Friday, August 29, 2008

Who was in my blog and why did they mess with my stuff???

I didn't make the changes you see on my blog....????? Gremlins, maybe???????


Barbara said...

Hi Anne,
OMG; here we go back in time.
Your Old blog skin... at least all your posts are still here; I would hate to think that posts were erased.

You could look at it this way; now back to the START mark, you might as well re-do the skin.Take advantage now you have the time to do some computer work.

Take care XXXXX

SpanishGoth said...

I was here but I did nothing - holiday you see.

For further instructions - please visit the not so helpful line (which is also on holiday)

I do have Vodka though......

*sponsored by Goths Are Us - where drinking is considered normal*

bananas62 said...

OMG!!!!???? More like WTF???? pardon my expression! I think it's time to hit the bookstore and get a book...and figure this stuff out.... I seriously need "BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES!"

Hey My Goth!
it's been a while... I will avoid the help desk and hit the Jack Daniels.... it'll just save time, you see!!! When I'm done with Jack I'll come see you for the vodka!

Barbara said...

Hey Anne,
OMG... or what ever you feel like chrning out !
OMG is a phrase that cousin Bill in San Diego uses in every three words or so. After just a week with hime a his wife (that was in 2006), we started doing it too.
Families; bless 'em...