disappointing to see "us" start out with such a strong beginning... 16 seconds into the game! Devon, Your name should be on a Jersey!! I year! I like Payton Manning but was really tired about how he really needs that ring! Baby got the Bling and the car!!! Good job! I want more commercials out of you, now!!!

My boys certainly didn't put the "rush" on Payton-and from my non-sport-educated mind, that wasn't a good thing. The weather was not in anyone's favor but there were no broken legs or arms! Also a good thing! Rex, I love this kid and know it's in him and it seemed as though no matter who fumbled it was all because of Rex.. It didn't matter if he even touched the ball... it was Rex's fault. Come on you overpaid media jerks, quit it. He didn't have a good game. He blew a couple of plays. It CAN"T ALLLLLLL fall on his shoulders! Just remember your "first time" He'll figure it out and work on it going forward..REX, I will always love you! I have faith in you and remember, I have a daughter...:-)

The boys "brought it" as I suspected they would, but just couldn't hold on to it... as I said in my previous post, Someone has to win and someone has to's all good, cuz there were, 20 some other teams who didn't even get that far! Til next year dear BEARS...

Saturday, February 03, 2007


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My fellow bloggers!!! It's time you show your true "dorkness" DORKBLOGGERS is the latest place to show your true dorkish self! It's a place to go and see that you are truly not alone when it comes to being a dork... and Yes, we ALL have these moments! Some, more than others!!! It's a good place to go and meet a new friend or two!



I've never been one to wish my weekends away, but I think that this might be the weekend to do it.
First, Baby K is on her weekend visit with "S for b's" and Noni misses her big! Saturday mornings is our time to play and talk (as much as an 8 almost 9 month old can)and watch Sesame Street together.. She's a real character and spoiled rotten.. Just ask her.. she looks at you with these huge baby blue eyes and give you a 2 toothed grin... but enough of that... I can't wait until Sunday nite when she is home, where she is supposed to be!
Second, The big game... I don't normally get all excited about Football (or anyother sport), but this year it's different. after 21 years, my BEARS are back in the game, also with alot of hype surrounding it.! Two African-American Head Coaches, This is Payton's Year, Will Rex Choke... whatever, I've been watching the coverage over the last week (I know, this is something I would not normally do, but...)I seriously hope these players don't listen to all the crap the reporters say, cuz it is just that...CRAP. There is more to these two teams than Rex or Payton, Tony or Lovie being, well, African-American! I'm looking forward to My Boys coming out STRONG and Dominating throughout the game!!!! I'm looking forward to Two Very Classy coaches, LOVIE and TONY guiding their teams to being the best they can be. Yes, someone will loose and feelings will be hurt, people will be angry, and yes, money will be lost! But it won't be the end of the world, though depending on how much some of you have bet... maybe??? :-) I am looking forward to a good game! I am looking forward to possibly turning that $5.00 square into a $100.00 bucks! I am looking forward to a Great Superbowl Party with good friends! I am looking forward to a Great Party, Good Friends (all BEARS FANS!)and NOT at my house!!!! In less than 48 hours it will all be over and we'll be sitting at our desks at work, or whatever and where ever your office maybe, nursing that ever so slight hangover, grinning big cuz the BEARS proved them all wrong and came out victorious! :-) Either way, it's all good!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thirteen Things why Ann is late with her Thursday 13!

1…. First and foremost, I am sicker than a dog. My head is congested, I have a nasty cough and I'm ready for some "nite quil action"

2. Little S is pissed off and I'm pissed off because she is pissed, because she has no reason to be pissed off, she just doesn't get that it's not always about her.

3. Little G is in tears because a "stupid- ass" boy said something about her (of course this is the same boy, she thinks is so very cute) now, the drama doesnt' stop there... you know there are best friends getting into the mix and ...GAWD...12 years olds... have I ever mentioned how much I hate the Jr high years! Thank God, this is the last one...

4. I need a day off...without...anything or anyone! I need a little mental break from life... cop out? perhaps!!!

5. Hubby is watching me "type" while I'm looking adoringly at him. He thinks it's cool, I can do this...He wants to talk... I want to sleep!!!

6. Did I mention little G is in TEARS, and I hate the Jr High years... DRAMA...

7. Little S gets mad when others make fun or tease Little G... 7 year age difference, however... thinks nothing of being a snot to her, herself... I don't get it...

8. I'm still looking for my Friend Robin Stabile... anyone know him?.. Just want to say HI no hidden agenda!

9. BEARS are not favored to win on Sunday... WELL, Screw 'em all... Bryan made the cover of Sport Illustrated this week... YUM-O!!!! HE's going up on my bulletin board at work.... :-)

10. I finished my OSHA LOGS for work! YEAH, and I really hate having to deal with the Computer Support Folks.. they are ubergeeks.. yes, you may know computers, but you surely don't listen...thanks for nothing, pal!

11. Have I mentioned OPEN ENROLLMENT, Yes, it's that time again.. Open enrollment when all I get is complaints about the Health benefits offered...HELLO, YES, YOU ARE CORRECT, I PERSONALLY CHOSE THESE BENEFITS, CUZ I KNEW IT WOULD PISS YOU ALL OFF... GET A GRIP PEOPLE... No, I really have nothing to do with the selection...

12. I spent 2 hours in a lawyers office today for Little S and baby K, because F*cktard..(god, I love that word) wont man up.. I guess he will now.

13. I took a two hour nap after the lawyer and work, cuz, I needed it....

and how was your week!???
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