Monday, October 01, 2007

What to do? what to do?

It's Monday nite and I'm sitting in my house all by myself!!!! Some would be sad, to be sitting in their house all by themselves, on a Monday Nite.
But not me! Tonight I am relishing in quiet solitude! After the last couple of weeks: the audit (which went very well by the way), my 21st anniversary, Little S's 20th Birthday, My mom's birthday, Little S, basically taking baby K and leaving for a week because she feels she's been wronged in some way(whatever). A very dear friend had a pretty intense surgery (And he's doing very well!) Stress eating, the Home computer is down, My laptop isn't compatible with my printer, I can't seem to get the current version drivers to down load from the website.. ah hell! The fun just never stops!!!! I had a (little S induced ) meltdown on Tuesday, called my friend and Cried my eyes out! Actually it felt pretty good. I felt bad since he had just had surgery the Friday before and going through his own crises. But, I thank God he just let me cry!! Told me I was doing the right thing. I wasn't a bad parent and agreed, that it was time she grew the heck up! (those are my words) Life's lessons are learned hard sometimes! So suffice it to say... GOOD BYE SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!
So here it is October 1st!!! I'm sitting in the living room, watching what ever I want, remote control in my possession. My laptop in MY LAP!!! It won't be a long quiet but it will be quiet for awhile!!! It's all Good!!!! Hope your Monday is going as good!!!