Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thirteen Things Ann prays for - maybe not in the biblical sense, however !

1…. My girls to get a grip on life and realize, the world is theirs, it's up to them on how to use it.

2. A totally clean house for like, a whole day! This would mean everyone will have to pick up after themselves... Novel concept huh?!

3. A day, maybe a week all to myself, with a big pile of books and a big overstuffed chair and an unlimited supply of Java chip Frapps from Starbucks with a double shot, how bout delivered by a hot Italian! I have one in mind. ;-)

4. To be able to get totally drunk with my friends, and have someone take care of me for a change, when I'm unloading the contents of my stomach. O.K... I really am a cheap drunk... it's wouldn't take much!

5. A certain someone to make the move... that's all I can say.

6. Skinny, I pray to be skinny! Ok maybe like a size... 12.. I'm good with that! I'm working on it..but it's going too damn slow.

7. Another Nip/Tuck marathon! Paging... Dr Christian Troy????

8. QUIET!!!! the TV while a good invention, does it really have to always be on so much and so loud.

9. Ball Room Dance lessons .. oh and Stacy Kebblers legs! God was good to that girl!

10. A handsome Italian-again, I have one in mind, to take those ball room dance lessons with.

11. To walk into Dillards and buy whatever I wanted-dreamer!

12. My log cabin by the lake...I don't care what lake as long as it's by the lake!

13. A hot, steamy, passion filled weekend. With my Dreamy Italian! I wish he knew!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Mental Chaos for Tuesday

I'm trying to come up with something witty to write about and the only thing that comes to mind, is they cut off my internet connection at work! How wrong is that.. I'm waiting for a very important e-mail! Do they not know this fact ???
So along with the internet cut off... I had to tell my boss.. I promised to be a good girl...God is this gonna be hard or what?

Did you happen to catch the new episode of NIP/TUCK? Its really not a good episode without seeing Julian Macmahon's naked tushie... God I would love to squeeze his tushie!

Did you ever want to scream at your kid for airing dirty laundry at school? My youngest is a serious drama queen and has no problem telling her teachers things that perhaps shouldn't be told! Not that there is anything bad going on at our home.. but......still....SHUT UP!

Did you ever want to be "not the mommy" anymore? I love my girls, but Damn, why do you have to call me at work to tell me they are bored? It's not like I can do anything about it? And NO you can't come to work with me! I really lose my flipping mind!

Did you ever get the feeling that your put between two co workers? One of my managers is forever getting on the other manager for something stupid...Sometime though, he's kind of a procrastinator, but don't make me the messenger!

Did you ever just sit back and watch your family interact without you being involved? It's kind of cool, kind of scary, kind of enlightening!

Well, those are a few of the great Ponderences- is that even a word?- that come to mind, and that was just Tuesday!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


When did people become for stinkin' rude? I was in the grocery store today, doing the typical Saturday shopping for my mom. (who is more or less homeward bound) Nothing out of the ordinary, Except I was by myself,(it's very rare that I find myself ... alone...and I really do relish this time.) a little time to meander up and down the aisle and not hear, Can we get this? Can we try that?... or so I thought...
I swear everyone that was over 100 years old was doing their shopping today. Not really a bad thing,! Great that they are mobile and active and are about to do their own shopping. But Good Lord, could these people take their half of the aisle on the right or left and not down the center??? I did a lot of deeeeeeep breaths today.
They stand in the middle with their baskets...and stare at what type of cereal they should buy...How about the oatbran that you buy every week! GOOD GOD! and then they look at you and go back to their cereal selection. Do they move? Do they say sorry? Do they even acknowledge that you need to get down that aisle, NOOOO, but, they know you are standing, looking at them with every contemptuous bone in your being... and they remain in a mental gridlock of, should I buy Oat bran or Bran flakes! OHHHHH And get this... if they weren't standing in the middle of the aisle.. they were on that ever so important cell phone call.... Do these morons not know that cell phones work like crap in the grocery store....??????? I'm breathing deeply, I breathly deeply... I swear, I was like hitting Walmart on Welfare check day! NOW THAT IS BAD!!!!!! Next week has to be better or I'm going POSTAL!

Thirteen Things about What Ann likes about Ann, this could be kind of tough

So the challenge from Denise was to think of 13 things we like about ourselves...

1Â…. I am a good mom, inspite of it all! I would hate to be a kid in this day and age, I try to be the kind of mom, mine really wasn't. I couldn't talk to her about sex, music, and other various issues... my girls do...Scaryy as it may be, sometimes I want to put my hands over my ears .... laa laaa laa laaa. but, I don't. I think my girls respect that.

2. I am a good wife, who doesn't nag,(though, I should in some cases) I hate nagging wives.. OMG. If I turn into one of those... just get the gun and shoot me!

3. I am a good friend. I have friends from Kindergarten still- Vic, Darren, Kerrie Liz from 3rd grade. Jeannine and Teresa since 10th

4. I am a loyal employee. It's a good quality...I will always have my boss's back. I owe him that.

5. I am a strong female, and I would like to think a strong female roll model to my girls. They could become a bit more independent but, it will come in time. My youngest is more like me in that respect.

6. I am a good daughter. I spend every Saturday helping my mom with shopping, house work and laundry and other stuff...With minimal bitching, from either of us.

7. I'm not beautiful, but I'm not unfortunate looking, either. Ok I'm vain. I like the comments I get when It's just me and my granddaughter on an outing.... Oh your daughter is sooo cute! YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER? you don't look old enough... Yes, I love my EGO to be stroked, who cares if they are just being nice.

8. I like I have lost 16 pounds in the last 2 months... well,,, I still have some more to lose but it hasn't been that hard this time, Why, I wonder? What could be the motivation?

9. I'm creative, not as much as I used to be, but getting back into the groove.

10.I am always open to new things...still getting the courage to ski-I'm a little nervous about that still, willing to try. I think... o.k. I'm sitting on the fence on that one.

11. I'm slightly Obsessive/Compulsive... Kimmy, you know what I'm talking about. It's a good thing, to some degree, but I'm probably making you nuts!

12. I'm not an emotional wreck! I sometimes find it hard to deal with people who can cry on cue... just bugs the hell out of me! It's all so fake.

13. I love life! I love the challenges it brings, the happiness and even the sadness. I try to keep in mind that we need TO ENJOY LIFE, AS THIS IS NO DRESS REHERSAL!!!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Internet Chaos or not, I love the net!!!

As I have been on my quest to find a long lost friend, I actually found 2 others I had lost contact with over 12 years ago I don't care what anyone says.. the internet CAN BE YOUR FRIEND!... (fade to flash back)

A long time ago before I was wife, mom, noni, I was just me, young and working in a grocery store in a sleepy little town in the Central valley. I loved the job because I sometimes met the coolest people. I hated the job because I had to work nights and weekends. But, now looking back that was a positive, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have ever met one of my most favorite people. He was tall, good looking, blonde and just an all around nice guy, and I think he drove a BMW/or a Volvo... I think, which I also think was a perk of his job. We became friends, he was never one of those "oh baby, oh baby," droolie guys or anything like that, where he was trying to get something from me...we weren't friends like that, plus I think the 12 year age different may have had something to do with that too. who knows, He was my friend, and I absolutely adored him! He would have the occassional date and of course they would stop in the store for a bottle of wine or something, she would be beautiful, and she would be just a bit stuck up. Not really his type (the stuck up part) but would be nice to me because, well, I was A's friend. But one day he brought in P She was perfect for him! She was nice, friendly, didn't act like I was a threat and at the time looked alittle, and dressed just like Pat Benatar! This was the girl he would marry. !!!! I liked her immediately. Through my 7 years at this store, we became really good friends, Like hey, we rented this movie come over and watch it with us... the movie, "FOOTLOOSE" My first experience with Kevin Bacon.!!!! YUM! Any way moving on, I would house sit for them, when they went on vacation, (I was in my early 20's, single and still living at home... so yeah, house sitting was good. It was a win win for both!!!! Years later, P helped me get ready for my wedding and I was one of her bridesmaids.
We kept in touch for a few years after I quit the store and they moved to different town.. but as it often happens, the weeks turn into months, and months turn into years and you loose touch. The last time we saw each other was when my youngest, now 12, was just about 3 months old. And their only was about 6 months old....( fade back to present day)

I googled his name, And low and behold they didn't live in the North West, they now lived in the South West...but there was a phone number and address....
so being me... I called, not really expecting to get an answer, but oh MY GOD! "A" picked up on the 3 or 4th ring...At that point I was speechless.. I couldn't even think fast enough to talk... dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Finally I spit out this is a voice from you past... he said the voice sounded familiar, then said, Annie? Yep it's me!!! Relieved, he remembered me and I didn't feel like a fool! He was working from home but, and coulnt' talk, but, called me back the next day.. I caught up with him and "P" and it was like the years had never passed, they were a little stunned that there were grandchildren now, but... other than that, it was all good! We exchanged email addresses, and sent pictures of the kids, and promised to keep in touch, better than we had.!!!! You gotta love the internet! I know I do!