Thursday, June 29, 2006



Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Morning Chaos or welcome to the sandwich generation!

Well, now, the Sunday morning Crabbies have got me! it's 12:30pm, as I sit down at my computer.. venting. It's either this or I will go postal on the family. My Honey is in bed watching the Soccer game... you have to it only comes around once every 4 years! you know after almost 20 years of marriage and 20 years of sundays, I should be used to some sort of sport on, on a Sunday morning. The second oldest or the oldest one living at home (18 with a 6 week old) is annoyed because there is no milk in the fridgadair...'xcuse me, but don't you have a car and ATM card?..the The youngest child (12)has just woken up.. and asked, can you warm me up a waffle. Do you not know how to warm up a waffle yourself? Yes, but when you do it, it taste so much better. Can I get an!? I work Monday through Friday and on Saturdays I do misc. stuff for my mom who is basically homebound, due to health issues.
Mind you I don't mind doing most of this stuff, because This is my role as wife, mother, and daughter. HOWEVER, I get a little (ALOT) ticked off when I do these things for others and they can't even seem to pick up after themselves, throw a load of laundry in the washer or unload the dishwasher. AM I THE ONLY ONE LIVING IN THIS HOUSE???? And no one seems to mind that there is baby stuff strung from one end of my humble abode to the other. I'm a woman on the edge. I told my youngest, I f you could just pick up after yourself that would be a tremendous help and we could actually do stuff, like go to the movie or Barnes know have some fun! This lecture stays in her mind about ...a day maybe two... I have a wonderful family and I love them dearly...but they are SLOBS! My hubby's always telling me to relax or do it later...unfortunately, I'm one who can't do the fun until the work is done... but today since I've already done 2 loads of laundry....what's this I see, the 18 is putting things aways....I'm falling over in a dead faint! Is this light at the end of the tunneL??? who cares I will take what I can get.....
Happy sunday!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You got to love America and County Fairs!!!

How cool is America? Where else in the world can you Bring Top entertainment to a County Fair? See a great Concert for just the price of admission?
You know, I always check who's coming to Our County Fair each year, in hopes that maybe some Totally awesome, (did I just step out of the 80's?) band with Rock this town and maybe turn a few young impressionable "rap" enthusiasts to the other side of music, you know the good side.! So it happened this year it was STYX!! How cool was that I thought! I made sure I had PENNED that day on the calendar, and I would go by myself if I had to, but fortunately, I didn't! my honey loves STYX as much as I, and we were off.! Ready to Rockin in Paradise! But as life as a grandparent would have it, we got "the call." Mom, can you watch the baby while I work out?....AH NOOOO, but, if it's o.k. we'll take her with us? ( How cool is that I would have loved to go to a concert with my grandma.) Sure no problem. This was a win, win situation for all involved! Mom got to work out, NONI, and OPA and baby, got to rock out!
It was a beginning to a fabulous evening! We got to the fair, paid our $16.00, as, baby was free! We hurriedly pushed our way, with help of the stroller, to the main stage only to find that there had been people there for hours standing in line to actually sit down and watch the concert! HOURS!!! In all the years we have never had to Stand, acutally we've always made it to some really cool seats! This year would be the exception!
Well, then the time came, with baby on my shoulders and keeping the beat to the music on my head we celebrated a milestone with Granddaughter #1 Her first concert with a real rock and roll band! (Something we never did with our own daughters 22,.18, &12) She loved it! We saw old friends who knew our girls growing up, Ex soccer coaches, ex base ball coaches and just people we haven't see for a while and some we only now see at the Fair! The concert ended after an hour and a half, the Boyz rocked their hearts out and we all apprecieated it!!! We were sorry we couldn't continue through their whole catologue of songs! But, after all we only paid 8.00 a piece to see them! ( The last time we saw them was in Reno and the Tickets were $80.00 a piece! YOU"VE GOT TO LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND COUNTY FAIRS!!!! I know I do!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome to the Chaos!!!

Welcome to my Blog! I stated it, Why? I'm not a big Talker, I don't really like Small talk, though, some will beg to differ! The "Gift of Gab" Totally skipped me. But I have lots of thoughts, however conservative they may be. I'll try not to speak in the political.

I've Got 2 Friends now Blogging, and they find it to be quite an adequate venting forum. They've made friends and probably a few enemies, but such is life, right? You don't like the TV show...TURN IT OFF!!!!

Maybe this foum will keep me grounded ~ you know find my Happy Place ~ as the Chaos whirls around me and my loved ones, even though, they are part of the chaos..just a very small part and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Again, here's my blog...

Thanks for visiting!