Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's a boy!!!!

Well, it's finally happened and Little S has given birth to a healthy baby boy!!! 7pounds 7 oz... 20.5 inches long!!!! We shall call him "Little N" Baby K absolutely adores her new little brother, ok it's only day 4! I'm sure that will change very soon!

Wonderboy (or skippy the sperm donor) is already starting DRAMA~ whatever dude! He came running to the hospital and started crying, like a little girl! "I'm so worried about S, O M G!" *hum, I wonder if you were worried about her when you were "tapping that other girl???" Little S realized that from here on out, it will be her and the babies. In previous months, she's asked wonderboy for Diapers, and various baby essentials and he has never come through, however those nice $150.00 Nikes look really nice on his little feet, as he jumps into his lifted truck! You know about lifted trucks don't you... some people are just trying to overcompensate for their Shortcomings, if you will. the boy is mental and is proving it over and over... a few weeks ago he txt her that he 'took hella pills".... then..."he still really loved her".... then he "took more pills" and this was the kicker! "I think theyre taking effect"...funny how he took "hella pills" and was still texting.... DRAMA! We don't need it!

Little S is doing Great! She's a little stiff , sore and tired, but all in all she's doing great!

pictures soon!!!!