Saturday, October 28, 2006

CHAOS IN THE RESTAURANT --- or damn people control your kids!

We walked into Chili's this afternoon in anticipation of a
yummy, we don't do this too often, kind of lunch! Immediately, however, as soon as we entered the restaurant, this little cherub of a child starts acting up. OH GREAT! Can someone control this monster child? Rather than walk out and find a different place to dine. We notice that mom seems to have this little imp of a child under control. Great! We are shown to our table and I notice that "monster" baby is at it again, so mom, calmly takes "monster" out of her highchair and takes her to the restroom. One can only assume since mom has a diaper and wipes in hand, this is the reason why the "Little Angel" had been a tad cranky. Soon mom and this cute little curly haired angel reappear and attempt to be inconspicuous. NOT!! I look at hubby and we silently agree, we were very lucky, that when our children where small, we could take them places and they would behave, plus a schedualed nap was always the secret to success when it was time to take them places. And a little spank on the tushie never hurt either! We sit and try to enjoy our lunch, while we watch Monster baby and her cousin being passed off to the other adults at the table trying to calm them down... oh yeah like this was working well. We also notice other patrons in the restaurant, shaking their heads, giving these young moms "that look", like control your brats..Finally we leave. And as we pull out of the parking lot, I check my rearview mirror to see my impish, angel like, precocious, 15 month old granddaughter and her 6 month old cousin fast asleep in thier car seats. I turned and looked at my daughters and said, NEXT MCDONALDS! They quickly agreed!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.

You show the world what culture really is.


Well, dear friends, you have read my ramblings about “little S” my directionally challenged daughter. Today my friends, she is taking on a huge undertaking. She is driving to Fresno to visit her best friend, who is attending the J.C. there.

When she first told me she was driving down for a visit. My questions were:
1) With whom? She told me that it was just going to be herself.
PANIC struck as I remembered earlier that day, she couldn’t find a particular office here in town. One she’d been to 3 or 4 times already, she called me panicked and in tears that she couldn’t find it.

2) Are you taking Baby K? No was her reply, baby K was going to stay over nite with her best friends mom. :-( It made me sad to think she wasn’t going to be with us, but BF’s mom has known Little S since Little S and BF became BFs in Kindergarten. And she has been begging to baby-sit Baby K since Day 1. O.k. I will share. + She’s only a mile away. If I go into baby withdrawals I can go visit.
3) Do you know how to get there? NO, but BF said it’s a straight shot down Highway99 (never is the direction, NORTH OR SOUTH mentioned. That would throw her in a tailspin)… hum you might know what my next question was.

4) Do you know which Highway, Highway 99 is? Her reply? Yah, it’s the one I used to take when I worked at Del Taco. YEAHHHHHH!!!!

So for the next day or so I was thinking of friends that could take the ride down with her, I really didn’t want her to drive by herself on her first real road trip (even though she’s 19 with a baby. I’m still a mom) they all are working. However, I grin to myself, because I love win-win situations. I have found a friend. She has a friend whose boyfriend lives in Fresno!!!! Yeah and neither one of them own a car so, there is her riding companion! J said she would love to drive down with “Little S”! Here was my question. “Does J know how to get to Fresno?” “Well,” she replied she’d “been there once before.” normally her boyfriend takes the train up to visit. Great… I went on Map quest (I love Map quest) plugged in necessary addresses and got directions that should get her from Point A to Point B with out any complications…’cept this is my kid driving. She looked at the map and said I don’t know how to read a map…. oh, my breaking heart…. “Little S,” I said, “don’t then look at the map, read the directions.” She looked at me like I had spoken to her in a foreign language. I looked at J; she said, “No problem, we got it!” I love the confidence!

I just called, & recited to her my “I love you” and “drive carefully and do you have your AAA card” and lets not forget “have fun, but be careful” speech. She’s about ready to leave, her first really big “road trip” This is going to be good for her!! Right??????

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thirteen Things about ANN


1. A MORNING WITHOUT BOB AND TOM!- These guys get me going in the morning! I love Chick and Christie you’re my hero! Where would my life be with out Mike Birbiglia or Auggie Smith??? I shutter to think!
2. WHEN MY BOSS CALLS ME INTO HIS OFFICE- I’ve come to realize that no matter how hard you work, how loyal you are, to Corporate America you’re just a body taking up space and when they need that space… well… SEE YA. I always like to (if possible) check his back pocket (not a bad view, I might add) to see if there is a Paycheck envelope in it! I wonder if he feels the same way when his boss calls him in his office? Probably not, he’s too cool!
3. A REALLY BAD HAIR CUT! I‘ve had them. It’s not pretty! I have very fine hair so a bad haircut is a disaster! VAIN?!!! You bet!
4. ONE OF MY GIRLS TELLING ME THEY’RE PREGNANT …AGAIN!- Two granddaughters in 10 months? I’m done. I hope they are. Next time they need to do it in the right …Old Fashioned order, you know dating, MARRIAGE then babies! I will welcome that! They both basically had been in long term dating status ( I hold out that my 12 year old will do it in the right order J)
5. MY LITTLE “S” (19) COMING TO ME TELLING ME SHE’S GOING TO MARRY “BABY DADDY” JOHNNIE..THE BIG FRICKING LOSER!!! I know it will never happen, because he has treated her and baby K so poorly, but…you know, you’re fickle at 19! Current status however, is she can’t stand him. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!
6. MOVING TO IDAHO- I know Idaho is beautiful. And someday, I would love to possibly live there, but I’m not thrilled about being “uprooted” from HOME. Born and raised in Cali, All my family and friends are here. Being part of the “Sandwich” Generation. It’s necessary I stay for a while. He doesn’t seem to realize this.
7. DYING A SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH-I’m not afraid of dying, because, really what choice do I have, It’s inevitable. I’ve lived a good life and am a good person, so I’m cool with death, but would hate to watch my family deal with the care and maintenance of me.
8. MY COMPUTER TAKING A BIG DUMP! Sorry about the expression, but God, It’s my lifeline to several friends who live in other states! And I know these people wouldn’t write a letter, I’m not sure they know how… Plus I have a couple of new “Blogging buddies!” How fun is that!
9. REX GROSSMAN HAVING ANOTHER INJURY THIS FAR INTO THE SEASON! Stay healthy Rex!!!! You deserve to have a full season NOT on the DL!
10. PEOPLE COMPARING THE 2006 BEARS TO THE ’85 BEARS! Don’t, Don’t, Don’t!!!!!!!!!! Though we can’t forget the ‘85 Bears, they were awesome! They came out with a music video, even! But the’06 Bears are a team all on their own. People seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket…Don’t jinx it people!
11. CAR ACCIDENTS- I know, weird huh?
12. PEOPLE DRIVING WHILE ON CELL PHONES – leading to the afore mentioned car accidents, have you noticed most people can’t talk and drive so they concentrate on the talking part… IDIOTS!
13. THAT I HAVE RUN OUT OF SCAREY THINGS!!!! Sorry folks, I just can’t seem to think of anything else… =8-)
1…. Start your list here!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have a friend who actually got me into this who "blogging" experience, she has a couple of blogs. One actually is called Not to be confused with the other "Secrets" website. She basically started this website when she realized how many people came to her to tell her things and always followed up with " Please don't tell anyone!" NO PRESSURE of course!

She decided there needed to be an outlet for these poor people to "unload" things they feel and can't just say, feel better and know that it wasn't going any farther than this site, as most entries are anonymous (if this is your wish). She has a link to the Suicide Prevention Hotline. The reward was ten-fold, several weeks ago she recieved a letter from the Suicide Prevention Hotline, thanking her for her link. And due to her link they had counseled several individuals who found them by going to her website!!!

She herself has been touched by suicide, and has seen first hand the termoil loved ones go through when someone else just can't seem to cope any longer. Kudos Kim! you done good! If you've saved just one person from the Pangs of contemplating suicide it was all worth it!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


My friend, Denise and I are saying GOODBYE to it all! To the Husbands, kids, (FOR ME) Grandkids, mothers, phones, animals, and anything else! At least for a weekend! We're getting in my little SUV and heading up for the hills! I can't wait! We've decided where we're going but not necessarily what we're gonna do. ...We're gonna hit an Indian Casino or two, have a nice dinner without the pleasure of children fighting, husbands being "dorkballs" and talk about life, stuff, the plus side of being married and the plus side of being single. Lately it seems being single has lots more Plus signs!

So for the last week or so,been throwing out suggestions via e-mail. I've made remarks about us being "Thelma and Louise" I get to be the one who slept with Brad Pitt!!! Not sure whether it was T or L.. but my "Brad Pitt" will have to look alot like Robert Deniro or Al Pacino! Getting Tattoos, Getting Drunk (which will be fun.. since, I am a cheap drunk,but better a cheap drunk than just cheap, right?) and finding new husbands, and never coming back... All in the name of fun! Knowing I would never act upon my suggestions, except for maybe the tattoo, but... I digress. Denise finally emailed me back and suggested I limit my suggestions since Her husband reads her emails! I laughed. ONly cuz my hubby, probably can't wait for me to leave!

Anyway... the count down begins! I can't wait for this adventure! I can't wait to spend the weekend away from it ALL. (not that ALL is a bad place) I'm excited my friend gets away from her family and spends some time on her. I think she's forgotten who she is and only dwells on what she has become. A stressed out wife and mom of 3 little boys 2 of who are ADHD! Me? Well, I plan on a great weekend without the responsibility of others and maybe what design will be my new tattoo? OH but don't worry... I don't plan on driving off a cliff!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Waiting for the Vacation Chaos!!!

It's almost time for our annual pilgrimage to the snow,South Lake Tahoe! This happens the week between Christmas and New Years. All I can think of, is a week with no work!
Every year I tell myself "I'm going to learn to ski" and every year, I don't. (I'm a little bit of a I don't want to make a total fool of myself- I'm a bit klutzy) But it's nice to get away from the phones, grab a good book or two, and a whole lot of gambling money!I like to gamble-I suck but I gamble just the same. Hubby likes it cuz you can smoke inside!!!! "Toto, I don't think we're in California anymore" Which it's really wierd to see people smoking inside... Living in Cali, it's just not done anymore.. o.k. it's illegal, too!
The last time we went, we were snowed in an extra day. The very pristine picture is what we got to look at while we where waiting in line on Highway 80 for 5 hours while they cleared the roads. The very snowy, stormy, picture is what we were driving away from ... It was an adventure to say the least! OH Can I say... I'm so proud of myself I could actually down load these photos!!!! I'm not a total dweeb!
Thirteen Things about Ann in High School. Yes, this might be scary, well , for me anyway! I took this idea from My Sick Mind who took it from some one else. Good one.. I was lacking any creativity today! Hopefully I don't sound too bitter!

1…I was not a popular kid- I didn't even come close! I was very, very, very shy- though many who know me know would never believe it.

2. I spent my entire Junior year "crushing" over someone I thought was a Senior-then I found out he was actually a sophmore. The good thing he turned out to be a friend of one of my friends! And he became a really good friend through my miserable high school years... which leads me to ...

3. My Sophmore was the only one to asked me to a school dance- I do believe I had more fun getting ready than actually being at the dance, however. He wasn't big on dancing.

4. I never actually had a boyfriend who went to the same school I did. they usually were older than me, with the exception of my "sophmore" but we weren't boyfriend-girlfriend so it didn't count.

5. I had a full time job all through high school, so, I never went to football games, friday night dances or rallies. but...

6. The people I worked with went to a local private college and well, I went to a few frat parties and "college" parties. Fun yes, by my best friend always got the cute guys and got drunk so I was always the "D.D." Oh and by this age (sr year) I wasn't so shy!!!

7. My dad worked at the high school I went to , and had for 20 years before I even got there.So most of the teachers had known me since I was a baby, I always had to be a good girl.. cuz everyone was watching and when he died, during my sophmore year, I really had to watch myself otherwise everyone was evaluating my grief level.

8 I wasn't the honor student my sister was - nor did I want to be. She was popular and pretty. can you guess my self esteem was in the toilet back then?

9 My favorite subjects were Sewing and English- but I hated making the wool blazer.

10. My least favorite subjects were History and Gym- But now, history is o.k. I wished I had listened more! And what is it about Gym teachers, male or female.

11. I graduated mid term- cuz I hated high school so much!

12. I still have 3 very good friends from high school but sadly enough it isn't my sophmore. I heard he got married and then later divorced. She wasn't as cute as me anyways!

13. At my 20 year reunion, the clicks were still "clicking" un-f-ing believable!!! Hubby and I sat the Nerd Table! Not that I knew any of these people but the welcomed us anyway! (hubby graduated 5 years prior to me) No wonder I hated these Non- nerd people so much! that was my first and last reunion! I had more fun at hubby's 30 year reunion last year!!!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I’m a Bears Fan. Or should I say, I’m a Bears fan by marriage. I never had the love of sitting on my Butt hours upon hours, watching the myriad of very well paid men knock the crap out of each other for the glory of 6pts and a victory dance at the end of the field.

I fought watching football tooth and nail! Let’s go out side, let’s buy a boat, and go motoring up the Delta, how about a Moto Guzzi and “tool” around town with the wind in our hair. Anything but WATCHING SPORTS ! I never dated anyone so into (watching) sports as my hubby. They had boats or bikes! I would like to think of myself as a “doer” not a “watcher”. So I suppose if I was to be with him I would have to learn to love it… What ‘s the best way to learn to love something? Well, for me and sports with would have to be pick the team with the cutest players! And the 1985 Chicago Bears was my team! I could look at them every week and not feel the least bit guilty about ogling cute men in spandex!!! Yummy! To top my list would be Gary Fencik! #45 “MR. CLEAN” to me he was just a “hottie!” Forget his playing skills, forget his Yale Sheep skin.. He was just HOT! And he still is. It was exciting because they were having an awesome season so at least there was some excitement for me to watch the game. Also on my list of hotties were Mike Singletary, Steve Bell, and Walter Payton. Plus Coach Ditka to me was probably one of those men who was Big Teddy Bear with his family, friend and I suspect at times, to his team, but, I could be wrong, however….
Needless to say, though, I could honestly say, You would never find me watching football by myself. REGARDLESS

Enter Circa 2004, and rookie, Rex Grossman!. Hello!!!! Yes, I know I am old enough to be your very young mother, but honey, you’re adorable! I have 2 daughters….wanna be my son in law? And how ‘bout Brian Urlacher? Yes, I offer him one of my daughters too! Hubby would be thrilled, too! Anyway…Yes, I’m back to reality!

This past Monday nite, it was the Bears –vs- the Cardinals. Stats should have told you who would probably come out victorious. We were supposed to go to a friend’s house to watch the game, but the youngest was sick so I sacrificed myself to stay home and tend to the sick child. Hubby left and left the game on in the bedroom. Knowing that if I were to change the station, it would be changed back somehow by osmosis, it just happens this way. My luck. So I watched Arizona score 2 TDs in the first 10 minutes.. GOOD GOD, REX, BRIAN, what’s going on?… Getting no answer from Rex or Brian. I left the room, however, I left the TV on. Maybe I was bringing them bad luck. I went about the house doing some house work , tending to the pets. And every time I walked by the bedroom I would stick my head in the door and check the score. (did I really say that?) 4th quarter, all looks bleak for my “boys” so I hit the shower. I get out of the shower with 5 minutes left and see I missed some action cuz, the bears were down by just a TD. HUM. I guess I will sit and watch. (did I really say that too?) And watch I did. I watched them make a TD and then the extra point with just a couple minutes left!!!! Yeah MY BOYS!!!!

What’s worse? I felt bad that the Kicker(I know thats not the correct term, It might be Punter?) for Arizona missed his kick. Poor guy!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME??? I actually care who won? But really the icing on the cake was the look on hubby’s face when we actually conversed at length about the game. Did I say I would never watch football by myself? Yes, I did, but it also confirms the saying, “never say never!”


Sunday, October 15, 2006


I gave a co-worker a baby shower this weekend. I was excited! I love to have parties and for some strange and odd reason, I love the planning, stress, staying up til midnite the nite before and all the other "fun" stuff that goes along with planning brings.

The guest list included up to 30-32 people. Not a problem, It was going to be a nice weekend, still fairly early in October so I wasn't worried about rain, snow(not that it snows here)or other harsh elements! The only problem that there ever seems to be is how many people to plan food for. Let's see, Do I plan for food for 30 when only 12 have RSVP'D?? Do I plan food for 12 when 30 have been invited?

For the last few days the guest of honor and myself had been in a quandary as too the amount of food. You want to have enough for everyone but then you don't want too much that you're eating this stuff for days upon days!

My mom always told me to RSVP! The invitation said Please RSVP. I realized that RSVP is French for (and I will misspell this) Respondezvous sil vous plait- and while here in Cali French is not the next language of choice ... but the acronym has been around for a really really long time. Is this not something that has been passed around from Mother to daugher for generations? I can remember my mom telling me what RSVP meant and why it was important. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY?

Well, the day went well, We had beans, rice and tamales. And, well, thanks to lack of responders,my freezer is full of rice, beans and tamales! And this was after the guest of honor took food home! To those who responded, Thank you! Your moms have taught you well, and you, yourselves are aware of the hard work that goes into planning something so memorable and fun for someone else. To those who failed to do anything.. well.. I reserved the right to shrug my shoulders, shake my head and say some people just have bad manners. I just hope they are at the planning end of a party soon.!!! :-)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteen Things Ann did that will change her life and get her through this mid-life chaos!

1 Told hubby... quit drinking... that's it.. or I'm gone. It was rather empowering and he definitely got the message - He's 6 days sober!

2.I'm sticking really well to my diet. I'm wearing a size smaller. (KINDA)

3.Told my daughter (with the job)NO I DON'T HAVE $20.00 FOR HER USE HER OWN MONEY! HELLO???? AM I WRONG HERE?

4. Since losing the weight I have lost, I'm sleeping better -ANN'S GRUMPY WHEN SHE'S TIRED!

5. Switched from the classic rock station to Alternative! Hinder is an awesome band.

6. Hooking up with old friends-still looking for 1 (R.C.S.) however, it's o.k. if I don't find him - and soon I will start believing this.

7. I'm letting the youngest (12) to hang out with friends on school nites(only until like 7pm), provided homework is done.

8. Trying to stop stressing about thnings I can't change and joyful for those I can.

9. Trying to blog more, but as I have mentioned the 12 year old doesn't share my computer.--- doesn't share MY COMPUTER hummm there is something wrong with that statement.!!!

10. Embracing the roll of NONI-(Grandma) I love this role so much! there is something to be said when there is a cranky baby and I don't have to take care of her! I can just play with her and give her back to her mommy!!!!

11. Walk away from the office when I am at my wits end! Right Kim!? Yes, I "took my ball and went home" the other day, cuz I was so ticked off.. can these people not communicate with me?!!!!!!!!!!

12. Quit being so judgmental of people. I have done this and those people who sit in the front pew at mass (and seemed rather... upity, and self righteous )are actually very nice. Go figure huh?

13. Read Truewifeconfessions daily and know that It could always be worse!!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

13 of Ann’s favorite songs and Why!!! I’m sure this was really weighing heavily on everyone’s mind, but I’m gonna share anyways!!!

1…. STYX- LADY - this is the song my husband says is “our song.” He still “wells up” when he hears this.
2. Nickelback’s I WANT TO BE THAT SOMEONE YOUR WITH I think of a very special someone who, this song could apply to, and what he must have felt 21 years ago. I can’t say “I’m sorry” enough and I see his face everytime I hear this song.
3. Moody Blues – I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE SOMEWHERE - Cuz I know he’s out there somewhere and I will find him.
4. Damn Yankees – CAN YOU TAKE ME HIGHER – Tommy Shaw AND Ted Nugent! YUM I love the video! R.C.S. Can you...?
5. AC/DC’s HIGHWAY TO HELL! We used to listen to this song while cruising! Blarring with the windows rolled down, even in the winter time,… yes, someone was probably loaded at the time as well!!!
6. Journey’s – LOVIN’, TOUCHIN,’ SQUEEZING – This was my the “song” for me and my first boyfriend, Joe,… but there wasn’t a lot of …L,T or S- ing, going on, really! Maybe that’s why… #7
8. Tom Jones – WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT?!- Tom Jones is the epitomy of SEXY!!! He’s been married to the same person for ever that in it's self is so very sexy! his family tours with him, and he's a family guy, and he looks really good. I’ve seen him in person – He’s just sexy!
9. Sammy Hagar- I’LL FALL IN LOVE AGAIN – “You do what you want to do, I’ll leave it all up to you….I’ll fall in love again”… do I need to say anything else?
10. R.E.M. – SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE – Back when this song was popular, this was one of my “Little S’s” favorite songs and Videos, she was maybe.. 2 or 3 ish! Good times, good times. And the song does put a smile on your face.!
11. GIVE ME THAT NUT- I’m not sure who sings, (raps) this, it’s about well... you can tell by the title, but I love the music, beat and well the tune is a bit catchy!
12. Moody Blues- ONCE UPON A TIME .. IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS Refer back to #2 I wonder if you still remember.... (OBSESSED? yeah!)
13. Elton John- THE BITCH IS BACK! O.K. I had to put that one in.. cuz well, for the most part I’m not.. but you better get yourself in check, If I’m on the war path… My office mate found out about that yesterday…. I was pissed and things were flying!! Not at her though, she just witnessed my wrath!!!… Yeah, I guess don’t piss me off!!!!

Geez, it looks like I'm stuck in the 80's... someone help me out of 80's.. Well Nickelback is in the now! their Songs remind me of ... I know I'll just drop it! So that's it for this week! Sorry I skipped the last couple... it's been a wild couple of weeks!

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