Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Over recent months, many of you have read, how much I love Rex Grossman! I love him! I don't care what his stats are, how many completed passes he's made or yardage. I just love this kid! He is young, cute, and as I see it (and I might be a bit jaded) just himself! NO pretentiousness, Just a guy, who by the grace of God, has some talent to do in life, what he loves!
I was listening to ESPN's coverage of the Press conference (from Tuesday) this morning. I 'm listening to the questions, these *so called* professional are asking him... SAME DAMN QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER! And finally Rex made just that comment. and while this is not verbatim, you'll get the picture! you reporters keep asking the same questions, over and over again... don't you do any research? At this he kind of chuckled, but the reporters immediately fell silent! I sat there stunned, he really didn't say that did He? Oh yes, he did! Atta boy, Rex! You just said, probably what many others on your team wanted to say, but couldn't, for fear of the crucifixion they would receive at press time. Rex, probably figures, what else negative can they say about me? I'm sure, soon we will learn that Rex is being given public speaking lesson, as not to put his foot in his mouth again, (example, the New Year's Eve Green Bay Game, where he pointed out it was New Years Eve and his head wasn't on the game...) But he's young, green and not quite as polished as the rest, which I think, is why I like him so much! He is... what you see!
Give 'em hell Rex!!! PS... Did I tell you I have a daughter ... close to your age??? ;-)


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My New Favorite Word!!

Thanks to my friend Mistress, I have a new favorite word! For those of you, who are sensitive to objectionable language, you might just want to just skip over my blog for this evening,as, I don't want to offend.

"fucktard" omyGawd!!! that is the best word to refer to "Baby K's daddy" or "s for b"" (sH*t for brains)This word needs no explaination, definition, no anything! And you can use it as a Noun..."F*cktard, is standing over there!" and adjective " that guy is a real F*cktard" or a verb..." quit f*cktarding around and "man up" (which happens to be my new favorite expression) for a change! You see it's all good!

Obviously this is not a word I can use around my mom, or kids, but hubby kind of chuckled! When I read Mistress's blog, I busted out laughing, I couldn't stop, as it describes many of the individuals I seem to encounter on a daily basis!! Good Word, Mistress, Thanks!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

I guess it could have been worse! But why couldn't I have been a Princess??? Acutally, it really is me!!

You scored as Donald Duck. Your alter ego is Donald Duck! Try as you might, you have a nasty temper that is hard to control. But you try hard to please, and you arn't one to go down without a fight.

Donald Duck


The Beast




Sleeping Beauty




Cruella De Ville






Peter Pan


Snow White


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with

Sunday, January 28, 2007


One more week and we'll be doing the 2007 's version of DA BEARS SUPERBOWL SHUFFLE! Will it be a long, long , long, week?! YOU BET! But then, that will be it, until next...AUGUST! It seems a life time away!

I have no speculations about the game, other than my boys will "BRING IT!" Rex, hopefully, will show them ALL UP!(critics, etc)

Being the sportsfan, I am I usually only watched the game for the half time entertainment! Gads! with all the talent out there in the world, was Prince the best they could get? I know, Prince really is a talented guy and was quite the what the 80's? But this is football, people? He was a bit risque back then, will we have to worry about wardrobe malfunction with him too? Will he have a tube sox on his hand like britney did a few years ago? Will he sing "when doves cry?" Cuz really, that song sucks, BIG!! Sing the good Stuff, guy!

I don't feel the impending excitement I usually do about Halftime this year. But I suppose that 's o.k. I'm actually looking forward the the game.!!!!! THERES ALWAYS A COMPROMISE SOMEWHERE!!!


Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well, after much thought, and conversation with Jen, I have decided to MAKE THE CHANGE, I went from (regular) blogger to beta bloggers... HUMMMM is this a good thing? I'm not sure..So far I liked the fact I could easily change colors of my template, and add a couple of things here and there...Yeah, I think I just might like it... if just for the ease of changing colors... Now, I'm really keeping up with my New Year's Resolution!!! I am giving myself an "atta girl" & pat on the back!!!

In 1962 (the year you were born)

John F. Kennedy is president of the US

John Glenn becomes the first American in orbit when he circles the earth three times in the Mercury capsule Friendship 7

Cuban Missile Crisis occurs when Soviet offensive missile build-up is discovered

Cuban Missile Crisis is averted when President Kennedy and Soviet premiere Krushchev agree to remove missiles

Maryiln Monroe is found dead in her Los Angeles home

The drug thalidomide is recalled when it becomes linked with severe birth defects in thousands of children worldwide

Pantyhose becomes available for sale in U.S. department stores

Jim Carrey, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Cruise are born

I guess, I'm in good company

New York Yankees win the World Series

Green Bay Packers win the NFL championship

Ironic isn't it, since I'm a BEARS FAN!!!

Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley cup

Lawrence of Arabia wins the Oscar for best picture

The Beatles release their first recording: the single "Love Me Do"/"P.S. I Love You"

I was never a BEATLES fan but loved their seperate careers!

Johnny Carson debuts as host of The Tonight Show

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thirteen Things Ann can't live without!!

1…. My Make-Up, curling/flat iron-Vain? You bet!!!! you just never know who you might met up with.! I have to look good!

2. My Computer How else can I stay in touch with my blogging friends and out of town friends! I hate being on the phone, which ticks my mom off!

3. Cold Case, Without A Trace, Crossing Jordan & Nip/Tuck I don't watch much tv, but these are my favorite shows...

4. My Cheesy Romance Novels Because I don't watch much tv and after everyone goes to sleep.... I need the down time!!! And Like I have said before, the best ones are when their "getting busy" within the first 2 chapters!! I love Highlander books!

5. My Independence I sometimes think I am too independent for my own good. I learned early not to rely on anyone but myself... It's saved my ass!

6. Bob and Tom in the Morning! I love them, Chick and Kristi! They are they very thing I need in the morning!

7. The Malls I love to shop!!! Money seems to be what I lack!

8. the Radio in my CAR!!! OMG!! If I had to listen to myself sing, ... well, it's not pretty!

9. Coffee How else can I get going at 4:30 in the morning! I usually have about 4 cups before 8am.. aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh life is good!

10. My Hoodies!!! Since my office is just off the shop, it gets drafty and cold..and I'm always cold even in the summer time.. oh yeah heres a good one for you... the heater that is supposed to work in my office, is broken, it will cost about $,$$$.$$ to repair/ guess what??? Yepper, it's not getting fixed...and not that I need it, but the air conditioner works just fine. great.

11. My Car! It goes with the independence thing... I don't know how these 1 car couples do it. I will never be that person.

12. Jen, Bre and Kim! My work buddies! You guys totally rock! you make that work place worth going to,everyday!!!


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Musical conversation with my 12 year old! I love this kid!

Mom, Look, I down loaded Aerosmith on MYSPACE!

Cool Deal!(quite relieved it’s not RAP)

Mom, is that how they danced back in the 90’s? (Steven Tyler strutting about on stage to “DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY”)

Well, that’s how Steven Tyler dances.

How old are they?

They’re in their early 50’s



Mom, seriously, I thought they were in their late 20’s!

Sweetie, I started listening to them when I was your age! 30 years ago, and Joe Perry is still HOT!

MOM, I’ve been listening to them since I was like in the 5th or 6th grade: so I started liking them way before you did!

Yes, Dear, Isn’t Joe Perry Hot????

She nods her head ever so slightly as I know she loves Steven Tyler, especially after his guest shot on Lizzy McGuire… a few years ago!

Our mutual bands?

It’s a start anyway!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I can't believe I finally did it!!!!

Oh My Gawd! I guess, I'm not so horribly "blogger challenged", after all!!! It has taken me 50 minutes to get it, but damn it, I got it! I finally got my picture on my site!!! I know, I probably could have asked Anthony cuz, he changes his picture, like, all the time!!

Now, I'm just not too happy with the picture, but, it will do until I find one that makes me look good(oh alright, better than Good!!!) But that's me with "Little, Little G" from October. That took a lot of Grey matter, I think I need a rest!

My next project? Adding my favorite people links!!!! This was quite an accomplishment for one nite!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


And they said; it couldn't be done, My little Rex "sucked" and he was bringing them down, They'll never make it while there offense is great, their defense blew or vise/versa! ESPN guys ranked Rex #4 quarterback and Lovie #3 coach (out of the 4 remaining teams )I've got one thing to say...IN YOUR FACE!!! It wasn't the best game I've seen my Rex play, And everyone was rooting for the Saints..the Cinderella team... Sorry guys! Seriously, if they had won, I would have rooted for them at Superbowl time, but... well, not going to happen this year!!!
Then , I'm watching the celebration with after the game, I believe it was Terry Bradshaw, asks Lovie, how does it feel to be the first African American head coach in NFL history to bring your team to the Superbowl? I'm sorry, but was that question necessary? How 'bout a question like, "Lovie, you've stuck by your quarterback throughout the season with much criticism, Tell me how are you feeling now, do you have anything to say to those Critics?" Geez guys, you know the media is great for feeding the fire on such things.... NO lets just point out the man is African-American...DUH,like we couldn't tell, I don't know, am I just sensitive to stupidity or what?
I"m pumped, I'm stoked, I'm ready to start planning a superbowl feast! As a matter of fact, I am so pumped I getting ready to pull out my VHS tape of the 85 bears doing the Superbowl Shuffle, to see my favorite #45 Gary Fencik, Walter Payton, The Frige, Steve Bell, yes, even Jim Mcmahon, (not my favorite Bear) Just what exactly is he doing these days???
It is almost time to "Divest" myself of my #54 jersey and carefully hang it up for 2 weeks!!! And it's going to be a looooonnnnnnggggg 2 weeks.!!!!!

Good nite and GO Bears!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well, as I stated in my Thursday 13, I am going to become a better "blogger", improve my site,(more me, that a template)add some cool stuff and maybe have something more interesting to say from time to time! I can't keep up with my friend Mistress (She's posts almost twice a day! And has the best pictures of people she's meet! GOD, She's met Moodys! I'm jealous, I would be afraid of eye contact with them , let alone,having my picture taken with one of them. I think also there was Peter Noone, Davey Jones!!! ) And also become better with the vocabulary, so my blogs will be a bit more interesting, such as my friend, Pendullum She's got fantastic tales to tell! My friend, Jennifer who writes about work and the crazys that enter the lobby, well, folks..THEY ARE ALL TRUE!!!!! She can write, I'm afraid of termination if the wrong person were to read my written thoughts about our work and those cast of crazys that infest it daily! YOU GO JEN! Kimmy, who recently overhauled her whole site... I love it! And I have to mention Anthony who, I know, we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, I love his blog for all the crazy stuff he posts!(and yes, even though I am a conservative, I can laugh at Bush jokes!, I love Italian Jokes too!) Flying icebergs, indeed! I have to say this again Anthony, I love your Gansta Pix and apparently, I wasn't the only one, either!
So, I suppose, one could say, I'm trying to keep up with the Jones's. I want my site to be cool, too! If you notice the side bar, I've got a site meter and map!!! Thoughout this post you may have noticed that I have "linked" -and I'm using cyber lingo?- Impressive!!! BABY STEPS!! My next project will be putting links on my side bar... this could be a major undertaking for me ... but damn it, I can do it! I refuse to let this bit of technology kick my ass!
So, my friends, have a great Saturday... and


Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged ....again!!! This time from Kimmy
."Very simple meme, take the numbers 1-5 then priceless while matching them up with number type things in your life (you could go to 10 if you want to, I don't feel like it at this particular moment in time). Simple? You betcha, as simple as Britney Spears " And unlike over at Miss IAI's place, I will be keeping my panties on … you can thank me later.

as for me... I can't talk about panties at work...NOT PC for the HR...:-) even if I am on my break!

1…. There is one person who holds a very special place in my heart. Yes, I love him dearly. And I will find him, and tell him so!

2…. There are 2 blogging addresses I have deleted from my bookmarks…I thought I had made a couple of friends but I guess, that wasn’t the case. Sorry, your loss, not mine.. I’m a nice person with no hidden agendas.

3…. 3 more days until DA BEARS kick the saints butt!!! Thank God it’s an early game!

4…. 4 more months until baby K’s 1st birthday! We’re already in the planning stages!!!

5…. 5 minutes I have wasted trying to come up with something 5! OH Wait! I want to be a size 5!!!! Unrealistic yes? But definitely something work towards!!!

Now it’s my turn to tag someone…. HUMMMMMM how bout my new blogging friends??? this was fun!!! barbara , skittles and my faithful friend Andrea :-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thirteen Things about what's going on in Ann's little life...

1…. Irma's back!!!!! Yes, my co-worker, who was on maternity leave. Leaving me to work 12 hour days is back!!!! I"m very happy. I actually left work before the sun went down yesterday, my family looked at me like... who are you?!!! I kind of miss the hussle of two jobs, and love her boss he's a good guy to work for....but then again, I'm so glad she's back!!!!

2. This is the year of the organized Ann!- My only New Years resolution is to become so organized...I will actually drive people crazy...My goal, is to know where everything is at without a moments hesitation! I like this goal. It may however, kill me!

3. Little S, who lost her job at the Day spa, right before Christmas, thank you Doctor B, you *&%)*$, has decided to go back to school! A mother's dream! She's studying to be a Medical Assistant! Yeah!!! This time however, school is all on her, so if she decides to quit... it's her dime, not mine. So I think she will be much more responsible this time around! She loves it and said she really missed going to school! Again! A Mother's dream!!! I'm soooo happy!!!!

4. My Bears are in the play off still!!!! I'm so happy, Those "bleeding-hearts" who are rooting for the Saints, because of Recent events....come-on.... did you ever root for them before? OK, should "my boys" choose to not win on Sunday, oh I will root for the Saints, too. I do like to root for the underdog...but just the same GOOOOO BEARS!!!!!!!

5. As I have mentioned in a previous post my little Dell, is running and quite well at that! So I have promised myself to become alot more proficient at my blogging skills...

6. I got an email from a guy I knew in Jr High on New year's eve! What a crack up... He started it as "how's my favorite blonde?" Talk about a blast from the past! We'll be doing lunch soon! He lives in the bay area, married, two small boys... totally freaked out to find me married for 20 years with 2 grandkids!

7. I WILL find my friend, Rob, from Colfax, CA... if it kills me!!! So far through the wonders of the internet, I have found just about everyone, I had lost touch with except him... Robin, I know you're out there somewhere!

8. OH and get this... The Moody Blues are playing in Sacremento next month and hubby told me NO... excuse me,? you told me NO? He's said we've seen them three times in the last 4/5 years...we could get up there and do the reply of course is, honey, neither one of us can sing.....though I can still play the flute!

9. I plan to have another get away with my friend Denise and maybe include Lisa, and Liz... I could find us another Indian casino to try! What do you think Denise! Even if it is for just the day...I"m ready!

10. Baby K (8mos) is going to have her first weekend away with "baby daddy" or as I have lovingly refered to him as "S for B's" (shit for brains) I hope it goes well, but then again, I hope he just gets tired of the whole thing and calls it quits.. He never wanted Little S to have the baby anyway.. you can probably guess, why I feel towards him the way I do...

11. I lost 20 pounds! One of my mechanics (work) commented! I guess the flu really is a viable option for weight loss! Harsh, yes, but I'd probably do it again, if I could be assured, vomit and bed rest!!!

12. ok, I bought an excercise ball (balance ball, whatever you want to call it) and have promised myself that well, as is with every january , I will faithfully excercise, My birthday is in May so I want to look really good for my b-d...! Whatever! :-), I haven't even mentioned the treadmill sitting on my patio..but you know it's been soooo very cold here in Central Cali the last few weeks....buuuurrrr, Nope, you wont find my happy butt out there for at least another few degrees!

13. Get my H/R orientated for sure I'm looking at the bigger picture, however! It would only do me good!

And how was your week?????

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Denise! I know you'll read this and I bow down to you before I even start ! You, my dear, have nerves of frickin' steel!

Today Little G and I attended a birthday party for 2 of my friend Denise's boys, who, amazingly enough were born on the same day 1 year apart. I was not even there but the last hour of the party and well... commend her whole heartedly!

there were about 11 kids mostly boys with the exception of my little G and a neighbor girl,who, happened to be at the ice skating rink joined in OMG!!! Do they ever sit still? Do they ever not play "guns", hit each other, yell, think the word "FART" is funny, or strive to pop all the balloons first?

I shake my head and chuckle to myself, and really, thank God that Little G is almost 13 now. Now these birthday parties always have "girl drama" like someone is always going to cry, because someone said something about the way her hair looked, or someone's crush is talking to some other girl. This I can handle! I'm very experienced in "Girl drama" . Little boy antics, I'm not so good in... I also relish the fact that all too soon little G will be done with birthday parties , as we know them, (OH AND SHE CAN FORGET ABOUT MY "SWEET 16" LIKE ON TV) I'm glad for my girls!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


My boys did it! They won the damn game, I really hate play off games and championship games. It makes me nuts! My Bears won in OT! Seattle, who according to the "experts" should have never made it this far... I still feel bad for Romo. But they worked hard and stayed right in there giving it their all... GO BEARS!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!! and I'm ready to suit up!!!

It's time to "suit up"!!! Rex, Brian, Devon, Lovie and the boys are playing in what I hope will be first and not the last of play off games! While the Green Bay Game (dec 31st) meant, I guess "nothing", it was still sad to see... especially when they opened the can of "wup ass" on them at the beginning of the season!

We're gearing up, It's kick off time here at 10am, so we'll all be suited up From OPA all the way down to baby K... she has her own Urlacher jersey and matching socks! Noni has her white (away) jersey, while everyone else will have their home Jerseys on. Breakfast will be a cooking while the bloody marys will be flowing! (Have just gotten over the stomache flu... and not eating for 2 days... it's doesn't appeal to me...)

Just needed to drop a line or two to my buddys let you know I'm still alive, well, at least I think I will live now... and utter my phrase..GO BEARS!!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'M BACK AND BETTER THAN BEFORE!!!( well, I could have started this by saying, I love Dick!)

just a couple of photos to share not too much snow, but too pretty not to share! 2nd pix in the first row is coming into South Lake Tahoe, it overlooks the airport... I hate this stretch cuz as you can see the guard rail, is a foot high.... and then it's straight down..... the very first pix is what it looked like outside our hotel room! right on the lake, it was beautiful! the Second pic in the second row was taken at a church, the sight was just too breathtaking not to share! The last pix, is well of my "future house' no, not really , but one can always hope!

Hey everyone, I'm back! yES, Richard, or Dick as Kimmy so loving calls her hubby, has fixed my little Dell! THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!! That man is a Godsend... He called me Friday nite to see 1) How often I backed up my computer... "backed up my computer??? DAH....I know what it is, but how does one do this backing up thing.._ I think I heard the beer can pop open just about then & .2) what did I really want to save, if anything could be saved! I think I drove that man to drink last weekend...Richard and Kim are planning to move in 2 months.. THEN WHAT AM I GONNA DO? MY DELL CRAPS OUT EVERY YEAR ABOUT THIS TIME...???
God, it's good to be back! Pendullum, MIstress, my friends, I wish I could have started off as saying, I won big in tahoe, But alas, I would be lying through my teeth! I actually only left them $100.00 not bad considering my obsessive compulsive tendencies, but I guess I did show some control! Wasn't able to hit the snowboard lesson train this year... second day of vaca and my back went out ... Hotel bed was too soft and well, I guess my back -not me- is too damn old... and it was soo windy there they actually shut down the ski lifts... so I guess everything happens for a reason... Next year for sure!

it was beautiful there, as always, and I had 4 glorious days-inspite of my back-of relaxation, good books, scrabble, and no work! It was great! But now it's back to reality and chaos... but... that's life huh? well, at least mine! til next time...

Friday, January 05, 2007


Hey Guys! My little DELL is in the shop... It was stricken with a really nasty virus....runny emails and all... it's hasen't been pretty.! So Kimmy's hubby ,who she lovingly calls, Dick, will be nursing it back to health! We hope to be back and better than before very, very soon!

Take care you guys! I miss you bunches!